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Marine (Fish, Invertebrates, Reefs and Aquariums) -- New Books

N-844 A Guide to Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes  by Gerald Allen, Roger Steene and Mark Allen 1998, 256 pages, hardback, 280 color photos $39.95

This new monograph combines the two volumes of “Butterfly and Angelfishes of the World”. The current edition covers all of the known species. The narrative for each species contains a detailed description, habit, natural history, geographic range and distribution.

wpe39.jpg (1854 bytes) KW-154 ABC'S Marine Aquaria by Burgess hardback, 96 pages, 64 Color photos, This book provides practical guidance to selection of equipment and aquarium inhabitants and gives good advice about routine maintenance and care. Everything you need to know about setting up a marine aquarium is here, highlighted with 67 vivid full-color photos. Interesting, easy to read, and just right for beginners or veteran tropical fish hobbyists.  $9.36
N-122 Advanced Reef Keeping by Thiel paperback $17.49
N-335 The Affordable and Complete Mini-Reef: A Step By Step Guide to Success by Progressive Reef  Details complete assembly of a mini-reef from start to finish for the budget conscious hobbyist. discusses equipment and lighting, fish and invertebrate selection, long term maintenance, and more. Canopy construction and index included. 1994, paperback, 84 pages $7.95
MC-118 Angel & Butterfly Fishes (Reef Fishes Volume 3) by Scott Michael ???, hardback, 344 pages, over 500 color photographs $25.95

Angelfishes & Butterfly fishes continues Scott Michael's definitive accounts of fish species of interest to marine aquarists. Representing more than a decade of research, writing and underwater photography, this third volume of a five-volume set provides authoritive coverage of hundreds of dazzling species of fish. Each species entry covers identification, behaviors, feeding, selection, buying advice, captive care techniques and secrets.


The Fishes
Family Echeneidae - Remoras
Family Carangidae - Jacks, Scads & Pompanos
Family Lutjanidae - Snappers
Family Caesionidae - Fusiliers
Family Haemulidae - Sweetlips & Grunts
Family Nemipteridae - Whiptails & Spinecheeks
Family Sciaenidae - Drums & Croakers
Family Mullidae - Goatfishes
Family Pempheridae - Sweepers
Family Monodactylidae - Monos
Family Chaetodontidae - Butterflyfishes
Family Pomacanthidae - Angelfishes
Photography Credits
About the Author

  H-1100 Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes, Dr. Burgess's By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker  784 pages, over 4,000 Color photos, hardback, Third Edition, This marine fish book is a beautiful and immensely colorful book that satisfies the long existing need for a comprehensive identification guide to marine fishes. This book shows not only the popular aquarium fishes but also the oddballs and weirdos, the large seaquarium type fishes, warmwater and coldwater fishes, and foreign and domestic fishes.   $57.53
N-1 The Basic Marine Aquarium: A Simplified, Modern Approach to the Care of Saltwater Fishes by Carol E. Bower 1983, paperback, 290 pages, 68 illustrations, 23 tables $43.95
MC-108 Basslets, Dottybacks & Hawkfishes plus seven more aquarium fish families with expert captive care advice for the marine aquarist (Jawfishes, Grammas, Cardinalfishes, Tilefishes, and more) (Reef Fishes 2) by Scott W. Michael 2004, hardback, 296 pages $28.95
wpe15.jpg (1467 bytes) N-262 The Beginner's Guide to Micro and Mini Reef Systems by Prasek 1992, paperback, 70 pages $4.95
T-49 Book of Marine Fishes by Hauser A comprehensive review of how most tropical marine fish exist in their natural habitat, 196 pages, 160 color photos $15.12
T-50 The Book of The Marine Aquarium by Nick Dakin   A definitive reference to more than 300 marine fish and invertebrate species and how to establish and maintain a reef aquarium A coral reef can be home to as many as 2000 fish and invertebrate species and many of these spectacular creatures can be kept in the home aquarium. This book is an essential reference to this challenging and rewarding hobby, exploring the natural world of the coral reef, providing a wealth of practical advice on successful aquarium management and on choosing and maintaining compatible species, and featuring a fully illustrated survey of more than 300 fish and invertebrates. 400 pages, hardback color photos $31.46
N-966 The Captive Marine Aquarium by Wayne Shang hardback, 224 pages $45.00
A Colorful Photographic Resource for the Aquarist, Cover: Author’s reef aquarium.

(Includes the DVD The Captive Marine Aquarium Mass Spawning of Tridacna Clams in Captive Systems)


Foreword, by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec - The Power of One Person ......................... 6
Preface, by Daniel Knop .......................................................................................... 8
Acknowledgment ..................................................................................................... 9
Introduction ........................................................................................................... 10
Marine Fish Aquarium ............................................................................................ 13
List of the Fish ....................................................................................................... 15
Water Chemistry .................................................................................................... 17
Filtration ................................................................................................................. 19
Health/Disease ........................................................................................................ 21
Feeding/Diet ........................................................................................................... 23
Reef Aquarium ........................................................................................................ 41
Filtration ................................................................................................................. 43
Lighting ................................................................................................................... 45
Protein Skimmer/Foam Fractioner ........................................................................... 46
Water Circulation .................................................................................................... 47
Water Chemistry ..................................................................................................... 49
Water Temperature ................................................................................................. 50
pH .......................................................................................................................... 51
Alkalinity ................................................................................................................. 52
Calcium ................................................................................................................... 53
Magnesium .............................................................................................................. 57
Strontium ................................................................................................................. 58
Water Change .......................................................................................................... 59
Tridacna Clams ........................................................................................................ 75
Spawning Behaviors in Captive System ................................................................... 103
Reef-Building Stony Corals ..................................................................................... 113
Growth Sequence ................................................................................................... 155
Reef Fishes ............................................................................................................. 167
Marine Fish Breeding .............................................................................................. 195
Coral Propagation ................................................................................................... 199
Photographic Details ................................................................................................ 221
About the Author .................................................................................................... 224

The Power of One Person

This book represents what one person, one determined person — no, what one dedicated person can do. When it comes to incredibly beautiful aquaria full of big healthy fish and fantastic corals of all shapes and sizes, one might naturally think of public aquaria which are thousands or tens of thousands of gallons in size, located in huge buildings and staffed by several professional full-time aquarists backed by a water quality laboratory. Here in these pages is the proof that those features are not required to achieve the pinnacle of success with marine aquaria.

When I first saw Wayne Shang’s tanks, I couldn’t believe them. The fish-only tank had the largest specimens of marine tropical fish I had ever seen in a home aquarium. Their fitness and size were better and larger, respectively, than any I had ever seen, even in a public aquarium. Plus, these were not the fish considered to be easy by the many experts in the hobby; they were difficult and impossible ones. Here they were in sizes that one can’t comprehend, but you see them with your own eyes. I thought it could not be possible to surpass this accomplishment; but then, he showed me his reef tank. Again, this tank would have been impossible to fathom, had it not been in front of my own eyes. The density, size, and variety of corals; the numbers, types, and colors of fish rivaled anything I had seen diving in places like Fiji, Bonaire, the Philippines, and Grand Cayman.

The reef tank truly represented the closest I had ever seen of someone, anyone, replicating a slice of Mother Nature.

As you look through these pages, remember these are home aquaria. Their size, their location, their filtration and lighting set-ups are not complicated systems designed by some NASA-like engineering firm and professional architect. No, the components are available to anyone. The tanks and the areas around the tanks were clean and would be acceptable to any


 “significant other.” None of the tangled cords, salt creep, smells, and assorted clutter normally associated with aquaria was present. These are pristine, beautiful showpieces that demonstrate what an “amateur” can do. Amateur in only that one is not monetarily compensated for the effort. However, there is nothing amateur about the tanks, the set-ups, the organisms, the filtration, and the results of Wayne’s efforts.

Nonetheless, there is a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient that provides Wayne Shang success in my opinion? Dedication. It is obvious he is not satisfied with average, not satisfied with unsupported answers and claims, not satisfied with normal. Yes, many things are unknown about what it takes to achieve true success in this hobby. However, as this book so clearly demonstrates, one person with the will, the inquisitiveness, and the dedication to a goal can achieve the aspiration that so many strive to attain: marine aquaria that replicate and honor nature.

Enjoy this book and what it represents. In these days of “crowd following” and passive acceptance of inferior products, it is refreshing to know there are still concrete, visible examples of what one person can accomplish when he dedicates himself to a task. No committees, no big groups, no panel of experts — just a single person with a goal who builds and maintains the best closed marine aquaria possible, and provides the fish and corals the opportunity to grow and prosper as never before in captivity. It can be done. Here is the proof.

It was with pleasure that I accepted Wayne’s invitation to write this foreword. Please take time to study these photos and appreciate the work, time, and dedication that is behind the results you see in these pages: they show the power of one person.

Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec

N-56 Caribbean Reef Invertebrates by Sefton & Webster Each of the 195 species is illustrated by a color photo. The narrative includes distinguishing characters and natural history notes. 1986, paperback, 7 X 9, 112 pages, 195 color photos $19.95
RD-057 Clownfishes By Richard F. Stratton 2000, hardback, 64 pages, 88 color photos $9.95 

Beautifully and colorfully illustrated with photos that serve as identification guides for showing differences between the often-confused clownfish species. Topics include housing, feeding, breeding and interaction with various anemone species.

N-579 Clownfishes & Sea Anemones $7.95
N-494 Clownfishes A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History by Joyce D. Wilkerson The droll and exotically pigmented clownfish is a favorite of marine aquarists, divers, and amateur naturalists the world over. Now, one of the pioneers in the captive breeding of clownfishes in home aquaria has written the first popular handbook on the husbandry of these fascinating marine species. Chapters include: Clownfishes in the Wild, Fish & Anemone Species Identification Guides, Selecting Breeding Stock, Orchestrating the Spawn, Propagation as a Cottage Industry, Anemone Ecology and Preservation paperback, 208 pages, 2001, Full-color photographs throughout, $24.26
N-276 Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia by Rudolf H. Kuiter This is the first book to cover all the known fish species of eastern Australia's Coastal waters, ranging from the Coral Sea off Queensland to Tasmania and as far east as New Zealand. Rudolf Kuiter, a highly regarded underwater photographer and ichthyologist, includes 141 families and 858 species, their juvenile stages, different male/female forms, and color variants of the same species. 1993, 448 pages, 1350 color illustrations, cloth bound $85.00
wpe7.jpg (1856 bytes) WW-037 Collecting Maine Fishes By Jonklaas hardback, many Color photos, In this book, the accomplished and renowned aquarist Rodney Jonklaas takes the reader on an odyssey through the ins-and-outs of marine fish collecting. Illustrated with over 100 strikingly beautiful photos of marine life, the book discusses the collection, care and transportation of marine fishes with important pointers about where and when the best fishes can be found and harvested. The author's emphasis is on careful conservation, and chapters include Behavior of Tropical Marine Fishes, Keeping Your Fish Alive, collecting with (and without) SCUBA gear, and Angling with Light Tackle. Scores of tropical fishes-such as gobies, damselfishes, wrasses and blennies-and invertebrates like urchins and starfish are chronicled in such a way that novice and professional hobbyists alike can learn more about collecting and bringing home these species.  $11.48
N-453 Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish With Emphasis on Marine Clownfish by Hoff 1996, paperback, 212 pages. $28.95 

Emphasis is on closed system commercial culture of tropical marine fish with emphasis on Amphiprion (clownfish). Information includes work done on other marine fish including pompano, black sea bass, redfish and freshwater species including discus and angelfish. Includes: utilization of live and prepared foods, broodstock management and conditioning, oocyte analysis, utilization of hormones and conditioned spawning, hatching, broodstock management, tank selection, system designs, larval rearing, juvenile grow-out, theory and practice, data gathering and analysis, trouble shooting, cost analysis and future fish culture endeavors. Published August 1996. Page format 8.5" x 11", 64 tables, 67 figures and 25 photos. A must for fish Breeders, fresh or saltwater, and serves as a companion manual to the Plankton Culture Manual.

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists By Robert M. Fenner Brining the ethics and curiosity of a marine ecologist to the home aquarium field, Robert Fenner provides new standards and fresh insights into the intelligent selection and care of captive saltwater fishes and invertebrates. As a pragmatic, hands-on guide for beginning to intermediate hobbyists, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist demystifies the process of planning, setting up, stocking, and managing a beautiful, thriving slice of the tropical ocean. A leading advocate for the responsible collection and care of wild-caught specimens, Fenner starts with the basics -- "What is a fish?" -- and proceeds to give the reader the scientific background and expert-level secrets to being a smarter consumer, better steward, and more successful marine aquarium keeper. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist includes: Honest Advice for Beginners, Great Fishes & Invertebrates for the Home Aquarium, Foolproof Setup Techniques, Species to Avoid, 432 pages, 1988, Full-color photographs throughout
N-493PB paperback $28.95
N-493HB hardback $39.56
N-811 Coral Fish by Linda Pitkin 2001, paperback, 112 pages $14.95 

In over 100 color photos by biologist and award-winning photographer Pitkin, "Coral Fish" depicts the variety of fish supported by coral reefs around the world.

N-439 Coral Reef Animals of The Indo-Pacific Animal Life From Africa to Hawaii Exclusive of The Vertebrates by Gosliner, Behrens and Williams 8 x 10, 1996, paperback, 288 pages, 1000 color photos, paperback  $45.00

This field guide describes approximately 1,000 species of invertebrates and tunicates that are found in the Central and Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. The narrative for each species will include a description of the animal and discuss its natural history and distribution.

N-960 Coral Reef Fishes: Indo-Pacific and Caribbean by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers 2001, paperback, 400 pages, 4 x 7, More than 2,500 color illus $24.95
Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific to a depth of sixty meters. Accessible to amateur marine life enthusiasts, this book is the first comprehensive guide of its kind. It enables the reader to quickly identify 2,118 species of fish and includes over 2,500 color illustrations depicting the major forms of each species--male, female, immature, or geographical varieties. The text proceeds according to region, depicting each species and its varieties, and offering information on its geographic range and where on the coral reef itself the fish may be found. Important identification characteristics are highlighted on every color plate.
Scope of the book
Evolution and Zoogeography
The Coral Reef Environment
Types of Reefs
Habitats and Zonation
Social Interactions
Reproduction and Development
Protective Resemblance and Mimicry
Reef Fishes as a Resource and its Conservation
Dangerous Marine Fishes
The System of Classification
Physiology and Senses
The Colour Plates
                  1-2 Sharks
                  3 Sharks, Electric Rays and Guitarfishes
                  4 Rays
                  5-7 Moray Eels
                  8 Moray, Conger & Snake Eels
                  9 Catfishes, Pearifishes, Clingfishes, Lizardfishes and Toadfishes
                  10 Primitive Silvery Fishes
                  11 Frogfishes
                  12 Soldierfishes
                  13 Soldierfishes and Squirrelfishes
                  14 Squirrelfishes
                  15 Flashlightfishes, Trumpetfishes and Related Families
                  16 Pipefishes and Seahorses
                  17 Flatheads, Helmet Gurnards, Waspfishes Etc.
                  18-20 Scorpionfishes
                  21-22 Anthiases
                  23 Anthiases and Basslets
                  24-29 Groupers
                  30 Soapfishes and Prettyfins
                  31-32 Dottybacks
                  33 Dottybacks and Morwongs
                  34 Hawkfishes
                  35-38 Cardinalfishes
                  39 Barramundi, Grunters, Flagtails, Bigeyes, and Mojarras
                  40 Sand Tilefishes and Remoras
                  41-42 Jacks and Trevallys
                  43-45 Snappers
                  46 Snappers and Fusiliers
                  47 Fusiliers
                  48 Sweetlips
                  49 Sweetlips
                  50 Monocle Breams and Spinecheeks
                  51 Whiptails
                  52-53 Emperors
                  54-55 Goatfishes
                  56 Batfishes, Spadefishes, Monos, Stripeys, and Archerfishes
                  57-66 Butterflyfishes
                  67-72 Angelfishes
                  73 Angelfishes, Boarfishes, and Knifejaws
                  74-89 Damselfishes
                  90-104 Wrasses
                  105-106 Parrotfishes (widespread)
                  107 Parrotfishes (Indian Ocean)
                  108-109 Parrotfishes (Pacific Ocean)
                  110 Parrotfishes (restricted distrib.)
                  111 Barracudas and Mullets
                  112 Sandperches
                  113 Jawfishes, Stargazers, Sand-divers, and Triplefins
                  114 Fangblennies
                  115 Combtooth Blennies
                  116 Combtooth Blennies
                  117 Combtooth Blennies
                  118 Combtooth Blennies and Dragonets
                  119 Dartfishes
                  120-123 Gobies
                  124-128 Surgeonfishes
                  129-130 Rabbitfishes
                  131 Tunas, Flounders, and Soles
                  132-133 Triggerfishes
                  134-135 Filefishes
                  136 Trunkfishes
                  137 Puffers
                  138 Puffers and Porcupinefishes
                  139 Rarities
         Caribbean Species
                  140 Sharks
                  141 Rays
                  142 Eels
                  143 Tarpon, Ladyfish, Bonefish, Needlefishes and Halfbeaks
                  144 Herrings, Anchovies etc.
                  145 Toadfishes, Frogfishes and Batfishes
                  146 Squirrelfishes, Flashlightfishes, Trumpetfishes and Cornetfishes
                  147 Pipefishes, Scorpionfishes, Searobins and Flying Gurnards
                  148 Groupers
                  149 Groupers, Soapfishes
                  150 Hamlets
                  151 Basses
                  152 Basslets and Cardinalfishes
                  153 Hawkfishes, Bigeyes, Sand Tilefishes, Snooks, Mojarras, and Tripletails
                  154 Cobia, Remoras, and Jacks
                  155 Jacks
                  156 Snappers
                  157 Grunts
                  158 Grunts and Bonnetmouths
                  159 Porgies and Drums
                  160 Drums, Goatfishes, Sweepers, and Rudderfishes
                  161 Spadefishes and Butterflyfishes
                  162 Angelfishes
                  163 Damselfishes
                  164 Damselfishes and Wrasses
                  165 Wrasses
                  166 Parrotfishes
                  167 Parrotfishes, Jawfishes and Stargazers
                  168 Mullets, Barracudas, Threadfins, and Tunas
                  169 Triplefins and Labrisomids
                  170 Blennies, Tubeblennies, Dragonets, Dartfishes, and Gobies
                  171 Gobies
                  172 Gobies, Surgeonfishes and Flounders
                  173 Triggerfishes and Filefishes
                  174 Filefishes and Trunkfishes
                  175 Puffers and Porcupinefishes
Suggested Further Reading
Index Of Scientific Names
Index Of Common Names
         "Skin divers, here is the capital 'D' Definitive guide to all the fishes you're ever apt to see on reefs down to 60 meters."--John Balzar, Los Angeles Times
         "An excellent field guide to coral reef fishes anywhere in the world.... [It] fills a niche for amateur and professional visitors to reefs, combining in one       compact volume what has previously required several, usually expensive, works."--Naturalist
         "Scuba divers, naturalists, and anyone fascinated with the wonder of coral reef fishes will welcome this book with great enthusiasm."--Wildlife Activist
         "An excellent and handy reference source and would be an asset to any diver's library."--Doug Pemberton, Diver Magazine
         "I have used this book for identifying fishes I have seen underwater. It is one of the best for this purpose since it is handy and comprehensive, containing all likely coral reef fishes in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. Most other books contain only a subset. In addition, this guide provides clues for quick and proper identification."--Rainer Froese, Senior Scientist, International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Philippines
N-886 Costal Fish Identification   California to Alaska  by Paul Humann  $32.95 
Spiral bound, 1996, 205 pages plus indexes and personal record of fish sightings, covers over 250 species of fish
wpe1E.jpg (1905 bytes) N-183 Damselfishes of The World by Gerald Allen 320 species of the family Pomacentridae described, 500 color photos, hardback, this edition builds upon the information in "Anemonefishes of the World", 271 pages, 1991,  $28.80
wpe7.jpg (1634 bytes) N-597 Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani) An Aquarist's Journal, Breeding the Orchid by Moe 1997, paperback, 285 pages $18.45
The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs Edited by Peter F. Sale hardback, December 1991
N-193PB paperback $56.00
N-193HB hardback $99.95 

This summary provides a review of the ecology of coral reef fishes, contributed by North American and Australian researchers. Areas covered include the development of non-equilibrium models of community organization and the role of recruitment variability in structuring local assemblages and insights into predator-prey and plant herbivore interactions. The book is intended to be suitable for graduate students and professional researchers in ecology.

The visual world of coral reef fishes, W.M. McFarland: reef fishes - their history and evolution, J.H. Choat and D.R. Bellwood: trophic ecology: trophic relationships of fishes specialized to feed on zooplankters above coral reefs, E.S. Hobson: fish-seaweed interaction on coral reefs - effects of herbivorous fishes, M.E. Hay: the biology of herbivorous fishes on coral reefs, J.H. Choat: fish predation and its impact on the invertebrates of coral reefs and adjacent sediments, G.P. Jones, et al: larval and juvenile ecology: the pelagic stage of reef fishes - the larval biology ofcoral reef fishes, J.M. Leis: settlement strategies and biogeography of reef fishes, B.C. Victor: spatial and temporal patterns in recruitment processes in the ecology of coral reef fish populations - a multifactorial perspective, G.P. Jones: intraspecific variability in social systems of coral reef fishes, D.Y. Shapiro: the role of adult biology in the timing of spawning of tropical reef fishes, D.R. Robertson: the use of phenotypic plasticity in coral reef fishes as tests of theory in evolutionary ecology, R.R. Warner: community organization: geographic variability in the ecology of coral reef fishes - evidence, evolution and possible implications, R.E. Thresher: patterns and processes in the distribution of coral reef fishes, D. Williams: predation as a process structuring coral reef fish communities, M.A.Hixon: tropical and temperate reef fishes - comparison of community structure, A.W. Eeling and M.A. Hixon: reef fish communities - open non-equilibrium systems, P.F. Sale: fisheries and management: reef fisheries - effects and yields, G.R. Russ. -----
N-812 Ecology of the Marine Fishes of Cuba Edited by Claro, Linderman and Parenti 2001, hardback, 253 pages $55.00
T-31 The Encyclopedia of The Marine Aquarium by Dick Mills   A detailed look at the challenges and rewards of keeping a wide range of marine creatures, from the magnificent fish of a tropical coral reef to the extraordinary invertebrates of a temperate shore. Discover the magic of the marine aquarium with this comprehensive encyclopedia to the colorful world beyond the shore. 208 pages, 100,000 words, 320 color photographs, over 200 line drawings, 30 color artwork illustrations. hardback $19.84
 N-743 Essential Guide To Choosing Your Marine Tropical Fish, An (Tankmasters Series) by Dick Mills 2001, hardback, 78 pages, 10 1/8 x 7 1/8 $9.95
Shown and described here is a broad selection of colorful coral reef fish and invertebrates that are available to marine aquarium hobbyists. They include parrotfish, burrfish, puffers, starfish, sea horses, trigger fish, shrimp and other shellfish, and many more. The brilliantly illustrated Tankmaster Books are for serious aquarium hobbyists, as well as beginners who want to know more about keeping an aquarium. Tankmaster books show rather than merely tell the details of aquarium maintenance with pages filled with full-color photos and diagrams. Written instruction takes the form of enlightening picture captions and labels that explain all details in each illustration. More than 200 illustrations in every volume.
N-627 European Sea Fishes. Gibraltar to Norway. An illustrated identification guide to recorded species. The Pocketbook. By Gerald Jennings 1996, plastic cover, 211 pages $29.90

A sister and companion guide to Mediterranean Fishes, the Pocketbook, for those interested in more northerly European species. As the title implies it covers the majority of species inhabiting the waters between the Mediterranean and Arctic European areas. Over 400 species are described and almost all are illustrated within the text.

N-642 European Sea Fishes  - Gibraltar to Norway - Taxonomic Classification of Recorded Species By G. Jennings  paperback, 1996, The 1996 checklist - A classified Taxonomic Checklist of all validated and verified species recorded on the Calypso Ichthyological Database for the North-Eastern Atlantic area including Addendum No. 1 (1998) $19.90
N-813 Fishes and Corals by Dieter Brockmann 2001, hardback, 222 pages, many color photos $52.95
N-106 Fishes For The Invertebrate Aquarium by Helmut Debelius 3rd Edition discusses 12 popular families of fishes with over 180 color photographs of fishes in their natural habits as well as in the reef aquarium, paperback $19.95
N-559 The Fishes of the Galapagos Islands By Grove and Levenberg covers 437 species, 151 color and 370 Black and White illustrations, 936 pages, 1996, hardback. This book treats 437 species (some of which are newly recorded) including all those known from freshwater and near shore habitats and in open-ocean waters within 100 km of the Galápagos. Of special interest to evolutionists and biogeographers is the high level of endemism: 41 fishes are known only from the Galápagos. In the interest of completeness, the authors discuss species that have the potential to occur in the Galápagos and species that have been recorded under suspicious circumstances, although they are not necessarily presented as valid Galápagos records. Almost all of the species are illustrated either in detail, in family groupings for comparative reference, or in color photographs taken in the Galápagos. There are 151 color and 370 black-and-white illustrations. $125.00
N-716 Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico Texas, Louisiana, and Adjacent Waters By H. Dickson Hoese and Richard H. Moore 1998, hardback, 422 pages, covers 539 species, over 539 color photographs on 112 plates (Texas A&M) $34.95
N-629 The Fishes of the Indian Ocean. The 1998 Taxonomic Checklist of over 1,850 species By Gerald Jennings 1998, 256 pages, Plastic cover $40.00

N-629AD1 Addendum No.1 to Fishes of the Indian Ocean Arabia, 1998/9, 33 pages, Plastic cover  Free if requested with book order. $5.00 if ordered separately

T-13 A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes by Dick Mills   Fish from the coral reefs of the tropics are among the most beautiful of all living creatures. Are they difficult to keep in a home aquarium? This colorful guide explores the challenges and rewards of setting up a marine aquarium, from the practical aspects to choosing the most suitable species. 120 pages, 20,000 words, 20 illustrations, 100 color photographs, hardback $6.91
N-827 Fishwatcher’s species checklist for Pacific Coast Invertebrates and Fishes by Daniel Gotshall 6 x 9, 24 pages, paperback  $6.95

This booklet is designed for divers and snorkelers to record their first observations of the common invertebrates and fishes of the Pacific Coast, Alaska to Baja California. All of the common species are listed by common as well as scientific names. For each date there is a place for noting the location and depth of the observation, as well as a column for remarks.

wpeF.jpg (1985 bytes) N-481 Giant Clams A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification and Care of Tridacnid Clams By Daniel Knop 255 pages, 310 color Illustrations, hardback, 1996 $37.95
N-324 Guide to Marine Invertebrates - Alaska to Baja California by Daniel W. Gotshall 7 x 9, 1994, Covers 254 species, 254 color photos, paperback, 112 pages $22.95

Full-colr field guide describing 253 species of inshore, subtidal marine invertebrates that are commonly observed by biologists, divers and naturalists from the Gulf of Alaska to Central Baja California. Each species is illustrated with a color photo and has a narrative which includes habitat, identification, depth and geographic range and size.

Hawaii’s Sea Creatures  A Guide to Hawai'i's Marine Invertebrates by John Hoover 1998, paperback, 376 pages
N-753PB paperback $23.95

A detailed exploration of Hawaii’s invertebrates. Over 600 color photographs represent thousands of hours of dive time to give a comprehensive, up close look at Hawaii’s fascinating sea creatures.

Noted diver, animal lover, and best-selling author of Hawaii’s Fishes, and A Pocket Guide to Hawai‘i’s Underwater Paradise presents a detailed exploration of Hawai‘i’s invertebrates. The reader is led deep into the undersea realm with photographs of over 500 species of lobsters, shrimps, crabs, shells, octopus, corals, anemones, urchins, stars, sponges, slugs and a host of other lesser-known creatures. Virtually all the animals encountered by Hawai‘i’s snorkelers, divers and beachgoers are here. Also provided are scientific, common and Hawaiian names for each animal, and a wealth of information on its natural history, ecology, cultural importance and even suitability for aquariums

T-44 Hobbyist Guide to Marine Fish and Invertebrates  Dr. Chris Andrews    Marine fishkeeping is the ultimate goal for many aquarists. The availability of healthy stock and reliable equipment now means that this dream can become a reality. Within this book information is provided on the setting up and maintenance of a marine aquarium and the detailed care of both fish and invertebrates. 128 pages with over 110 color photographs. 1991, hardback $8.17
N-433 Hong Kong Nudibranchs by Orr 1981, paperback, 82 pages, many color photos. $9.95
N-806 How To Get There From Here by Dr. Ron Shimek 2001, paperback, 32 pages $6.49
Techniques to Make Reef Keeping Easier
N-59 The Instant Ocean Handbook an Introduction to The Marine Aquarium 1979, 21pages, paperback $.99
wpe53.jpg (1675 bytes)  N-490 Intertidal Fishes Life in Two Worlds By Horn, Martin and Chotkowski 1999, 399 pages, hardback  $81.95
wpe3.jpg (1638 bytes) N-604 Introduction to Marine Biology  By George Karleskint, Jr. 1998, paperback, 480 pages, Written for a one-semester non-majors marine biology course or a field-related marine biology course at any two or four year school. The theme of the text is ocean ecology - how organisms interact with each other and their environment. Unlike other texts in this market, this unifying theme is introduced early (Chapter 2) and all remaining chapters are tied by an ecological thread. $92.95
N-132 Keeping Marine Fish an Aquarium Guide by Lundegarrd 1990, paperback, 96 pages, 34 black and white illustrations $9.95
wpe1.jpg (1862 bytes) N-599 Live Sand Secrets A Dialog On Living Sand Filtration by Goemans. 1998, paperback, 28 pages $6.49
N-92 The Living Reef Aquarium Manual by Wrobel, edited by Meyers 1989, paperback, 55 pages $3.60
N-43 Luminescence, Narcosis, and Life in The Deep Sea by Frank H. Johnson 122 pages, hardback, 1988 $15.00
wpe1A.jpg (2289 bytes) WW-065 Marine Angelfishes By Joachim Frische 1998, hback, 64 pages  $9.95

The fishes of the family Pomacanthidae, which form the group popularly known as marine angelfishes, are among the most beautiful and interesting fishes in the world. Because of their good looks and their other bases of appeal, they have been among the most sought after of all species for saltwater aquaria. Unfortunately, they are not among the easiest of fishes to keep; over the course of time, in fact, a number of them have gained a reputation for being overly delicate. In some cases that reputation is deserved, as a few of the pomacanthids make demands that can be satisfied only by experienced specialists. But success with many of these truly exotic fishes can be attained simply by following the very practical recommendations made by author Joachim Frische in this book. One of Europe's most renowned marine aquarist/scientist, Frische has a special dedication to the marine angelfishes, and his book is a testament to his efforts to provide information that will allow marine hobbyists of all levels of experience to keep these beauties successfully. He puts the expertise he has gained over many years of angelfish specialization to good use in covering every area of angelfish care, from specific recommendations about dietary regimens and which species can be kept together and which can't - which ones are better candidates for reef tanks - right through pair formation and mating behavior. Illustrated with more than one hundred full-color photos, the book is a very valuable identification guide to the many species discussed as well as an eye-pleaser in its own right.

wpe1E.jpg (2065 bytes) TS-133 Marine Aquaria and Miniature Reefs by Dr. Emmens hardback, 320 pages, over 600 Color photos and Drawings, This book gives a practical approach to the keeping of marine aquariums and miniature reefs. Dr. Emmens has produced an easy-to-follow guide to fishes and invertebrates and the equipment necessary to their well being. Accompanied by over 600 full-color photos and drawings, the text is a complete reference to saltwater aquaria, both conventional and miniature reef.  $34.49
wpeE.jpg (1696 bytes) WW-010 Marine Aquarium By Richard F. Stratton hardback, 64 pages,  illustrated with over 100 full-color photos, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for marine fishes. Noted scientist/hobbyist Richard F. Stratton concentrates on providing readers with vital information they need and want and makes his coverage of a relatively complicated subject both enjoyable to read and easy to understand. $13.57
PS-695 Marine Aquarium by Wickler 112 pages, 125 Color photos, 16 line Drawings, hardback $12.96
wpe36.jpg (1804 bytes) KW-088 Marine Aquaria by Burgess hardback, 37 Color photos, 96 pages, This book, illustrated with 36 full-color photos, and 38 black and white photos, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about setting up and caring for an aquarium for saltwater fishes. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to-read style.  $9.36
wpe1B.jpg (1845 bytes) KW-031 Marine Fishes By Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod & Dr. Warren E. Burgess 96 pages, 74 photos, hardback, This book, illustrated with many full-color photos and drawings, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for Marine Fishes. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to read style. $9.36
N-367 Marine Fish - The Recognition and Treatment of Diseases by Clifton 1993, Second Edition, paperback, 103 pages. $12.95
MC-110S Marine Invertebrates, A PocketExpert Guide   by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.   2004, paperback, 448 pages,  450 color photographs, 500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species   $19.95
wpe3D.jpg (1733 bytes) PL-2017 Marine Tropical Aquarium Guide by De Graaf 282 pages, 54 Color photos, 14 black and white photos, hardback, Here in one highly colorful volume is all of the practical information and easy-to-understand advice that anyone starting up a marine aquarium would need. Every significant aspect of beginning a marine aquarium and keeping it in tip-top shape is covered and covered well, with emphasis on the points that hobbyists need to know to make their jobs easier and their efforts more successful. Over fifty beautiful full-color photos add to the attractiveness and value of this book. Contents include: Theory and Practice: Sea Water in Nature, Sea Water in the Aquarium; Preparing the Marine Aquarium; Setting up the Aquarium; Care of the Aquarium. Aquarium Inhabitants: Populating the Tank, Fish Catalog; Aquarium Invertebrates.  $14.33
wpe44.jpg (2097 bytes) PS-735 Marine Aquarium in Theory and Practice by Emmens hardback, 208 pages, 99 black & white photos, 191 Color photos $17.21
  Marine Aquariums, Proper Care of By Scott B. Meyer 256 pages, 180 Color photos  

wpe3.jpg (1346 bytes) TW-117 hardback $12.29

TW-117S paperback $9.95

Well organized in a step-by-step and easy to read format, the text covers complicated concepts and makes them understandable. A book for beginners and advanced hobbyist alike.

YB-010 Marine Aquariums, Year Book By Stration paperback, 96 pages, many Color photos $9.95
RE-611 Marine Aquarium, The Guide to Starting a by David E. Boruchowitz 2003, paperback, 64 pages $5.09
wpe23.jpg (1849 bytes) H-1101 Marine Community Aquarium How Fish and Invertebrates Live together in The Miniature Reef Aquarium by Dr. Zann 416 pages, hardback, 315 Color photos, 83 black & white photos, 33 Drawings, This book is a stimulating introduction into a fascinating aspect of biology---symbiotic associations. Written for students, aquarists, naturalists and biologists, this book covers topics such as parasitism, coral reefs, soft bottom communities, symbiotic algae and key animals in the fish community.  $17.21
wpe24.jpg (2022 bytes) H-1103 Marine Fishes and Invertebrates in Your Own Home by Emmens 192 pages, hardback, 315 Color photos & Drawings, Written by a world-famous authority, this library bound hardcover book is a completely up-to-date how-to book covering every aspect of marine fishes with an emphasis on making sure that marine tanks are set up properly to begin with. Specific topics cover natural systems, miniature reef aquariums, different filtration systems, fish and aquarium maintenance, diseases, parasites, invertebrates, corals and plants.  $25.85
wpe2D.jpg (1843 bytes) H-951 Marine Invertebrate, Encyclopedia Edited by Walls 1982 copyright, hardback, 736 pages, over 600 Color photos, Although marine invertebrates such as shrimp, anemones, starfish, snails, and their relatives outnumber fishes by at least 20 to 1, few people really know much about them. After reading the Encyclopedia of Marine Invertebrates, however, the reader will be aware that more than fishes swim in the sea-and that many invertebrates make fishes appear dull by comparison. Instead of the usual textbook approach emphasizing dry anatomy and taxonomy, the Encyclopedia presents the invertebrates as living animals, with much detail on their life history and behavior. Over 300 pages of large full-color photographs provide a record of the most commonly seen aquarium invertebrates plus some of the most unusual animals to be found in the seas. This combination of text and photos provides a one-source reference that should be on the shelf of every aquarist, beach comber, and collector who has any interest in the sea and the life that abounds in it.  $57.53
wpe1F.jpg (1583 bytes) PS-658 Marine Invertebrates by Friese hardback, 240 pages, 1 black and white photo, 119 Color photos, The increasing popularity of 'miniature reef' aquariums has made marine invertebrates more important as elements in the marine aquarium than ever before. These colorful and highly interesting animals are now regularly available, either as 'living rock' combinations or as solitary specimens such as sea stars, sea urchins, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, crabs, shrimp, anemones, and many other species. This book is intended to give the answers to many of the basic questions regarding marine invertebrates in the home aquarium. Essentially the objective of this book is two-fold. Firstly, this book will attempt to discuss the actual requirements of marine invertebrate animals from an aquarium management point of view. Secondly, the aquarist should obtain from this book an overall biological understanding of marine invertebrates.  $17.21
wpe2E.jpg (1695 bytes) H-971 Marine Invertebrates and Plants of The Living Reef by Dr. Colin 512 pages, 432 Color photos , hardback, Guide to identifying the inhabitants of a home aquarium miniature reef including marine plants, crabs, starfish, shrimp, corals, anemones, etc.   $25.85
wpe8.jpg (1859 bytes) WW-092 Marine Invertebrates in the Aquarium By Stratton hardback, 64 pages, many color photos $9.95
  H-1107 Mini - Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes Dr. Burgess' By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker  1024 pages, over 1900 Color photos, hardback, 1991, At almost a thousand pages and containing more than 1900 full-color photos, this book is big in size and value. Indexed by both scientific and popular names for ease of reference, this book contains a large section devoted to every aspect of setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium.  $25.85
wpeB.jpg (1977 bytes) WW-002 Mini Reef Aquarium By Richard F. Stratton 1996, hardback, 64 pages, Author Richard F. Stratton has earned the appreciation and thanks of all aquarists who've been thinking about setting up a beautiful mini-reef tank of their own but who've been holding off because of what they've heard about how complicated an undertaking that is. Armed with the information provided by the author in his informative, interesting and easy-to-read text, they'll be well on their way to enjoying their own mini-reef tanks. With this valuable book in hand, hobbyists of every level of experience can be well on the way to being entranced by the actions and beauty of a mini-reef's clams and crabs, corals and sponges, anemones and sea urchins-all of which are Shown in the full-color photos throughout. and of course the fish are covered also, and in a very useful way: the author makes specific, easy-to-follow recommendations in the form of a list of fishes that will be compatible with the invertebrates in the tank while sacrificing nothing in the way of good looks.  $13.57
YB-002 Mini-Reef Aquariums, Year Book By Stratton paperback, 112 pages, many Color photos $9.95
wpe1F.jpg (2045 bytes) TS-221 Mini-Reef Aquarium, The Successful by U. Erich Friese 1996, hardback, 320 pages, 200 Color photos, All of the many technicalities of setting up and maintaining a mini reef aquarium are explored in detail. Thorough coverage of the chemistry, the equipment, the fish, and the invertebrates is provided in a lively and easy-to-learn-from text, accompanied by hundreds of full colored photographs. $43.14
wpe20.jpg (1873 bytes) TS-119 Miniature Reef Aquarium in Your Home by Emmens 128 pages, hardback, 1988, 168 Color photos, Since colorful, fascinating saltwater setups generally known as miniature reefs are exploding in popularity, this book is the perfect source of information on how to create one and how to care for one. The book covers water chemistry, equipment needs, and the best way to set one up. The author, Dr. C. W. Emmens, thoroughly covers the fishes, invertebrates and plants that live on the reef.   $12.96
wpe21.jpg (2225 bytes) TS-203 The Modern Reef Aquarium by Dr. Emmens 1994, hardback, 160 pages, 168 Color photos, Of all the many different types of aquaria, probably the most interesting and beautiful-and certainly the one that seems to command the most attention from casual viewers and dedicated aquarists alike-is the modern reef aquarium. It is compellingly attractive because of its colorful inhabitants and their fascinating ways; anyone passing a modern reef aquarium has to look at it. Oddly enough, the modern reef aquarium is not difficult to set up and keep running IF you know what you're doing, and that's where this book comes in. No other author could offer readers the kind of benefit to be derived from Dr. Emmens's scientific authority and long experience with marine aquaria and their equipment and make them as easy to understand as Dr. Emmens has in The Modern Reef Aquarium  $25.85
wpe1A.jpg (2335 bytes) N-283 The Marine and Estuarine Fishes of South-West Australia by Hutchins and Thompson 103 pages, paperback, identifies 344 fishes with color drawings $29.95
N-34 Marine Animals of Baja California   A Guide to The Common Fishes and Invertebrates by Gotshall All color guide to the near shore marine fishes and invertebrates that occur from Cedros Island, Baja California, to Cabo San Lucas and up to Bahia De Los Angeles. Narrative includes identification, size, habitat and range. 1987 2nd edition, paperback, 112 pages, 7 X 9, 213 color plates, $20.95
wpe1B.jpg (1844 bytes) N-14 The Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner to Breeder by Martin A. Moe, Jr. 170 pages, paperback $15.95
Marine Aquarium Keeping by Stephen Spotte
N-11 171 pages, 7 X 10, paperback $17.95

wpe5.jpg (1743 bytes) N-593 Marine Aquarium Companion South East Asia By Tepoot and Tepoot 1996, hardback, 358 pages $57.95
Marine Atlas, Baensch Volume 1 A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists By Hans A. Baensch and Helmut Debelius This is a collaboration by two of Europe's leading reef naturalists is rated by many as a premier desk reference on saltwater fishes, plants, invertebrates, and systems. Newly updated and offered for the first time in paperback as well as a premium leatherette hardcover edition. Includes: More than 1,000 color photographs, 600 marine fish species Shown and described , Exceptional coverage of marine plant life, 400 invertebrates profiled , 1,216 pages, Full-color photographs throughout, 19??
N-497PB paperback $28.76
N-497HB hardback $39.56
Marine Atlas, Baensch Volume 2 A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists By Dr. Harry Erhardt and Dr. Horst Moosleitner Already a standby among European reef aquarists this second in the series of Baensch Marine Atlases has been long awaited by North American hobbyists. Included are soft corals, stony corals, leather corals, gorgonians, sponges, gastropods, nudibranchs and other fascinating invertebrates. 736 pages, Full-color photographs throughout
N-496PB paperback $21.56
Marine Atlas, Baensch Volume 3 By Dr. Harry Erhardt and Dr. Horst Moosleitner This third Volume contains a profusion of unusual and beautiful reef creatures, including giant clams, starfishes urchins, sea cucumbers, octopuses, crinoids, fanworms, feather dusters, tunicates, and other invertebrates of interest to aquarists and underwater naturalists. 600 pages, Full-color photographs throughout, 19??
N-495PB paperback $21.56
N-495HB hardback $47.96
N-235 Marine - Fresh Water Organizer Logbook 1991, comb bound 5.5 x 8.5, Sections - species journal, medication checklist journal, equipment checklist, water chemistry journal, maintenance and repair journal $9.95
T-34 The Manual of Marine Invertebrates by Martyn Haywood and Sue Wells Keeping marine invertebrates successfully poses two major challenges: which animals to choose and how to set up a tank for them. This book provides practical answers to both challenges. It opens with an introduction to the biology of marine invertebrates and then examines how to meet their needs in captivity. It closes with a colorful survey of suitable aquarium subjects, from sponges and sea anemones to octopi and crabs. 208 pages, 60,000 words, 300 color photographs and illustrations. hardback $16.99
T-78 The Marine Aquarium Problem Solver By Nick Dakin   Practical and expert advice on keeping marine fish and invertebrates, with over 500 questions answered. Provides key background information on the most popular aquarium species. 208 pages and over 150 color photographs. 1996, hardback $16.65
wpe1C.jpg (2363 bytes) T-5 Marine Aquarist's Manual by Hans A. Baensch 98 pages, hardback, 160 color photos $6.61
T-66 Marine Atlas by Riehl and Baensch 1200 pages, over 1000 color photographs, hardback. $44.98
N-284 Marine Reef News Letter by Albert Thiel 34 issues, hardback $50.00
N-503 Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook By Goldstein 1997, paperback, 198 pages, 170 photographs $13.95
The basis of every reef aquarium is living coral, which depend on symbiotic algae in their tissues. The home coral reef is a careful balance of water and light conditions that nurture beneficial algae, starve noxious algae, and allow myriad other coral reef creatures to flourish. This manual advises on maintaining coral and the creatures that thrive in its environment: sponges, echinoderms, molluscs, crustaceans, and fishes, all of which can be included in a mini-reef aquarium. Many full-color photos.
N-641 Mediterranean Gobies, Blennies Wrasses and Shore Fishes An Illustrated Identification Guide By Gerald Jennings paperback, 1998, 236 pages $34.50
N-49 A Natural History of The Coral Reef by Sheppard Illuminates how the varied elements which comprise the coral reef work together as a complete ecosystem. 64 color & 100 black and white photos, 1983, hardback, 152 pages $14.95
Natural Reef Aquariums Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms By John H. Tullock One of the most biologically rich environments on Earth, the coral reef dazzles our senses with its colors, shapes, and species diversity. Recreating living reefs in miniature is a burgeoning avocation for serious home aquarium keepers, and John Tullock here offers a new, radically simple approach to producing beautiful captive microcosms. Using live rock and live coral sand as part of a natural filtration system, the home aquarist can now mimic habitats such as a Florida Keys Lagoon, a Caribbean Turtle Grass Flat, an Indo-Pacific Deep Cave, or a Red Sea Patch Reef. With more than 100 color photographs and illustrations, Natural Reef Aquariums provides inspiration for both beginning and expert marine reef hobbyists. Natural Reef Aquariums includes: Understanding Live Rock & Live Sand, The Biotope Approach, Simplified Filtration Techniques, Recommended Reef Species, Beginner Planning Guides, Authentic Aquascapes, World-Class Reef Habitat Photographs, 312 pages, 1998, Full-color photographs throughout.
N-492PB paperback $24.26
N-492HB hardback $31.46
N-616 The New Marine Aquarium Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide By Michael S. Paletta 2001, paperback, 144 pages $15.80
wpe6.jpg (2556 bytes) N-197 The New Saltwater Aquarium Handbook by Balsiola Nearly 100 illustrations, 144 pages, paperback $9.95
N-888 Nudibranchs and Sea Snails Indo-Pacific Field Guide by Helmut Debelius over 1000 photographs of marine snails taken in their natural habit, 2001, 320 pages, hardback  $44.95 

Covers from the Red Sea to South Africa and Across to the West Coast of the Americas
N-30 Nudibranchs of Southern Africa by T. Gosliner 8 x 10, 1987, paperback, 136 pages, 268 color plates $37.95
The author describes 269 species from this region - 100 for the first time. Also included is a detailed key to the species as well as a review of biology, evolutionary history, systematics and biogeography. Species narratives include descriptions, natural history, and occurrence of distribution.
PS-697 Pacific Marine Fish Book 1 (Fishes Southern Japan & Ryukyus) By Dr. Burgess and Dr. Axelrod Describes 40 families and 400 species of the western Pacific coral reefs, with general notes, descriptions, color patterns, updated nomenclature, and a uniquely vast collection of photographs hardback, 280 pages $34.95
wpe27.jpg (1957 bytes) PS-720 Pacific Marine Fish Book 4 (Fishes of Taiwan & Adjacent Waters) By Dr. Burgess and Dr. Axelrod hardback, 1974, pages 843 through 1110 $34.95
wpe43.jpg (1998 bytes) PS-721 Pacific Marine Fish Book 5 (Fishes of Taiwan & Adjacent Waters) By Dr. Burgess and Dr. Axelrod hardback, 381 pages $34.95
PS-725 Pacific Marine Fish Book 9 (Fishes of Western Australia) hardback $34.95
 N-747 Practical Guide To Setting Up Your Marine Tropical Aquarium, A (Tankmasters Series ) by Dick Mills 2001, hardback, 78 pages, 10 1/8 x 7 1/8 $9.95
Creating and maintaining a thriving saltwater aquarium is not a task for the faint-hearted. It requires attention to many details and special understanding of seawater chemistry--but the rewards for the hobbyist are worth the effort. Here's a guide that makes setting up a marine aquarium easier. The brilliantly illustrated Tankmaster Books are for serious aquarium hobbyists, as well as beginners who want to know more about keeping an aquarium. Tankmaster books show rather than merely tell the details of aquarium maintenance with pages filled with full-color photos and diagrams. Written instruction takes the form of enlightening picture captions and labels that explain all details in each illustration. More than 200 illustrations in every volume.
N-108 Principal Diseases of Marine Fish Shellfish Volume II  by Sindermann   Contents: Diseases of Shellfish caused by microbial pathogens and animal parasites. noninfectious diseases of Shellfish. Responses of Shellfish to pathogens. Disease of captive Shellfish. Disease as a causal factor in mass mortalities of Shellfish. Shellfish diseases and humans. 1990, hardback, 499 pages $120.00
N-829 The Printer’s Catch - An Artist’s Guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Animals (Second Printing) by Christopher M. Dewees 8 x 10, 128 pages, 43 color plates and 22 black and white photos, paperback $12.95

This classic book on the Japanese art of fish printing known as Gyotaku gives information on 32 of the most commercially important fish and shellfish families. There is at least one full-page Gyotaku fish print for each family. It also includes background on fish structure, biology, ecology, and commercial fishing for each family.
N-803 Protein Skimming & Activated Carbon Secrets by Bob Goemans 1999, paperback, 32 pages $6.49
N-231 Red Sea Invertebrates by Dr. Peter Vine More than two thousand species are described, 224 pages, 287 color illustrations., 205 black-and-white illustrations., 1987, hardback $85.00
N-910 Red Sea Reef Guide Egypt . Israel . Jordan . Sudan . Saudi Arabia . Yemen . Arabian Peninsula (Oman, UAE, Bahrain)  by Helmut Debelius 2000, hardback, 321 pages, over 1,000 photographs of coral reef animals taken in their natural habitat  $45.95
Reef Creature Identification by Paul Humann
 N-223-2nd edition  2002, paperback, 420 pages plus indexes and personal record of fish sightings $39.95 

N-887 Reef Fish Behavior   Florida Caribbean Bahamas by Ned Deloach 1999, paperback, 360 pages $34.95
covers fish Reproduction, Life Cycle, Sex Change, Feeding, Cleaning Stations, Senses, Community Structure, Sound Communication, Marine Life Management, Symbiosis, Colors & Camouflage.
Reef Fishes Volume 1 by Scott W. Michael 2001, 624 pages, Many color photos, covers 68 families and thousands of species. This volume covers coral reef habits and fish families, with detailed information on the following groups: Moray Eels, Conger & Garden Eels, Trumpetfishes, Sea Moths, Snake Eels, Ghost Pipefishes, Eel Catfishies, Seahorses & Pipefishes, Lizaedfishes, Shrimpfishes, Livebearing Brotulas, Coral Crouchers, Toadfishes, Waspfishes, Frogfishes, Scorpionfishes, Walking Batfishes, Lionfisehes, Flashlight Fishes, Flatheads, Pineapple Fishes, Helmet Gurnards, Squirrelfishes & Soldierfishes, Dwarf Seabasses, Hamlets and Athias.

N-615PB paperback $38.95
N-615HB  hardback $55.22

N-399 Reef Fish Identification - Galapagos 260 color plates, 204 pages, Spiral bound $34.95
N-917 Reef Invertebrates   An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner 2003, paperback, 400 pages $42.95
wpe21.jpg (1950 bytes) N-64 Reef Fishes, Behavior and Ecology on The Reef and The Aquarium by Threasher A guide to around 200 species found on or around the western Atlantic reefs, 172 pages, hardback $19.95
Reef Fishes Identification            Florida Caribbean Bahamas by Paul Humann
N-224-3rd edition paperbound with plastic cover, 202, 481 pages plus indexes and personal record of fish sightings, 670 color plates $39.95
 N-882 Reef Life by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari  2002, paperback, 287 pages, 550 color Photographs, drawings, range maps, bibliography, useful web sites and practical information. $24.95

A comprehensive illustrated guide to 400 species that live among the coral reefs of the world.

Coral reefs, with their rich diversity of fascinating inhabits, are among the most beautiful and complex marine ecosystems. This concise and informative guide includes hundreds of photographs that illustrate individual forms, patterns and coloration
Reef Life   Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates by Denise Nielsen Tackett & Larry Tackett 2002, 224 pages
N-892HB hardback $25.95
N-892PB paperback 19.95

N-440 Reef Notes (Volume 1  1988-1990) by Sprung 1995, paperback, 184 pages $16.95

With this series Julian Sprung looks back at the advice he has given in his "Reef Notes" columns in FAMA magazine, offers new suggestions and revises the points where he was in error. By reviewing & revising this little bit of history, he shows the progression of opinion regarding the proper ways to manage a reef aquarium. With a section on "how to cure problem algae.

N-757 Reef Notes (Volume 2  1991-1992) by Sprung paperback $16.95

With this series Julian Sprung looks back at the advice he has given in his "Reef Notes" columns in FAMA magazine, offers new suggestions and revises the points where he was in error. By reviewing & revising this little bit of history, he shows the progression of opinion regarding the proper ways to manage a reef aquarium. Lots of questions and answers.

N-758 Reef Notes (Volume 3  1993-1994) by Sprung paperback $16.95

With this series Julian Sprung looks back at the advice he has given in his "Reef Notes" columns in FAMA magazine, offers new suggestions and revises the points where he was in error. By reviewing & revising this little bit of history, he shows the progression of opinion regarding the proper ways to manage a reef aquarium. With a section on water quality.

N-759 Reef Notes (Volume 4  1995-1997) by Sprung paperback $16.95

With this series Julian Sprung looks back at the advice he has given in his "Reef Notes" columns in FAMA magazine, offers new suggestions and revises the points where he was in error. By reviewing & revising this little bit of history, he shows the progression of opinion regarding the proper ways to manage a reef aquarium.  The latest questions and answers.

N-891 Reef Secrets by Alf Jacob Nilsen and Svein A. Fossa hardback, 2002, 240 pages $25.95
- Starting Right
- Selecting Fishes & Invertebrates
- Advanced Biotope Techniques

N-142 Reef Tank Owners Manual by John H. Tullock 1991, paperback, 272 pages $16.95
H-1048 Reproduction in Reef Fishes by Thresher 1984, many Color photos, 399 pages, hardback $29.95
wpe17.jpg (1902 bytes) WW-024 Reef Aquarium, Keeping a  By U. Erich Friese hardback, 64 pages,  Only the tropical rainforest comes even close to the degree of environmental diversity and stability represented by a coral reef. With all functional elements delicately balanced and operating at peak efficiency, the coral reef is a model of dynamic equilibrium. The task of the marine aquarist desiring to keep a reef or mini-reef tank therefore becomes an operation designed to do exactly that: maintain the balance of the reef within the confines of the aquarium. That is why this book places a heavy emphasis on making sure that readers understand the basic working so of natural coral reefs-what they are, how they're distributed, their shape and structure and, most importantly, the coral reef environment itself. Every topic of significance, from selecting the proper tank and choosing the proper substrate right through maintaining mini-reef water quality and stocking the tank and feeding its inhabitants, is covered thoroughly with the basic equilibrium of the natural reef in mind. $14.95
N-953 Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse: An Underwater Photography Adventure Text & Photos by Constantinos Petrinos 2002, hardback, 256 pages, 290 color photos $60.00

The author uses underwater images from the Lembeh Strait (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) to explain the behavior of fishes and invertebrates.

Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse is a book project that took approximately four years to complete. For the photography, the author did several trips to the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The core expedition lasted 5 months.

The author wanted to avoid just posing nice photographs with little information because he believed that the readers nowadays wants to learn more about the subjects. Therefore, he devoted a lot of time doing research about the behavior on the subjects in his photographs.

He also wanted to give answers to questions that he had for years. For example, "how do crinoid shrimps manage to acquire the exact same color as their host crinoid" or "is an octopus color blind?

David W. Behrens, who was the scientific editor, spent countless hours assisting him with the text in terms of scientific accuracy. His contribution and encouragement have been tremendous.

In the book you will find no poetry, a few jokes and a lot of scientific information about the behavior of the subjects in the photographs.

wpe29.jpg (1711 bytes) H-914 Saltwater Aquarium Fishes by Axelrod & Burgess 1987, hardback, 288 pages, 400 Color photos, This informative book will give you valuable introductory information on setting up and maintaining saltwater fishes, but the main thrust of the book is the survey of fishes commonly available to marine aquarists.  $17.21
N-748 Saltwater Aquarium Handbook, The (Barron's Pet Handbooks) by George Blasiola 2000, paperback, 192 pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 $10.95

Keeping marine fish thriving in a saltwater environment is a fascinating but complex process requiring attention to many details. Here is in-depth information on maintaining correct water chemistry and temperature, and on keeping saltwater fish, shellfish, coral, and plants in a well balanced aquarium. Titles in Barron's popular Pet Handbooks series instruct pet owners on health care, proper feeding and housing, and other facts important to owners and their pets. All books in this series have high quality, full-color photos, instructive line drawings.
  N-807 Sand Bed Secrets by Dr. Ron Shimek 2001, paperback, 36 pages $6.49

The Common-Sense Way to Biological Filtration

wpe26.jpg (1777 bytes) TT-027 Sea Anemones As a Hobby by Friese Written primarily to tell marine aquarists how to select and Care for sea anemones. 1993, 320 pages, over 150 Color photos, hardback. $34.49
N-308 The Saltwater Aquarium Digest by Dahmen 1993, 39 pages, paperback $8.00
N-577 Saving The Oceans shows why the oceans are necessary to life on Earth, what is being done by scientists and environmentalists to save them, and what each one of us can do to help. The book begins with Dr. Joseph MacInnis’s 13,000-foot (4,000-m) voyage into the depths of the Atlantic and continues with a fascinating look at how the oceans were formed. Thought-provoking chapters on each of the four ocean zones, written by experts from around the world and illustrated with over 120 superb photographs, maps and illustrations, introduce the reader to the inhabitants of each ocean level from the shore to the abyss. A chapter on the senses of marine creatures provides another view of underwater life, while the final chapter details the many positive steps that readers can take to conserve the ocean environment in their own country. Editor MacInnis, 1992, hardback, 180 pages $39.95
wpeB.jpg (1757 bytes) SK-037 A Step-by-step Book About Marine Aquariums By Dr. C. W. Emmens This practical, easy-to-read book about setting up a marine aquarium is designed specifically for use by beginners, especially first-time keepers. It covers every significant topic of importance to novice and experienced aquarium owners and gives detailed but easy-to-follow answers to important questions. 64 pages, 50 Color photos, paperback $4.39
N-648 Sea Fishes of the North-Western Atlantic CLOFNWA Greenland to the Carolinas By Gerald Jennings A Classified Taxonomic Checklist of all species recorded on the Calypso Ichthyological Database for the Calypso Database Area 030. 1999, Plastic cover, 166 page $40.00
N-639 Sea Fishes of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast & Islands By Gerald Jennings paperback, 1996, 236 pages $34.50
N-620 Sea of Cortez Marine Animals – A Guide to the Common Fishes and Invertebrates Baja California to Panama By Gotshall 7 x 9, 1998, paperback, 112 pages, 254 color photos $20.95

This color field guide describes 189 species of fish and 65 species of invertebrates that are commonly observed by divers and snorkelers in this region. Each species is illustrated with a color photo. The narrative includes identification, maximum size, habit, geographic range, and in most cases, natural history notes.

N-305 Sea Slugs of Western Australia by Wells and Bryce 1993, 184 pages, many color photos, paperback $29.95
N-415 Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, and Allies Echinoderms of Florida and the Caribbean by Gordon Hendler, John E. Miller, David L. Pawson, and Porter M. Kier 1995, 146 color, 36 black and white photographs, 17 line drawings, 392 pages. $39.95
N-614 Seawater Manual $2.39
N-125 Small Reef Aquarium Basics by Albert J. Thiel 1989, paperback, 170 pages $10.49
wpe4E.jpg (1890 bytes) N-450 Successful Saltwater Aquariums, A Beginner's Guide by John H. Tullock 1994, hardback, 162 pages. $19.95
N-192 Tidepool and Reef: A Marinelife Guide to The Pacific Northwest Coast by Harbo 250 color pictures ideal companion for "The Temperate Reef Aquarium" paperback $8.95
wpe14.jpg (1474 bytes) CO-021S Marine Aquariums - A Complete Introduction by Burgess 128 pages, 171 Color photos, 6 Color line Drawings, Easy to read and loaded with practical, easy-to-apply information and solidly sensible advice, this highly colorful book covers every topic of importance to anyone-especially a beginner-interested in setting up a marine aquarium. Vital information is provided about equipment for marine aquariums, fishes and invertebrates for the marine tank, and how to keep a marine aquarium a permanently healthy and good looking. 

CO-021S Marine Aquariums -  paperback  $5.95

CO-021 Marine Aquariums -  hardback  $9.95

SK-036 Step-by-step Book About Tropical Marine Aquarium Fishes By Dr. C. W. Emmens This practical, easy-to-read book about tropical marine aquarium fish is designed specifically for use by beginners, especially first-time keepers. It covers every significant topic of importance to novice and experienced owners and gives detailed but easy-to-follow answers to important questions. This book provides plenty of sensible, practical advice about selection of the right pet as well as the right equipment for feeding, breeding, housing, and health care. 64 pages, paperback  $4.39
N-117 Tropical Marine Aquariums by Hargreaves Instructions on setting up your aquarium, aeration, filtration, seawater mixes, selecting your fishes, mollusks. 160 pages (98 in color, 30 black and white photos), hardback $24.95
N-455 The Tropical Marine Fish Survival Manual by Gordon Kay 1995, paperback, 160 pages, 200 color photo and ills. $16.95
Aquarium enthusiasts encounter a whole new world when they collect saltwater varieties of fish. They also face different challenges from the ones they met with their freshwater tanks. Vivid full-color photos on every page of this manual show dozens among the different saltwater fish and sea creatures available to enthusiasts. A detailed text with tables and sidebars explains how to maintain a saltwater tank, which fish are compatible, and how to keep all of them healthy.
N-846 Tropical Reef Fishes by Dr. Gerald Allen 100 full-color photographs, PLC (laminated board), 64 pages,  Dimensions: 5 x 7, 1997 $9.95

A feast of colors, shapes, and sizes, this book contains descriptions and photos of over 50 aquatic species found in tropical waters. With authoritative text by a noted marine biologist, and fabulous color photographs by some of the world's leading underwater photographers, this is a handy field guide for snorkellers and divers alike. Periplus Tropical Nature Guides are practical field guides, useful for identifying various natural objects ranging from plants and animals to gemstones and seashells. Each page of each title throughout the series is filled with clear, precise photographs and informative text. Scientific and local language names are given. Periplus Nature Guides provide an introduction to some of the more common natural phenomena that occur in Southeast Asia. Each title is comprised of an introduction, followed by an in-depth look at 50 to 60 species, each illustrated in full-color.

N-845 Tropical Marine Life by Dr. Gerald Allen 100 full-color photographs, PLC (laminated board), 64 pages,  Dimensions: 5 x 7, 1997 $9.95

Periplus Tropical Nature Guides are practical field guides, useful for identifying various natural objects ranging from plants and animals to gemstones and seashells. Each page of each title throughout the series is filled with clear, precise photographs and informative text. Scientific and local language names are given.

N-955 Under Southern Seas      The ecology of Australia’s rocky reefs Edited by Neil Andrew 2000, hardback, 256 pages $49.95 

A colourful and refreshing publication about marine life of the Australian rocky reefs, this hardcover, oversize volume provides readers with comprehensive materials on the ecology of Australia's rocky reefs and their fisheries. Divided into three parts and containing 26 chapters, UNDER SOUTHERN Seas is a pleasure to the eye. Richly illustrated with around 200 colour photographs, and contributions of 32 marine biologists, Neil Andrew's work maintains a good balance between text and photos."--Xavier Gros, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, The Netherlands, Electronic Green Journal, Issue 14, Spring 2001.This comprehensive volume includes chapters on sharks, rock lobsters, abalone and fishes, as well as many of the less familiar inhabitants of rocky reefs. It is suitable for marine biologists, oceanographers, underwater photographers, or anyone willing to discover Australia's underwater world.

N-841 Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium by John H. Tullock Paperback, 96 Pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8, 2002 $6.95

Written by an expert on marine biology, this title is must reading for the marine aquarium hobbyist. Keeping ocean-dwelling fish and other marine life forms thriving in the synthetic environment of an aquarium requires special knowledge and care, especially in regard to water quality. The author discusses the properties of natural seawater, then gives details on how to create and maintain high-quality synthetic seawater. He describes biochemical cycles and fluctuating conditions that are normal in a flourishing marine aquarium, instructs on adding needed chemical components, and advises on water analysis test kits, instrumentation, and record keeping. Includes illustrations plus informative tables and charts.

N-821 Water Quality Guidelines for Marine Aquariums by Bob Goemans 2001, paperback, 64 pages $14.95   

This 64 page booklet covers a wide range of topics that will help maintain quality seawater in marine aquariums. It begins with a discussion on the freshwater used for preparing seawater salt mixes and/or evaporation make-up. Processing equipment is explained, as is the use of distilled and well water. Synthetic salt mixes and natural seawater usage is also discussed, as is salinity, specific gravity, conductivity, osmotic balance and applicable testing. Elements and compounds of importance are explained, e.g., Ammonium/ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, phosphorus/phosphate, oxygen, carbon dioxide, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, strontium, silica, iron, fluoride, bromide, iodine (including iodide, iodate and Lugols), boron, molybdenum, copper, and trace elements. The booklet closes with one of the most comprehensive tables of seawater elements ever published. An easy to read booklet that takes the mystery out of maintaining quality seawater in your aquarium.

Marine (Fish, Invertebrates, Reefs and Aquariums)

Plastic Dive Card

Front Side Back Side N-828 Waterproof Plastic Dive Card  --  Common Fishes of the Monterey Bay and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries by Daniel Gotshall 1999, 7.25 x 11, Plastic Dive Card $9.95

This card is designed to be taken in the water by snorkelers and divers. There are 72 color photos of common fish that occur in these sanctuaries

Marine (Fish, Invertebrates, Reefs and Aquariums)

Books written in German

Mergus/Baensch Marine Atlas 4, Dr. Harry Erhardt, & Hans A. Baensch (paperback) Written in German $45.95 The multitude of shapes, colors, and species of marine invertebrates is seemingly infinite. With over 1000 color photographs, the Marine Atlas Volume 4 introduces rare invertebrates — ranging from sponges to tunicates — not presented in the previous three volumes. Aquarists as well as divers, beach combers, and anybody interested in marine life will be richly rewarded with a plenitude of information.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Mergus/Baensch Marine Atlas 5, Dr. Harry Erhardt and Hans A. Baensch (paperback) Written in German $45.95

The multitude of shapes, colors, and species of marine invertebrates is seemingly infinite. With over 1000 color photographs, the Marine Atlas Volume 4 introduces rare invertebrates — ranging from sponges to tunicates — not presented in the previous three volumes. Aquarists as well as divers, beach combers, and anybody interested in marine life will be richly rewarded with a plenitude of information.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Mergus/Baensch Marine Atlas 6, Dr. Robert A. Patzner and Dr. Horst Moosleitner (paperback) Written in German $45.95

More than 1152 pages and over 1200 colorfotos. Non-Perciformes: Sharks and Rays, Morays, Lion- and Scorpionfishes, Seahorses, Angler- and Soldierfishes, Puffers, File- and Triggerfishes, Flying Fishes. Butterfly- and Angelfishes.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Mergus/Baensch Marine Atlas 7, Dr. Robert Patzner and & Hans A. Baensch (paperback) Written in German $45.95

The Marine Atlas Volume 7 presents over 900 fishes of the order Perciformes. Besides the well-known sea basses, cardinalfishes, damselfishes, grunts, spade-fishes, and blennies, less commonly known groups such as snappers, fusiliers, sea chubs, threadfins, and mackerels are also described.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Children's Marine (Fish, Invertebrates, Reefs and Aquariums) -- New Books

C-74 Crabs, Lobsters, and Shrimps by Allison Lassieur 2003, paperback, 48 pages $6.95
C-47 Jellyfish by Elaine Landau 1999, 64 pages, paperback, 7 1/4 x 8 3/8, full-color photographs (For Grades 3-5) $6.95
C-94 Octopuses and Squids, Scary Creatures by Dr. Gerald Legg and John Francis paperback, 32 pages $6.95
C-93 Shellfish Aren't Fish by Allan Fowler 1998, paperback, 32 pages $4.95
C-95  Stars of the Sea by Allan Fowler 2000, paperback, 32 pages  $4.95

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