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Fossil Fishes -- New Books

wpe2.jpg (1810 bytes) N-590 DeVonian Fishes and Plants of Miguasha, Quebec, Canada By Schultze and Cloutier (editors) 1996, 374 pages, 259 Figures, 33 Tables. This book provides a complete coverage of the Escuminac fossils and their paleoenvironment. Every species of plants, invertebrates, and fishes of the Ecuminac Formation are described, abundantly illustrated, and placed in the tree of life $69.95
N-689 Discovering Fossil Fishes By John G. Maisey hardback, 223 pages, 1996, 160 paintings, photographs, charts, diagrams and drawings (Henry Holt) $39.95

Fossil Fishes -- New Books  -- Written in German 

G-64 Fossilien Atlas - Fische by Gessner and Reichenbach-Klinkl 1991, many color photos, 1088p, hardback $95.98