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Jelly Fish -- New Books

N-826 Pacific Coast Pelagic Invertebrates - A Guide to the common gelatinous animals by David Worbel and Claudia Mills 7 x 9, 96 pages, 160 color photos, paperback $16.95

This monograph is the first all-color photo guide to the jellies, comb jellies, pelagic snails, salps and pyrosomes. This field guide covers animals that are found from Alaska to Baja California, many of which occur in most of the world’s seas. A total of 160 species are illustrated with a color photo - 95 cnidarians, 28 ctenophers, 23 molluscs and 14 tunicates. The narrative for each species includes a detailed description, geographic range, and natural history. Also included are a glossary, selected references and an index.