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Discus - New Books

RD-048X Discus Breeding for Beginners By Wattley hardback, 64 pages $8.95 
T-24 Discus King of The Aquarium by B. Degen 103 pages, 70 color photographs, hardback $15.12 .
XN-196 Discus Fish (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Thomas Giovanette 1991, 25 color photos, 80 pages, paperback $6.95
Freshwater hobbyists learn how to purchase, feed, and generally care for this fascinating and beautifully colored fish. Over 40 vivid full-color photos show off this interesting species.
N-165X Discus Fish (The King of All Aquarium Fish) Leather bound, autographed, limited to 99 copies $119.00 
wpe37.jpg (1766 bytes) KW-097 Discus by Silva & Kotlar hardback, 93 pages, 1980, 43 Color photos, This book, illustrated with many full-color photos and drawings, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for Discus. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to read style.   $9.36
wpeD.jpg (1922 bytes) TS-134 The Degen Book of Discus by Degen hardback, 112 pages, over 150 Color photos, This book is loaded with practical advice from Germany's foremost Discus Breeder, Bernd Degen. Discus popularity is exploding around the world, and this book serves as a guide for discus keepers to keeping their fish healthy and happy. $21.53
wpe29.jpg (1679 bytes) TT-028 Discus ... As a Hobby by Quarles Everything you need to know to get started. 1994, paperback, 96 pages $6.49
wpeE.jpg (1788 bytes) TS-163 Discus, A Reference Book by Degen 1991, hardback, 128 pages, 132 photos, Welcome to the world of discus lovers! Discus have been known as the King of The Aquarium for almost 60 years ... and for good reason. They are beautiful, graceful, majestic, interesting, colorful and challenging. You can also make money breeding them and, perhaps, even begin your own color strain as Wattley, Schmidt-Focke and I have already done. This book has been designed as a basic book in discus keeping. Sections on discus history, the Amazonian habitat, species descriptions and classifications, German discus, breeding, buying, selling, shipping, selection of breeding stock, ailments and diseases, water requirements, feeding and the future of the discus hobby, are all discussed in detail. The amazing color photography enhances this wonderful book and makes it a must for every discus lover. $25.85
wpeF.jpg (1938 bytes) TS-218 Discus, Adventures With By Maryland Hans J. Mayland is Europe's leading explorer, photographer, Breeder and author of books dealing with aquarium fishes. Having traveled thousands of miles through jungles, swamps and plains, searching for discus, Mr. Mayland has written this autobiography. There has never been a book as honest and revealing as this one. If you are a discus fan this is MUST reading ... but be warned! It is difficult to read this book and not call your travel agent for a ticket to Brazil to catch your own. Not only does Mr. Mayland write about discus ... he also writes about all the other fishes he meets along the way. He also writes about people and how helpful the jungle people were to him and to other strangers. This is an adventure story that can be read and enjoyed by every aquarium fish hobbyist. Hans J. Mayland is the modern jungle boy. Almost all the photos in this book were taken by Hans J. Mayland himself. hardback, 256 pages, 165 Color photos $25.85
wpeF.jpg (1981 bytes) TS-135 Discus Book, Dr. Schmidt-Focke's Discus variants, sexing wild discus, discus foods, raising babies artificially, profiles of international discus, hardback, 160 pages, over 180 Color photos and Drawings,  Now the man who popularized the discus in Europe and bred some of the most acclaimed color strains of all, Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, reveals his secrets. He doesn't hold anything back in the fascinating and useful narrative of this coffee-table size book loaded with hundreds of full-color photos. Specific topics include discus variants, sexing wild discus, discus foods, raising babies artificially and profiles of international discus personalities. $25.85 
wpe10.jpg (1716 bytes) TS-170 Discus, Dr. Clifford Chan's Book of Singapore by Chan 1991, hardback, 160 pages, over 150 Color photos, Singapore is, unquestionably, the aquarium fish breeding capital of the world. From swordtails to guppies, from cardinal tetras to angelfish ... and now discus. More new varieties of discus are being produced in Singapore than the rest of the entire world combined. In order to learn more about the techniques of breeding and producing discus, the author, Dr. Clifford Chan, M.D., visited the most important Breeders of discus in Singapore. He photographed their discus and their aquarium setups and in this book reports in a straightforward, honest way just why discus production in Singapore is so successful. For once the truth about treating discus with hormones has been openly discussed. For once the importance of feeding tubifex is evaluated. $25.85
wpe12.jpg (2790 bytes) TS-137 Discus, How to Breed Them by Degen 1990, hardback, 100 Color photos, 128 pages, Bernd Degen, internationally recognized for both the high quality of his discus and the large numbers of them he has been able to breed, has provided a revealing overview of European approaches to breeding the most sought-after of all aquarium fishes. Topics covered include selection, breeding, water chemistry, and helpful tricks/secrets to keeping these fish happy and healthy. Over 100 full-color photos show the full range of color varieties of these beautiful fish.
wpe4E.jpg (1820 bytes) RE-606 Discus Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity by Sweeney 1996, paperback, 64 pages, many Color photos,  Focuses on keeping and breeding them in captivity. There's information by experts on aquarium set-up, water quality, feeding, varieties within a species, and the intricacies of breeding adults and raising fry.  $5.09
wpeD.jpg (1962 bytes) TS-164 Discus of The World, The Atlas of by Axelrod, Burgess & Degen 1991, hardback, 368 pages, over 340 photos The information provided in the captions is a masterful blend of the scientific and the purely practical, with coverage of natural history and taxonomy complementing the large body of down-to-earth advice from world-renowned experts Dr.Axelrod and Degen about selection, care and feeding, breeding Discus and keeping them in good health. The beautiful full-color photos that grace the pages of The Atlas of Discus of the World go a long way toward explaining the romance that has sprung up between the Discusfishes and their millions of admirers around the world. The photos, of course, are highly useful as well: they show every one of the many different color varieties and sub-varieties recognized today, from the plain browns and greens to the brilliant turquoise and right through the royal red. $86.40
TS-162 Discus, The Allure by Axelrod and Degen 1991, hardback, 192 pages, over 200 photos $49.95
wpe13.jpg (1858 bytes) TS-244 Discus, Wild-Caught By Degen 1995, hardback, 112 pages, 170 Color photos, One of the world's most recognized Discus authorities, Bernd Degen, has put together a complete, concise writing about the real "kings of Amazonia". Discus fishes plucked right out from their native waters are fresh, new and different from captive-bred varieties-and they're indeed beautiful. Completely illustrated in full color, identification, care & breeding are the topics of this exciting hard cover book.  $21.53
N-542 Majestic Discus  (Special 6) By Manfred Gobel 1999, hardback, 48 pages plus poster, many color photos (Aqualog) $21.60

Description: The King of fishes, the living dream of every aquarist. We show you the 48 most beautiful discus on the included poster. The care of these beauties is quite demanding - our specialists tell you how to get along smoothly. The 'true' discus fan should be on the look-out for "AQUALOG South American Cichlids IV" which shows all discus and angels on about 900 brilliant color photos. The fishes featured in this book are not just identified by their name but also code number. AQUALOG has developed an ingenious code number system which labels every known or newly discovered fish (incl. breeding forms etc.) with an individual code number. This number remains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names! If you require complete information on all fishes of this group, you'll find it in our AQUALOG-reference book "South American Cichlids IV"!

wpe8.jpg (1741 bytes) N-516 South American Cichlids #4 Discus & Angels (Aqualog 10) By Gobe, Maryland 1998, 240 pages, over 900 photos, hardback (Aqualog) $69.60

Description: The renowned author H. J. Mayland has written this fourth volume. On over 900 fantastic color photos you see beautiful discus and angels. Wild caughts, German, European and Asian breeding forms plus all variants, color and breeding forms with trading names and code numbers. Volume I-IV present a comprehensive lexicon about all known cichlids of the new world. All AQUALOG -reference books introduce each fish (incl. breeding forms etc.) with at least one color photo and a short description. The ingenious code number system labels every known or newly discovered fish with an individual code number. This number remains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names! Your AQUALOG -reference book always stays up-to-date! All newly discovered or bred species are regularly published as supplements or so-called "stickups" in our AQUALOGnews. These stickers can be attached to the empty pages at the end of your book.

wpe5.jpg (1577 bytes) A Step-By-Step Book About Discus by Keller  The various species and subspecies of fishes of the genus Symphysodon are perhaps the most sought-after fishes in the aquarium hobby-they certainly are most highly appreciated by their specialized fanciers. There are good reasons for the popularity of discusfishes, and this excellent book covers those reasons well, giving full play to both the beauty and fascinating habits of these South American cichlids. Even more valuable is author Keller’s treatment of all of the details-the immensely important details-of everyday practical maintenance and health care of the discusfishes  1988, 64p, Color photos
SK-008 paperback $4.39
SK-008X hardback $5.95

Discus Books written German

G-45 Diskusfibel by Hans J.Mayland hardback $16.95
G-46 Diskusfische Konige Amazoniens by Hans J.Mayland hardback $29.95

Discus Books written Japanese

JAPAN-2 Discus Annual '93-'94 Covers wild Discus information; Discus in Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan; and new types of Discus. $43.95