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Library 6 - Part 1

(From the library of Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.)

LIB6-1 Seashore Life of Florida and the Caribbean by Gilbert L Voss 1976, hardback, 168 pages, many line drawings, 19 color photographs, A Guide to the Common Marine Invertebrates of the Atlantic from Bermuda to the West Indies and of the Gulf of Mexico $20.00
LIB6-2 Key to the Fishes of Arkansas by Thomas M. Buchanan 1973, paperback, 68 pages plus 198 maps $12.50
LIB6-3 The Reef Aquarium A Comprehensive Guide to The Identification and Care of Tropical Marine Invertebrates Volume One by Delbeek and Sprung 1994, 544 pages, hardcover $75.00
LIB6-6 Tidepool and Nearshore Fishes of California by John E. Fitch and Robert J. Lavenberg 1975, paperback, 156 pages, 68 figures $10.00
LIB6-9 Fishes of the Great Lakes Region by Carl L. Hubbs and Karl F. Lagler 1974, hardback, 213 pages, 43 color plates, plus 251 black and white figures $20.00
LIB6-12 The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs Edited by Peter F. Sale hardback, December 1991, paperback, 754 pages $35.00

This summary provides a review of the ecology of coral reef fishes, contributed by North American and Australian researchers. Areas covered include the development of non-equilibrium models of community organization and the role of recruitment variability in structuring local assemblages and insights into predator-prey and plant herbivore interactions. The book is intended to be suitable for graduate students and professional researchers in ecology.

The visual world of coral reef fishes, W.M. McFarland: reef fishes - their history and evolution, J.H. Choat and D.R. Bellwood: trophic ecology: trophic relationships of fishes specialized to feed on zooplankters above coral reefs, E.S. Hobson: fish-seaweed interaction on coral reefs - effects of herbivorous fishes, M.E. Hay: the biology of herbivorous fishes on coral reefs, J.H. Choat: fish predation and its impact on the invertebrates of coral reefs and adjacent sediments, G.P. Jones, et al: larval and juvenile ecology: the pelagic stage of reef fishes - the larval biology ofcoral reef fishes, J.M. Leis: settlement strategies and biogeography of reef fishes, B.C. Victor: spatial and temporal patterns in recruitment processes in the ecology of coral reef fish populations - a multifactorial perspective, G.P. Jones: intraspecific variability in social systems of coral reef fishes, D.Y. Shapiro: the role of adult biology in the timing of spawning of tropical reef fishes, D.R. Robertson: the use of phenotypic plasticity in coral reef fishes as tests of theory in evolutionary ecology, R.R. Warner: community organization: geographic variability in the ecology of coral reef fishes - evidence, evolution and possible implications, R.E. Thresher: patterns and processes in the distribution of coral reef fishes, D. Williams: predation as a process structuring coral reef fish communities, M.A.Hixon: tropical and temperate reef fishes - comparison of community structure, A.W. Eeling and M.A. Hixon: reef fish communities - open non-equilibrium systems, P.F. Sale: fisheries and management: reef fisheries - effects and yields, G.R. Russ. -----
wpe6.jpg (1850 bytes) LIB6-13 Fishes of The Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea by Randall, Allen and Steene Revised and expanded edition. 1996, hardback, 557 pages, color and black & white photos. $55.00
LIB6-15 The Sea Fishes of South Africa by J. L. B. Smith 1950, hardback, 550 pages, 102 color plates $100.00
LIB6-16 Marine Life   An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Invertebrates in the Sea By David and Jennifer George 1979, hardback, 288 pages, many color photos $50.00
LIB6-17 Tropical Marine Invertebrates of Southern Florida and the Bahama Inslands by Warren Zeiller1974, hardback, 132 pages, many color photos $20.00
LIB6-19 Seashore Life of Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia, and the San Juan Archipelago by Eugene N. Kozloff 1973, paperback, 282 pages, plus 28 color plates $12.50
LIB6-22 Coral Reef Animals of The Indo-Pacific Animal Life From Africa to Hawaii Exclusive of The Vertebrates by Gosliner, Behrens and Williams 8 x 10, 1996, paperback, 314 pages, 1000 color photos, paperback, This field guide describes approximately 1,000 species of invertebrates and tunicates that are found in the Central and Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. The narrative for each species will include a description of the animal and discuss its natural history and distribution. (Autographed by all three authors)  $35.00
LIB6-23 A Coral Reef Handbook   A guide to the geology, flora and fauna of the Great Barrier Reef Edited by Patricia Mather and Isobel Bennett 1994, paperback, 264 pages $30.00
LIB6-24 Corals of The World by Wood 1983, 256 pages, 290 Color photos, hardback $25.00
LIB6-25 Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes, Dr. Burgess's By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker  768 pages, over 4,000 Color photos, hardback, second Edition, This marine fish book is a beautiful and immensely colorful book that satisfies the long existing need for a comprehensive identification guide to marine fishes. This book shows not only the popular aquarium fishes but also the oddballs and weirdos, the large seaquarium type fishes, warmwater and coldwater fishes, and foreign and domestic fishes.   $40.00
LIB6-29 Corals of Australia and The Indo-Pacific by J.E.N. Veron Provides a systematic means of identifying almost 1000 species, a reliable nomenclature, up-to-date information of distribution and abundance, and authoritative notes on structure and biology. It also includes comprehensive sections on coral reefs found throughout the world and on the different types of coral communities that exist, like a patchwork of miniature forest, beneath the water. The work concludes with discussion on biogeography and on the geological history of corals. 1986, color & b/w photos, 644 pages, cloth bound $60.00
LIB6-33 The Sharks of North American Waters by Jose I. Castro 1983, paperback, 180 pages $15.00
LIB6-35 Fishes of the Atlantic Coast of Canada by A. H. Lein and W. B. Scott 1966, hardback, 485 pages $20.00
LIB6-36 Marine Fish Larvae Morphology, Ecology, and Relation to Fisheries by Reuben Lasker, editor 1981(?), paperback, 131 pages $12.50
LIB6-37 Proceeding of the Fifth International Symposium on the Reproductive Physiology of Fish Edited by F. W. Goetz and P. Thomas 1995, paperback, 389 pages $30.00
LIB6-38 Fishes of The Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder 1953, hardback, 577 pages $25.00
LIB6-41 Identification of Larval Fishes of the Great Lakes Basin with Emphasis on the Michigan Drainage edited by Nancy A. Auer 1982, in a binder, 743 pages, 282 figures $50.00
LIB6-43 Proceedings of the International Billfish Symposium Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 9-12 August 1972 Part 3. Species Synopses by Richard S. Shomura and Francis Williams (editors) 1975, paperback, 159 pages, pages loose $12.50
LIB6-44 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Age Determination of Oceanic Pelagic Fishes: Tunas, Billfishes, and Sharks by Eric D. Prince and Lynn M. Pulos (editors) 1983, paperback, 211 pages $15.00
LIB6-45 Planning the Future of Billfishes Research and Management in the 90s and Beyond Part 1 Fishery and Stock Synopses, Data Needs and Management by Richard H. Stroud, editor 1989, hardback, 361 pages $30.00
LIB6-46 Planning the Future of Billfishes Research and Management in the 90s and Beyond Part 2 Contributed Papers by Richard H. Stroud, editor 1990, hardback, 321 pages $30.00
LIB6-47 Methods for Assessment of Fish Production in Fresh Waters by W. E. Ricker 1968, paperback, 313 pages $15.00
LIB6-48 Marine Recreational Fisheries 9   Marine Recreational Fisheries Development  Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium  by Richard H. Stroud, editor 1984, hardback, 218 pages $20.00
LIB6-49 Marine Recreational Fisheries 3   Marine Recreational Fisheries Development  Proceedings of the Second Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium  by Richard H. Stroud, editor 1978, hardback, 176 pages $20.00
LIB6-50 Marine Recreational Fisheries 5   Marine Recreational Fisheries Development  Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Symposium  by Henry Clepper, editor 1980, hardback, 231 pages $20.00
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