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Sharks  - New Books

N-890 Aquarium Sharks & Rays  by Scott W. Michael An Essential Guide to Their Selection, Keeping, and Natural History  2001, hardback, 256 pages $28.95
N-790 The Encyclopedia of Sharks By Stave and Jane Parker 1999, paperback, 192 pages, many color photographs $24.95 


Talk About Sharks
Shark Success
Ecology and Biology
Sense and Supersense
Design for Living
Design for Killing
More Sharks – or Fewer?
Shark Classification
Seeing Sharks

Great White Sharks The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias By Klimley and Ainley 1996, 517 pages
N-478HB hardback $79.95
N-896 Hawai‘i’s Sharks and Rays  by Gerlad L. Crow and Jennifer Crites 6 in. x 9 in., 204 pages, paperback  $15.95

Explore the fascinating world of Hawai‘i’s sharks and rays. Sharks and Rays of Hawaii features more than 400 color photos and individual fact sheets on all 40 species of sharks and 9 species of rays found in Hawaiian waters. It also covers shark anatomy, their incredible senses, how they reproduce, the importance of sharks in Hawaiian culture, the dynamics of keeping sharks and rays in public aquariums, which sharks are protected around the world and how fisheries are depleting shark populations, as well as first-hand accounts of shark encounters.
N-451 The Natural History of Sharks By Thomas H. Lineaweaver III and Richard H. Backus  Straightforward facts and photos for the general reader. "A book of fearsome fascination."-The Wall Street Journal 256 pages, 1970, paperback, 6” x 9” illustrations.   $14.95 
N-694 Shadows in The Sea The Sharks, Skates, and Rays By Thomas B. Allen
A fully updated edition of "an invaluable volume for shark freaks."-Peter Benchley paperback, 354 pages, 1996, illustrations $18.95
N-695 The Shark ALMANAC By Allen, Thomas B. A fully illustrated natural history of sharks, skates, and rays. hardback, 274 pages, 1999, color and black and white photos (Lyons Press) $35.00
Thomas Allen takes us through the evolution of the shark, its folklore, its commercial uses, and gives us a detailed look at shark attacks-where they happen, why, and how to protect yourself from them. He describes the behavior, appearance, size, and distribution of over one hundred shark species, and provides helpful scientific illustrations.
N-325 Sharks A comprehensive survey by some of the world's leading shark experts, they discuss shark habits and habitats, evolution, biology, and behavior, and they present the facts about shark attacks, including how to repel and prevent them. 200 color photos. 240 pages $35.00
Sharks by Stoops and Stoops 80 pages (all in color).
N-428PB paperback $9.95
N-429HB hardback $16.95
N-883 Sharks by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari  2002, paperback, 256 pages, 450 color Photographs, drawings, range maps, bibliography, useful web sites and practical information. $24.95

A comprehensive illustrated guide to the appearance and behavior of 120 species of sharks and rays

Universally recognized and feared, these magnificent creatures are the oldest and most perfect hunters of the sea. This concise and informative guide is illustrated with hundreds of photographs of sharks and rays in their natural environment. Essays on history, biology and ecology accompany the text.

N-371 Sharks in Question, The Smithsonian Answer Book by Victor G. Springer and Joy P. Gold This book will reduce the inaccurate dogma about this unique and intriguing group of vertebrates. Although aimed primarily at the general public, it has a place on the shelves of professional ichthyologists as well. -- Quarterly Review of Biology. 1989, paperback, 192 pages. 58 color, 25 b&w, 30 line illustrations $19.95
N-581 Sharks Of The World by Rodney Steel, 1998, paperback, 192 pages, 40 color illustrations., 80 b/w illustrations $17.95

Ever since the hit film Jaws, the terrifying image of the shark as a mindless killing machine has firmly imprinted itself on many of us. But with their large brains and extraordinarily keen sensory perception, sharks have a more sophisticated physiology than previously thought. Take a "dive" into shark-infested waters to watch and understand their behavior patterns. Very adaptive, they act in accordance with the demands of feeding and reproduction. The breeds range from the tiny (6 inches) Squaliolus laticaudus to the famed White Shark, who can measure 39 feet. Many live primarily on fish, though they will attack unfortunate humans who cross their path, as a number of stories recounted here prove. Incredible photographs offer a glimpse into the shark's wide jaws and toothy mouth, and of an incredible variety of species, including the handsome zebra shark, sand tiger, and nurse shark. An informative view of a much misunderstood creature.

N-959 The Shark-Watcher's Handbook: A Guide to Sharks and Where to See Them by Mark Carwardine and Ken Watterson 2002, paperback, 287 pages, 6 x 9, 60 color photos, 25 color illus, Many color maps. $19.95

Hundreds of thousands of people have an intentional encounter with sharks every year, and shark-watching has become a multi-million dollar business. The ultimate shark-watcher's guide, this comprehensive and ground-breaking book is essential reading for any marine enthusiast who wants to navigate the waters of those who consort with sharks.

The Shark-Watcher's Handbook covers everything you need to know about sharks and shark watching: the history, techniques, risks and controversies; a thorough overview of shark natural history and biology; the many threats facing sharks and how snorkelers and divers can help; and even how to get good shark photographs, safely. There is also an extensive, fully illustrated directory of the twenty-four species most commonly encountered by shark watchers. Each entry includes important information on natural history, classification, diet, reproduction, behavior and range; and there are special sections on identification, the potential danger to divers and good places for a close encounter.

The book includes the first detailed directory of more than 250 of the world's shark-watching hotspots, with a detailed description of each site and information on everything from the species most likely to be seen and the best time of year to visit to contact details for further information and travel notes.

Whether you're a professional diver, someone contemplating your first close encounter with a shark, or the sort of person who prefers to view these extraordinary animals in the pages of a book, The Shark-Watcher's Handbook is an attractive, invaluable, and utterly fascinating guide to the underwater world of sharks.

Mark Carwardine is a zoologist, writer, photographer, and broadcaster. He is the author of Last Chance to See and The Guinness Book of Animal Records. Ken Watterson is a research scientist and Churchill Fellow, and founder of the Basking Shark Society.


1 Shark Diving
              Chumming and baiting 10
              Is shark diving acceptable ecotourism or unacceptable and dangerous exploitation? 11
              Planning a shark dive 18
2. How Dangerous are Sharks? The International Shark Attack File 24
              How many people are attacked? 24
              Why do sharks attack? 25
              Where do sharks attack? 27
              Shark attacks on divers 29
              Dangerous sharks 30
              Reducing the risk 31
              Shark repellents and protection 34
              Learning from an 'inevitable' attack 36
              Shark attacks in perspective 37
3. Shark Photography
              Cameras 40
              Lenses 42
              Film 44
              Exposure 44
              Artificial flash 45
              Backscatter 46
              Get close. . . and then get even closer 47
              Composition 47
              Safety 48
4. The World of Sharks
              Origins and ancestors 51
              Classification of sharks 54
              The perfect body 58
              Sensing the environment 60
              The ultimate predator 65
              Making more sharks 69
              Shark research 73
5. Shark Conservation
              Shark finning 80
              Shark skin, meat, liver oil, cartilage and other products 85
              How divers can help 87
6. Shark Directory
              Shark identification 89
              Naming the parts of a shark 91
              Sand tiger shark 92
              Thresher sharks 94
              Baskingshark 96
              Shortfin mako shark 98
              Great white shark l00
              Scalloped hammerhead shark 102
              Great hammerhead shark 104
              Caribbean reef shark 106
              Oceanic whitetip shark 108
              Silky shark 110
              Dusky shark 112
              Galapagos shark 114
              Grey reef shark 116
              Silvertip shark 118
              Blacktip reef shark 120
              Bull shark 122
              Bronze whaler shark 124
              Lemon shark 126
              Tiger shark 128
              Whitetipreef shark 130
              Blue shark 132
              Whale shark 134
              Nurse shark 136
              Zebra shark 138
7. Directory of Shark-watching Sites
              Maps 142-53
              Introduction 154
              North America and Mexico 155
              Central and South America 175
              The Bahamas and the Caribbean 187
              Europe 202
              East and Southern Africa 205
              North Africa and the Middle East 214
              Asia 221
              Mauritius 234
              The Seychelles 235
              The Maldives 238
              Australasia 248
              Pacific Islands 268
"Every diver should have a copy of this book. It's the most comprehensive and best-researched guide to diving and snorkeling with sharks--providing everything you need to know in order to experience some of the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking underwater encounters anywhere in the world."--Graeme Gourlay, Editor in Chief, Dive

N-761 Sharks & Rays   Elasmobranch   Guide of the World  Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Artic Ocean  by Ralf M. Hennemann Hardback, 2001, over 600 photographs of elasmobranches taken in their natural habitat, 304 pages $53.95

Children's Shark Books - New Books

C-40 Fun with Sharks Stencils By Kennedy 6 full-page pre-cut stencils, 4 3/16 x 5 ¾, paperback, $1.00
C-23 Learning About Sharks by Jan Sovak 1999, paperback, 16 pages of text plus 12 full-color stickers on 2 plates, size 4 1/16 x 5 ¾ $1.00
C-15 Realistic Sharks Stickers by Jan Sovak 2001, 13 different species of this ocean going predator on 13 full color sticker on 4 plates, paperback, 4 1/16 x 5 ¾  $1.00
C-84 Shark Attacks by Patrick J. Fitzgerald 2000, paperback, 48 pages $6.95
C-86 Shark, The Best Way to See a by Allan Fowler 1995, paperback, 32 pages $4.95
C-71 Sharks, Animals of the Oceans by Susan Brocker $6.95
1997, paperback, 32 pages, many color photos
C-29 Sharks of the World Coloring Book by Llyn Hunter 1989, paperback, 27 black and white illustrations, 14 color illustrations on covers, 32 pages, 8 1/4 11 $2.95
C-96 Sharks, Scary Creatures by Penny Clarke and Mark Bergin paperback, 32 pages $6.95
C-12 Sharks Stained Glass Coloring Book by John Green 8 pages printed on translucent paper, paperback, 1994, size 4 3/16 x 5 ¾ $1.00 
C-14 Shark Stickers by Nina Barbaresi  1993, 24 full-color stickers on 4 plates, size 4 1/16 x 5 ¾, paperback  $1.00

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