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Library 4 - Part 4

From the Library of Al Castro

LIB4-151 The World of the Frog and the Toad by George Porter 1967, hardback, 153 pages $20.00
LIB4-152 The Whale Mighty Monarch of The Sea by Cousteau and Diole 1972, hardback, 304 pages $15.00
LIB4-153 I.R.S.N.B. fonds marins by R. Rasmont, 52 color plates, 1964, not in English $20.00
LIB4-154 Wild, Wild World of Animals  Whales & Other Sea Mammals    Baleen and Toothed Whales . Dolphins . Manatees . Seals . Sea Lions . Walruses . Sea Otters Editor Eleanor Graves 1977, hardback, 128 pages $15.00
LIB4-155 Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes by Axelrod 1962, hardback, 763 pages $12.50
wpe1.jpg (1888 bytes) LIB4-156 Freshwater Fishes of Australia By Dr. Gerald R. Allen 1989, hardback, 240 pages, covers 180 species, many in color $20.00
LIB4-157 The Fishes of Missouri by William L. Pflieger   Accounts of species found in Missouri their distribution and habitat, drawings geared for easy identification   343 pages, 1975, paperback. $17.50
LIB4-158 Discus King of The Aquarium by Bernd Degen 1986, 103 pages, 70 color photographs, hardback $12.50
LIB4-160 Between Pacific Tides By Edward F. Ricketts and Jack Calvin Revised by Joel W. Hedgpeth 1968 fourth edition, 614 pages $20.00
LIB4-161 Aquarium Care     A Comprehensive Guide by Gunther Sterba  1967, hardback, 515 pages $30.00
wpe1C.jpg (1595 bytes) LIB4-166  Live Bearing Aquarium Fishes by Jacobs Covers 156 species, 1971, hardback, 460 pages, Dust Jacket is damaged $30.00
LIB4-168 Crustaceans by Waldo L. Schmitt 1971, paperback, 204 pages $7.50
LIB4-169 Goldfish Guide (Pet Library) by Dr. Yoshiichi Matsui 1972, hardback, 252 pages $10.00
LIB4-172 Encyclopedia of Water Plants by Dr. Jiri Stodola 1967, hardback, 368 pages $30.00

LIB4-174 Fancy Goldfish Culture by Frank W. Orme A comprehensive guide to the breeding and management of Fancy goldfish, covers outdoor and indoor goldfish culture, 1979, hardback, 260 pages $30.00 

LIB4-175 Afrikanische Cichliden I  Buntbarsche aus Westafrika by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck 1981, hardback, 142 pages (in German) and the English translation African Cichlids I  Cichlids of West Africa by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck  paperback, 83 pages $20.00

LIB4-176 Amerikanische Cichliden II  Grobe Buntbarsche by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck 1984, hardback, 164 pages (in German) by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck  1989, paperback, 123 pages $10.00

LIB4-177 Afrikanische Cichliden II  Buntbarsche aus Ostafrike by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck 1981, hardback, 150 pages (in German) $10.00

LIB4-178 Amerikanische Cichliden I Kleine Buntbarsche  by Horst Linke - Wolfgnag Staeck and the English translation American Cichlids I  Dwarf Cichlids 1984, hardback, 194 pages (in German) $20.00
LIB4-180 Butterflyfishes of the World    a monograph of the family Chaetodontidae by Dr. Warren A. Burgess 1978, harbback, 832 pages $50.00

LIB4-181 All About Discus and in by Dr. Herbert R. 1978, paperback, 128 pages (PS-669) $10.00

LIB4-182 Illustrated Dictionary of Tropical Fishes by Frey 1961, hardback, 768 pages $20.00

LIB4-183 Hand Book of Fish Diseases by Untergasser 1989, hardback, 160 pages, over 100 Color photos, Clearly illustrates symptoms and diseases and their causes. Treatment procedures are given a simple, easy-to-read series of magnificent graphs designed by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, the foremost authority on tropical fish in the world. Beginners as well as experts will find this book a valuable source of information that will insure the successful future of their aquariums.   $20.00

LIB4-184 You and Your Aquarium by Dick Mills 1987, paperback, 288 pages $12.50

LIB4-186 Caribbean Reef Fishes by Dr. John E. Randall 1996, hardback, 368 pages $30.00

LIB4-189 Damselfishes of the South Seas by Dr. Gerald R. Allen 1975, hardback, 240 pages $30.00

LIB4-190 Seashore Animals of the Pacific Coast by Myrtle Elizabeth Johnson and Harry James Snook 1967, paperback, 659 pages $10.00

LIB4-192 A Practical Guide to Impractical Pets by Emil P. Dolensek, D.M.V. and Barbara Burn 1976, hardback, 382 pages $20.00

LIB4-195 Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes, Dr. Burgess's By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker  736 pages, over 4,000 Color photos, hardback, Third Edition, This marine fish book is a beautiful and immensely colorful book that satisfies the long existing need for a comprehensive identification guide to marine fishes. This book shows not only the popular aquarium fishes but also the oddballs and weirdos, the large seaquarium type fishes, warmwater and coldwater fishes, and foreign and domestic fishes.     $40.00
wpe3E.jpg (1562 bytes) LIB4-196 Field Book of The Shore Fishes of Bermuda and The West Indies by Beebe & Tee-Van paperback, 1970, 337 pages, 343 illustrations $12.50
LIB4-198  Pacific Coast Nudibranchs A Guide to The Opisthobranchs, Alaska to Baja California by David W. Behrens Covers all 217 known species of  nudibranchs from one oceanic area, Alaska to Baja California. Each description includes identifying characters, description of radula, natural history notes, size and geographic range. 1991, paperback, 107 pages, 217 color plates of described species $17.20

LIB4-199 Fishes of the Pacific Coast of Canada by W. A. Clemens and G. V. Wilby 1961, hardback, 443 pages $20.00

LIB4-200 A Manual of Aquarium Plants by Colin D. Roe 1967, hardback, 111 pages $20.00

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