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Library 4 - Part 3

From the Library of Al Castro

LIB4-101 Marine Shells of the Pacific Coast  by Tom Rice  1972, paperback, 102 pages $12.50
LIB4-102 Caribbean Seashells   A Guide to the Marine Mollusks of Puerto Rico and other West Indian Islands, Bermuda and the Lower Florida Keys  by Germaine L. Warmke and R. Tucker Abbott  1962, paperback,  348 pages $15.00
LIB4-105 Guppies, Mollies, Platys  By Hieronimus 1993, paperback, 72 pages $5.00
Health care, proper equipment, breeding, and maintaining a healthful environment are among many topics the experienced hobbyist and beginner can learn about. Thirty-five striking color photos and 30 black-and-white line drawings included.
LIB4-106 Focus on Sharks by Sarah R. Riedamn and Elton T. Gustafson 1969, hardback, 256 pages $15.00
LIB4-108 Oregon Saltwater Fishing Guide by Frank Haw and Raymond M. Buckley 1972, paperback, 200 pages $10.00
LIB4-109 Collecting Seashells by Kathleen Yerger Johnstone 1970, hardback, 198 pages $20.00
LIB4-110 The Shore Fishes of Hawaii by Jordan and Evermann 1973, 294 figures, 392 pages, paperback $25.00
LIB4-111 Coral Fishes Their Care and Maintenance by Ravensdale 1967, hardback, 255 pages $15.00
LIB4-113 Geographic Variation, Speciation, and Clines by John A Endler  1977, paperback, 246 pages $15.00
LIB4-114 Aquarium Technology   Fundamentals, Equipment & Practice by A. Jenno  1976, hardback, 148 pages $20.00
LIB4-115 Identification Guide to Marine Tropical Aquarium Fish  1977, hardback, 59 pages $12.50
LIB4-118 Fell's Beginner's Guide to Tropical Fish  (Fish Tanks, Aquarium Fish, Pond Fish, Ponds, and Maries) by Reginald Dutta 1971, hardback, 179 pages $12.50
LIB4-119 Labyrinth Fish by Helmut Pinter 1984, hardback, 144 pages, 62 color photos, 24 drawings, 14 maps $20.00
LIB4-125 Dwarf Cichlids by Jorg Vierke 1979, hardback, 93 pages $15.00
LIB4-127 A Fishkeeper's Guide to Central American Cichlids by David Sands The cichlids are immensely popular tropical fish for their variety, color and fascinating breeding behavior. This superbly illustrated guide focuses on the cichlids of Central America, with full advice on how to keep them, plus a detailed survey of over 30 species including many new to the hobby. 1986, 20,000 words, 66 color photographs. 77 pages, hardback $6.00
LIB4-128 A Fishkeeper's Guide to South America Cichlids by Dr. Wayne S. Leibel The cichlids of South America display a variety of feeding and breeding behaviors as rich and diverse as their shapes and body colors. This authoritative and superbly illustrated guide provides the perfect introduction to the care and breeding of these remarkable fish.   20,000 words, 75 color photographs, 1993, 79 pages, hardback $6.00
LIB4-132 Garden Pond, Your By K.H. Wieser and Dr. P.V. Loiselle Easy to Construct Easy to Maintain Beautiful to Look at A beautiful illustrated instructional book on how to establish, embellish, and maintain, a beautiful garden pond. This book includes step by step installation instructions and is in full color. The authors K.H. Wieser and Dr. P.V. Loiselle are authorities on the subject of pond keeping. 1986, 136 pages, over 150 photos and line drawings, hardback $7.50

LIB4-134 Thompson's Guide to Freshwater Fishes by Peter Thompson 1985, paperback, 205 pages $12.50
LIB4-136 Corydoras, - A Complete Introduction  by Burgess paperback, 1987, 128 pages, 43 Color photos, Corydoras species and their relatives are deservedly the most sought-after catfishes for aquariums. This practical, colorful book covers every topic of importance to tropical fish hobbyists who want to know more about Corydoras species and other armored catfishes: how to identify them, how to set up a tank for them, how to feed then, how to breed them, and how to keep them healthy. $5.00
LIB4-137 Success With Corydoras Catfish By Steven Dow 1977, paperback, 89 pages $20.00
LIB4-138  Bettas Gouramis and Other Anabantoids Labyrinth Fishes of The World by Jorge Vierke 1988, 192 pages, hardback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, over 150 Color illustrations $15.00
LIB4-139 Water Chemistry for Advanced Aquarists by Guido Huckstedt 1973, paperback, 128 pages $15.00
LIB4-140 Light in the Aquarium By Kubler 1973, paperback, 96 pages (PS-301)$7.50
LIB4-141 Catfishes by Drs C. W. Emmens and Herbert R. Axelrod 1968, hardback, 96 pages $12.50
LIB4-142 Pond Life in the Aquarium by Horst Janus 1963, paperback, 64 pages $7.50
LIB4-144 The Marine Aquarium Problem Solver By Nick Dakin   Practical and expert advice on keeping marine fish and invertebrates, with over 500 questions answered. Provides key background information on the most popular aquarium species. 208 pages and over 150 color photographs. 1996, hardback $14.00
wpe23.jpg (1748 bytes) LIB4-146  The Pond Owner's Problem Solver By John Dawes  1998, hardback, 207 pages    Practical and Expert Advice on Designing , Stocking and Managing Ponds, More than 175 Questions Answered $12.50
LIB4-147 The Life of Fishes by Marshall 402 pages, 1966, hardback $17.50
LIB4-148 Exotic Aquarium Fishes by W. T. Innes 1966, hardback, 466 pages, Publisher TFH $6.00

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