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  Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters and Crayfish - New Books

wpeB.jpg (1822 bytes) N-473 The Crayfishes of Missouri By Pflieger 1996, paperback, 152 pages, many color photos, maps and line drawings Crayfish, crawfish or crawdaddies. Whatever you call them, anglers and other nature lovers can learn about the habits, habitats and home ranges of the 32 species of "decapods" found in Missouri. Written by well-known fisheries biologist William L. Pflieger, this 152-page book features color photos and exceptional drawings to aid even the amateur in identifying these fascinating and important aquatic animals. 152 pages, 1996, paperback $16.49
N-889 Crustacea Guide of the World    Shrimps . Crabs . Lobsters . Mantis Shrimps . Amphipods by Helmut Debelius over 1000 photographs of crustaceans taken in their natural habit, 2001, hardback, 321 pages $65.95 

Covers the Pacific Ocean . Indian Ocean . Red Sea . Mediterranean . Atlantic Ocean . Caribbean
wpeA.jpg (1863 bytes) N-584 Freshwater Crayfishes Of New South Wales by Merrick, 1993, hardback, 127 pages $27.95
wpe19.jpg (1946 bytes) N-200 Lobsters: Florida Bahamas The Caribbean by Moe 1991, 512 pages, 100+ illustrations, paperback $20.95
wpe22.jpg (2222 bytes) N-552 Shrimps and Crabs in the Freshwater Aquarium  (Special 10) By Uwe Werner 1998, hardback, many color photos,  plus poster (Aqualog) $22.95

Description: In this Special, we introduce the 64 most interesting shrimps, crabs and crayfishes that can be kept in freshwater tanks. Like in ornamental fishes, there are small and large species, and species that can be kept in community tanks with fish. We tell you, which ones are suitable and which are not, on 48 pages with many illustrations. Interesting and exciting!

Children's Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters and Crayfish -- New Books

C-74 Crabs, Lobsters, and Shrimps by Allison Lassieur 2003, paperback, 48 pages $6.95

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