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Library 6 - Part 2

(From the library of Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.)

LIB6-51 Marine Recreational Fisheries  First Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium    by Henry Clepper, editor 1976, hardback, 174 pages $20.00
LIB6-52 Marine Recreational Fisheries 2  Proceedings of the Second Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium    by Henry Clepper, editor 1977, hardback, 220 pages $20.00
LIB6-53 Marine Recreational Fisheries 4  Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium    by Henry Clepper, editor 1979, hardback, 169 pages $20.00
LIB6-54 Mariner's Weather by William P. Crawford A survey of the basics of weather for anyone who goes to sea by the author of Mariner's Notebook 1978, hardback, 299 pages $20.00
LIB6-55 The Dynamics of European Wing Trawls by Robert E. Taber (no publication date), paperback, 15 pages $5.00
LIB6-56 Fisheries Techniques by Larry A. Nielsen and David L. Johnson, editors 1983, paperback, 468 pages $30.00
LIB6-57 Principles of Fishery Science by W. Harry Everhart, Alfred W. Eipper and William D. Youngs 1975, hardback, 288 pages $20.00
LIB6-58 Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling by Charles F. Chapman 1978, hardback, 640 pages $20.00
LIB6-59 Marine Recreational Fisheries 7  Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium    by Richard H. Stroud, editor 1982, hardback, 183 pages $20.00
LIB6-60 Synopsis of Biological Data on Tunas of the Genus Euthynnus by Howard O. Yoshida 1979, paperback, 57 pages $10.00
LIB6-61 Synopsis of Biological Data on Bonitos of the Genus Sarda by Howard O. Yoshida 1980, paperback, 50 pages $10.00
LIB6-62 Synopsis of Biological Data on Cobia Rachycentron canadum (Pisces: Rachyentridae) by Rosalie Vaught Shaffer and Eugene L. Nakamura 1989, paperback, 21 pages $10.00
LIB6-63 Archival Tags 1994: Present and Future by A. Peter Klimley, Eric D. Prince, Richard W. Brill, and Kim Holland 1994, paperback, 42 pages $10.00
LIB6-64 Tuna and Billfish fish without a country by James Joseph, Witold Klawe and Pat Murphy1988, paperback, 69 pages $25.00
LIB6-65 Taxonomy of Economic Seaweeds with reference to some Pacific species  Volume V   by Isabella A. Abboutt, editor 1995, paperback, 254 pages $20.00
LIB6-66 International Code of Zoological Nomenclature adopted by the XV International Congress of Zoology by N. R. Stoll, R. Ph. Dollfus, J. Forest, N. D. Riley, C. W. Sabrosky, C. W. Wright and R. V. Melville 1961, hardback, 176 pages $20.00
LIB6-67 The World Ocean  An Introduction to Oceanography by William A. Anikouchine and Richard W. Sternberg 1973, hardback, 338 pages $20.00
LIB6-68 Bulletin of the Florida State Museum Biological Sciences Volume 22 1977 Number 3 Fishes of the Indian River Lagoon and Adjacent Waters, Florida by R. Grant Gilmore, Jr. pages 101 through 147, paperback, 1977 $5.00
LIB6-69 Proceedings of the First Symposium on Freshwater Larval Fish by Larry L. Olmsted, editor 1977, binder format, 251 pages $15.00
LIB6-71 Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science Volume 4 July 1983, by Michael P. Fahay 1983, paperback,  423 pages $15.00
LIB6-72 Fishery Bulletin Volume 88 Number 1, 1990, paperback, 222 pages $7.50
LIB6-73 Fishery Bulletin Volume 87 Number 2, 1989, paperback, 239 through 374 pages $7.50
LIB6-74 Fishery Bulletin Volume 87 Number 3, 1989, paperback, 375 through 768 pages $7.50
LIB6-75 1988 Docks and Marinas Bibliography by C. Allen Wortley 1988, paperback, 47 pages $7.50
LIB6-76 Proceeds from the Second North Carolina Marine Recreational Fishing Forum 1993, paperback, 61 pages $10.00
LIB6-78 An Analysis and Evaluation of Ichthyoplankton Survey Data from the Northeast Continental Shelf Ecosystem by Wallace G. Smith Editor 1988, paperback, 132 pages $15.00
LIB6-81 Annotated Bibliography of Ichthyoplankton in Massachusetts Bay by Elaine M. Elliott and Irene M. Kushlan 1980, paperback, 52 pages $10.00
LIB6-84 Fishery Bulletin Volume 87 Number 4, 1989, paperback, 769 through 1024 pages $7.50
LIB6-85 Fishery Bulletin Volume 80 Number 2, 1982, paperback, 161 through 402 pages $7.50
LIB6-86 Shark Utilization and Marketing by Rudolf Kreuzer and Rashid Ahmed 1978, paperback, 180 pages $20.00
LIB6-87 Shark Unpredictable Killer of the Sea by Thomas Helm 1961, paperback, 255 pages, has a couple of wrinkle pages $5.00
LIB6-88 Bulletin Alabama Museum of Natural History   Systematics of the Percid Fishes of the Subgenus Ammocrypta, Genus Ammocrypta, with Descriptions of two New Species by James D. Williams 1975, paperback, 56 pages $10.00
LIB6-89 Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin   The Fishes of Champaign County, Illinois, as Affected by 60 Years of Stream Changes by R. Weldon Larimore and Philip W. Smith 1963, paperback, pages 299 through 382 $7.50
LIB6-90 Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists  Wetlands Volume 19 Number 3  September 1999, pages 475 through 714 $10.00
LIB6-91 Aerobic Digestion Workshop Volume III 1999 Fine Tuning the Controlled Aerobic Digest Process by Dr. Lu Kwang Ju paperback, 78 pages $10.00
LIB6-93 Program and Abstracts  1994 Annual Meetings ASIH(American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists)  AES (American Elasmobranch Society)  NIA (Neotropical Ichthyological Association) 1994, paperback, 217 pages $15.00
LIB6-94 The Fishes of Missouri by William L. Pflieger Accounts of all species found in Missouri their distribution and habitat, structure and ways of life and importance to humans are just a few of the topics covered in this 343-page book. Photographs, drawings geared for easy identification and distribution maps will help readers find answers to just about any Missouri fish-related question. 343 pages, 1975, hardback. $20.00
LIB6-95 The Fishes of Illinois by Philip W. Smith   1979, 313 pages, many line drawings, hardback  $25.00
LIB6-96 Syllogeus 54 Rare, Endangered and Extinct Fishes in Canada by Don E. McAllister, Brad J. Parker and Paul M. McKee 1985, paperback, 192 pages $15.00
LIB6-98 Guide to the Reptiles, Amphibians, and Freshwater-Water Fishes of Florida by Archie Care and Coleman J. Goin 1959, hardback, 341 pages, minor water damage, binding endpaper is coming off  $20.00
LIB6-99 The Distributional History of the Biota of the Southern Appalachians Part: II Vertebrates by Perry C. Holt, edited by    1971, paperback, 306 pages, minor cover damage $7.50
LIB6-100 Fishes of the Great Lakes Region by Carl L. Hubbs and Karl F. Lagler 1947, hardback, 186 pages $20.00
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