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Library 6 - Part 3

(From the library of Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.)

LIB6-101   Fishes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico by Jerry G. Walls 1975, hardback, 432 pages, covers all 502 species of the fishes know from this area $30.00 
LIB6-102 Fishes of Chesapeake Bay by Samuel F. Hildebrand and William C. Schroeder 1972, hardback, 388 pages $20.00
LIB6-103 Caribbean Reef Fishes by Randall 1968, hardback, 318 pages, some water damage $15.00
LIB6-104 Volume 4 Sharks of the World    An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of Shark Species Know to Date Part 2 Carcharhiniformes by Leonard J. V. Compagno 1984, paperback, 665 pages $30.00
LIB6-105 Volume 2 Scombrids of the World  An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of Tunas, Mackerels, Bonitos, and Related Species Known to Date by Bruce B. Collette and Cornelia E. Nauen 1983, paperback, 137 pages $20.00
LIB6-106 Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists  Wetlands Volume 20 Number 2  June 2000 (still in plastic wraps) $10.00
LIB6-107 Southeastern Biology Volume 48 Number 2 April 2001 (Still in plastic wrap) $5.00
LIB6-108 Big Island Tuna Conference Proceedings May 15-16, 1984 Paperback, 133 pages $10.00
LIB6-109 St. Catharines Canada's Canal City by John N. Jackson and Sheila M. Wilson 1993, hardback, 414 pages $30.00
LIB6-111 Fishery Management Plan   Final Environmental Impact Statement for Coral and Coral Reefs by Gulf of Mexico & South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils April 1982, paperback $20.00
LIB6-112 Amendment 2 To The Fishery Management Plan   Final Environmental Impact Statement for Coral and Coral Reefs by Gulf of Mexico & South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils July 1994, paperback, 140 pages $20.00
LIB6-114 Catfishes of the World   Mochokidae  Volume Two  by David Sands 1983, paperback, 112 pages, many color photos $20.00
LIB6-116 Catfishes of the World   Loricariidae, Aspredinidae & Doradidae  Volume Four  by David Sands 1984, paperback, 282 pages, many color photos and Black and White line drawings $30.00
LIB6-117 The Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner To Breeder by Martin a. Moe, Jr 1982, paperback, 170 pages, autographed by author $12.50
LIB6-118 Black's 1996 Fly Fishing 1996, paperback, 200 pages $7.50
LIB6-119 The Marine and Freshwater Fishes of South Australia by T. D. Scott, C. J. M. Glover and R. V. Southcott 1974, paperback. 392 pages, many black and white line drawings $20.00
LIB6-120 The Hamlyn Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Britain and Europe by Peter S. Matland 1981, paperback, 256 pages, 215 species described and illustrated in color, with a distribution map for each species $15.00
LIB6-121 Collins Handguide to the Fishes of Britain and Europe by James Nicholls and Peter Miller 1980, paperback, 96 pages $10.00 
LIB6-123 Sea Angling with the Specimen Hunters by Hugh Stroker 1977, paperback, 216 pages $15.00
LIB6-124 Project Phoenix   A concept for future existence by Martin A. Moe Jr. 1981, paperback, 84 pages, very minor water damage, autographed by author $10.00
wpe1D.jpg (1892 bytes) LIB6-126 Koi, The Professional's Book of by Anmarie Barrie hardback, 1992, 160 pages, 100 Color photos, No other book about koi manages to capture the esthetic appeal of this brilliantly colorful fish and combine it with purely practical considerations of maintenance, breeding and health care as this one does. With more than 200 full-color photos that capture the often subtle differences in color between the many color varieties, it has a revealing glossary of koi terms and color variety names that completely clarify the confusing terminology of the Japanese koi world. This book is excellent for the expert koi fancier as well as the beginner or potential keeper.    $12.50
LIB6-127 A Review of Copepoda Associated with Sea Anemones and Anemone-like Forms (Cnidaria, Anthoza) by Arthur G. Humes Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 1982, paperback, 120 pages $10.00
LIB6-128 The Clownfish Sea Anemones: Stichodactylidae (Coelenterata: Actiniaria) and Other Sea Anemones Symbiotic with Pomacentrid Fishes by Daphne Fautin Dunn Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 1981, paperback, 115 pages $10.00
wpe17.jpg (1988 bytes) LIB6-129 Catfishes, The World of by Kobatagawa hardback, 192 pages, 1991, Illustrated with over 300 full-color photos, this excellent book combines vivid color photography with detailed coverage of catfish natural history, maintenance and breeding in the aquarium. Excellent for identification of many hard-to-name species, this book is an invaluable guide for both the amateur and professional aquarist. $17.50
LIB6-131 Freshwater Fishes of South-Eastern Australia (New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania) Edited by R. M. McDowall 1980, hardback, 208 pages, many line drawings and color photos, covers 80 species $30.00
LIB6-132 Distribution of Fishes in Southeastern Montana by Allen Elser, Mark Gorges and Lani Morris 1980, paperback, 136 pages, minor wrinkled pages $10.00
LIB6-133 Life History Aspects of the Wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri (Cuvier and Valenciennes) from the Coast of North Carolina by William Walton Hassler 107 pages, xerox copy, 1976 $10.00
LIB6-134 Stomach Contents and Giant Trematodes from Wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri, Collected along the south Atlantic and Gaulf Coasts of the United Staes by Charles S. Manooch, III and William T. Hogarth Pages 227 through 238, from the Bullentin of marine Science 33(2): 227-238, 1983 $10.00
LIB6-135 Cooperative Tagging Center Annual Newsletter:1993 by Christopher D. Jones, Michael T. Judge, Mauricio A. Ortiz, David S. Rosenthal and Eric D. Prince April 1995, Paperback, 28 pages $5.00
LIB6-136 1993/1994 Report of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center Billfish Program October 1995, paperback, 16 pages $5.00
LIB6-137 Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil Production   The Buccaneer Gas and Oil Field Study   (Marine Science Volume 14) Edited by Brian S. Middleditch 1981, hardback, 446 pages $30.00
LIB6-138 Fishing the Southeast Coast by Donald Millus  Essays on Fish, Fishing, Fisherman, and Fishing Places   1989, hardback, 192 pages $15.00
LIB6-139 Trout Fishing Almanac, Sports Afield  Edited by Sid Evans 1977, hardback, 296 pages plus index $15.00
LIB6-140 Billfish Marlin . Broadbill . Sailfish by Charles O. Mather 1976, hardback, 272 pages $20.00
LIB6-141 Fishery Management Plan, Regulatory Impact Review, and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Snapper-Groper Fishery of the South Atlantic Region March 1983 Prepared by The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council in cooperation with National Marine Fisheries Service paperback $15.00
LIB6-142 1985 World Record Game Fishes  Freshwater, Saltwater, and Fly Fishing  Published by The International Game Fish Association 1985, paperback, 304 pages $10.00
LIB6-143 Distribution and Abundance of Fishes and Invertebrates in North Atlantic Estuaries   Project Team = Steven H. Jury, John D. Field, Steven L. Stone, David M. Nelson and Mark E. Monaco May 1994, paperback, 221 pages $15.00
LIB6-144 Distribution and Abundance of Fishes and Invertebrates in Gulf of Mexico Estuaries   Volume I: Data Summaries   Project Team = David M. Nelson (Editor), Mark E. Monaco, Christopher D. Williams, Thomas E. Czapla, Mark E. Pattillo, Linda Coston-Clements, Lawrence R. Serrle and Elizabeth A. Irlandi   September 1992, paperback, 273 pages $15.00
LIB6-145 Distribution and Abundance of Fishes and Invertebrates in Mid-Atlantic Estuaries   Project Team = Steven L. Stone, Tony A. Lowery,  John D. Field, Steven H. Jury, David M. Nelson, Mark E. Monaco, Christopher D. Williams, Linda Andreasen March 1994, paperback, 280 pages $15.00
LIB6-146 Florida's Fabulous Fishes by Gary Cochran 2003, paperback, 132 pages, many color photos $20.00
LIB6-147 Prachtgrundkar Pflinge Die Gattung Nothobranchius by Seebers paperback, 1985, 48 pages, color photos (about Nothbranchius), written in German $7.50
LIB6-148 The Lore of Sportfishing by Tre Tryckare and E. Cagner 1976, hardback, 419 pages $40.00
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