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Water Chemistry and Fish Diseases - New Books

M-516 Aquarium Fish Diseases by Dr. Geisler 1982, hardback, 64 pages $2.95
N-363 Diseases of Fish by Mawdesley-Thomas, Burris, Knuckles 1974, hardback, 277 pages $18.95
N-575 Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish Causes-Symptons-Treatment by Bassleer, hardback, 96 pages, (1996?), many color photos $35.95
An experienced professional presents the principal information about diseases in marine aquarium fish. Presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.
Contents include: Causes and prevention of diseases in fish. Recognizing the symptoms of disease – in practice and under the microscope. Drugs and combinations of treatments which even non-specialists can apply.
PS-200 Diseases Fish - Crustacea $19.95
wpe16.jpg (1682 bytes) CO-016S Fish Diseases - A Complete Introduction  By Dr. Gottfried Schubert  over 100 Color photos, 96 pages, paperback, Anyone keeping an aquarium will sooner or later be faced with a sick fish. Learning how to identify, treat and, hopefully, cure the disease is the purpose of this book. It is the magnificently and completely illustrated with color photographs and drawings and has been written by one of the world's leading fish pathologists. $5.95
N-52 Fish Immunology edited by Manning & Tatner 1985, 374 pages, hardback $59.50 
N-85 Fish Vaccination Edited by Ellis 1988, 272 pages, hardback $62.00
N-383 Fish Viruses and Fish Viral Diseases by Wolf 1988, 480 pages. 120 illustrations. $80.00
wpe16.jpg (1848 bytes) TS-123 Hand Book of Fish Diseases by Untergasser 1989, hardback, 160 pages, over 100 Color photos, Clearly illustrates symptoms and diseases and their causes. Treatment procedures are given a simple, easy-to-read series of magnificent graphs designed by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, the foremost authority on tropical fish in the world. Beginners as well as experts will find this book a valuable source of information that will insure the successful future of their aquariums.  $25.85
N-367 Marine Fish - The Recognition and Treatment of Diseases by Clifton 1993, Second Edition, paperback, 103 pages. $12.95

N-612 Self-Assessment Color Review of Ornamental Fish By Gregory A. Lewbart The keeping of ornamental fish is the most widespread animal related hobby in the world. Many textbooks and most of the related literature focus on diseases of fish bred for human consumption, especially aquaculture species. This review provides 265 clinical cases, covers all of the important medical and surgical conditions found in ornamental fish and includes material on aquatic invertebrates. The illustrated cases appear randomly by topic and are targeted at different levels of expertise. In addition, questions on fish anatomy, physiology, husbandry and identification are included to ensure that the book is both educational and comprehensive.A team of internationally respected authors have written the questions and detailed explanatory answers to make the text practical, informative and, at the same time, easy to read. Veterinary practitioners, professional aquarists, hobbyists and students will find this a valuable addition to their education and clinical training. 1998, paperback, 192 pages, $34.95
N-355 Understanding Fish Diseases $1.98

N-841 Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium by John H. Tullock Paperback, 96 Pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8, 2002 $6.95

Written by an expert on marine biology, this title is must reading for the marine aquarium hobbyist. Keeping ocean-dwelling fish and other marine life forms thriving in the synthetic environment of an aquarium requires special knowledge and care, especially in regard to water quality. The author discusses the properties of natural seawater, then gives details on how to create and maintain high-quality synthetic seawater. He describes biochemical cycles and fluctuating conditions that are normal in a flourishing marine aquarium, instructs on adding needed chemical components, and advises on water analysis test kits, instrumentation, and record keeping. Includes illustrations plus informative tables and charts.

Water Chemistry and Fish Diseases - Used Magazines

All magazines are on sale for $1.00 for each issue plus actual postage and insurance

ADI-49 Water Chemistry and Fish Diseases Issue #49  Tetra Aquarium Digest Issue (magazines) 31 pages $2.50 $1.00 each

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