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Library 5 - Part 1

wpe18.jpg (1602 bytes) LIB5-2 Loricariidae All L-Numbers (Aqualog 1) By Glasers and Glaser 1995, paperback, 111 pages, 500 color photos (Aqualog)  Has a little water damage, has 7 pages of supplements, Description: This reference book depicts all L-numbers up to L204 on 450 color photographs. Here's the only book that also shows all LDA numbers.  $25.00     
LIB5-4 The Complete Fishkeeper             Everything Aquarium Fishes Need to Stay Happy, Healthy, and Alive       by Joseph S. Levine  1991, hardback,  239 pages $25.00
LIB5-5 Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids by Hans-Joachim Richter 1989, hardback, 208 pages $30.00
wpe12.jpg (2790 bytes) LIB5-7   Discus, How to Breed Them by Degen 1990, hardback, 100 Color photos, 128 pages, Bernd Degen, internationally recognized for both the high quality of his discus and the large numbers of them he has been able to breed, has provided a revealing overview of European approaches to breeding the most sought-after of all aquarium fishes. Topics covered include selection, breeding, water chemistry, and helpful tricks/secrets to keeping these fish happy and healthy. Over 100 full-color photos show the full range of color varieties of these beautiful fish.

wpe7.jpg (1992 bytes) LIB5-10 Nature Aquarium World Book 3 by Takashi Amano 1994, hardback, pages 181 through 300, many Color photos, for tanks 36 to 48 inches,  This book and its companion volumes (1 and 2) were designed specifically to allure owners of aquariums -- both tropical fish hobbyists and those who want aquariums for decorative or therapeutic purposes - to set up their tanks and decorate them according to precepts laid down by Nature herself. Beautiful photos capture the artistic enchantment of each tank, and information is provided about which plants have been used and which fish species each contains. $17.50
wpe13.jpg (1858 bytes) LIB5-11 Discus, Wild-Caught By Degen 1995, hardback, 112 pages, 170 Color photos, One of the world's most recognized Discus authorities, Bernd Degen, has put together a complete, concise writing about the real "kings of Amazonia". Discus fishes plucked right out from their native waters are fresh, new and different from captive-bred varieties-and they're indeed beautiful. Completely illustrated in full color, identification, care & breeding are the topics of this exciting hard cover book.  $18.00
LIB5-16 Discus Annual 1992, paperback, 164 pages $7.50
wpe10.jpg (1716 bytes) LIB5-19 Discus, Dr. Clifford Chan's Book of Singapore by Chan 1991, hardback, 160 pages, over 150 Color photos, Singapore is, unquestionably, the aquarium fish breeding capital of the world. From swordtails to guppies, from cardinal tetras to angelfish ... and now discus. More new varieties of discus are being produced in Singapore than the rest of the entire world combined. In order to learn more about the techniques of breeding and producing discus, the author, Dr. Clifford Chan, M.D., visited the most important Breeders of discus in Singapore. He photographed their discus and their aquarium setups and in this book reports in a straightforward, honest way just why discus production in Singapore is so successful. For once the truth about treating discus with hormones has been openly discussed. For once the importance of feeding tubifex is evaluated. $20.00
wpeE.jpg (1788 bytes) LIB5-22 Discus, A Reference Book by Degen 1991, hardback, 128 pages, 132 photos, Welcome to the world of discus lovers! Discus have been known as the King of The Aquarium for almost 60 years ... and for good reason. They are beautiful, graceful, majestic, interesting, colorful and challenging. You can also make money breeding them and, perhaps, even begin your own color strain as Wattley, Schmidt-Focke and I have already done. This book has been designed as a basic book in discus keeping. Sections on discus history, the Amazonian habitat, species descriptions and classifications, German discus, breeding, buying, selling, shipping, selection of breeding stock, ailments and diseases, water requirements, feeding and the future of the discus hobby, are all discussed in detail. The amazing color photography enhances this wonderful book and makes it a must for every discus lover. $20.00
wpe24.jpg (1685 bytes) LIB5-26 Exotic Aquarium Fishes by Innes 1966, hardback, 592 pages, publisher Metaframe, not in very good shape, loose binding $5.00
wpe1D.jpg (1854 bytes) LIB5-27 The Marine Aquarium Reference Systems and Invertebrates by Moe 1992, paperback, 512 pages, autographed copy $20.00
LIB5-28 Discus, The Allure by Axelrod and Degen 1991, hardback, 192 pages, over 200 photos $30.00
LIB5-30 Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod and William Vorderwinkler 1995, hardback, 631 pages, over 770 color photos $15.0
LIB5-31 Hobbyist Guide To Catfish and Loaches by Dr. Paul V. Loiselle and Dr. D. Pool 1993, hardback, 144 pages $20.00
wpe1B.jpg (1844 bytes) LIB5-32 The Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner to Breeder by Martin a. Moe, Jr. 1992, paperback, 320 pages, Autographed copy $15.00
wpe9.jpg (1935 bytes) LIB5-33 The Cichild Aquarium by Dr. Paul Loiselle Revised and Expanded. A comprehensive study of the fascinating Family Cichlidae; including unique insights into their biology in nature. A survey of the intriguing but often violent behavior of cichlids, explaining how to modify their less desirable aspects in captivity. Step by step guidance on setting up and maintaining a cichlid aquarium as well a how to successfully cope with commonly encountered problems. A catalog of the major cichlid groups explaining how their behavioral characteristics influence maintenance and breeding in captivity. binding is a little loose $20.00  
wpe13.jpg (1853 bytes)  Cichlid Yearbook Volume 6 by Ad Konings  Contents; Bathybates: beautiful predators from the depths (Ad Konings); Cyprichromis (Volker Puttberg); Problems with breeding Benthochromis tricoti (Paolo Salvagiani); On the differences between Petrochromis polyodon and P. famula (Hans-J. Herrmann); Two long-nosed cichlids (Mylochromis; Ad Konings); Sexual Selection in Lake Malawi Cichlids (Jay Stauffer & Karen Kellogg); A new Lethrinops with a peculiar bower (Ad Konings); The "Silver Torpedo" — an unusual cichlid (Peter Baasch); A real gem from the depths of Lake Malawi (Copadichromis; Peter Baasch); Polychromatism in rock dwelling Lake Victoria cichlids: types, distribution, and observations on their genetics (Ole Seehausen); Two Paretroplus species (Jean-Claude Nourissat); Oxylapia polli, the enigmatic cichlid of the Nosivolo River (Patrick de Rham); Notes on a little known cichlid from West Africa, Sarotherodon caudomarginatus (Boulenger, 1916), with some thoughts on the genus (Melanie Stiassny); A collecting expedition to Honduras (Theraps wesseli; Ross Socolof & Rusty Wessel); Amphilophus nourissati, an interesting earth-eater from Central America (Michel Keijman); The forgotten Thorichthys maculipinnis (Juan Miguel Artigas); Variation in Crenicichla regani (Frank Warzel); A new checkerboard cichlid from the Rio Tapajós (Frank Warzel); Mazarunia mazarunii — a rare South American cichlid (Willem Heijns); A review of the current exporting operations from the African Rift Lakes (Stuart Grant); The age of cichlid fishes (Martin Geerts); 1996, hardback.

LIB5-39 still in plastic wrap $20.00

LIB5-43  The Natural Aquarium How to Imitate Nature in Your Aquarium by Yushino & Kobayashi 1993, hardback, 128 pages, 200 Color photos $15.00
wpe35.jpg (1802 bytes) LIB5-46 Guppies by Whitern 1980, hardback, 93 pages, 61 Color photos, This book, illustrated with many full-color photos and drawings, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for Guppies. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to read style. $7.50

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