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Cichlids -- New Books

T-68 African Cichlids II, Cichlids From Eastern Africa   By Dr. Wolfgang Staeck and Horst Linke   East Africa is home to more than half of the known 1,500 cichlid species. Since their first appearance in the hobby in the late 1950's, East African cichlids have enjoyed a special popularity with cichlid keepers worldwide. This book is completely revised, updated, and expanded edition. A representative species selection overviews the multitude of forms and patterns and provides insight into the various living conditions and reproductive behavior of these appealing fish. Special consideration is given to cichlids found in the two great lakes of the East African Rift Valley; Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi. Tanganyikan cichlids are renowned for their vivid coloration, while Malawi cichlids are especially valued for their fascinating breeding behavior. Over 200 pages, 200 photographs, hardback. $18.88
wpe3E.jpg (1555 bytes) PS-703 Africa Cichlids of Lake Malawi and Tanganyika by Axelrod and Burgess hardback, 1988, 384 pages, 450 Color photos, 100 black & white photos $21.53
RE-622 Cichlids, The Guide to Owning By Richard F. Stratton 2002, paperback, 64 pages, many color photos,  Contents; Cichlid Envy, Secrets of Cichlid Success, Kinds of Cichlids, The Cichlid Tank, Cichlids of the Americas, Cichlids of Africa, Index and Photo Credits $5.99
Cichlids - A Complete Introduction by Dr. Goldstein  1987, 128 pages, 120 Color photos, 34 Color line Drawings  
CO-011S paperback $5.95
CO-011 hardback $9.95
N-687 The Cichlid Fishes Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution by George W. Barlow 335 pages, paperback, 2002 $18.00
Description: Cichlid fishes are amazing creatures. In terms of sheer number of species, they are the most successful of all families of vertebrate animals, and the extent and speed with which they have evolved in some African lakes has made them the darlings of evolutionary biologists. But what truly captivates biologists like George Barlow--not to mention thousands of aquarists the world over--is the complexity of their social lives and their devotion to family (most species of cichlids are monogamous and many pairs share the responsibility of raising offspring). In this wonderful book, Barlow describes the unusually high intelligence of these fishes, their complex mating and parenting rituals, their bizarre feeding and fighting habits, and the unusual adaptations and explosive rate of speciation that have enabled them to proliferate and flourish. A celebration of their diversity, The Cichlid Fishes is also a marvelous exploration of how these unique animals might help resolve the age-old puzzle of how species arise and evolve.

N-169 Cichlid Catalogue Alphabetical by Uferman & Allgayer & Geerts 1987, 439 pages, paperback, no pictures $37.50
N-160 Cichlid Fishes of The Amazon River Drainage of Peru by Sven O. Kullander 1986, paperback, 431 pages, 116 photographs in 38 plates, 26 tables, 167 text figures $69.95
wpe10.jpg (1693 bytes) N-291 Cichlid Yearbook Volume 3 1993, hardback, 100 pages $34.95
wpe11.jpg (1737 bytes) N-341 Cichlid Yearbook Volume 4 1994, hardback $34.95
wpe12.jpg (1782 bytes) N-400 Cichlid Yearbook Volume 5 by Ad Konings 1995 $34.95
wpe13.jpg (1853 bytes) N-456 Cichlid Yearbook Volume 6 by Ad Konings  1996, hardback. $34.95

Contents; Bathybates: beautiful predators from the depths (Ad Konings); Cyprichromis (Volker Puttberg); Problems with breeding Benthochromis tricoti (Paolo Salvagiani); On the differences between Petrochromis polyodon and P. famula (Hans-J. Herrmann); Two long-nosed cichlids (Mylochromis; Ad Konings); Sexual Selection in Lake Malawi Cichlids (Jay Stauffer & Karen Kellogg); A new Lethrinops with a peculiar bower (Ad Konings); The "Silver Torpedo" — an unusual cichlid (Peter Baasch); A real gem from the depths of Lake Malawi (Copadichromis; Peter Baasch); Polychromatism in rock dwelling Lake Victoria cichlids: types, distribution, and observations on their genetics (Ole Seehausen); Two Paretroplus species (Jean-Claude Nourissat); Oxylapia polli, the enigmatic cichlid of the Nosivolo River (Patrick de Rham); Notes on a little known cichlid from West Africa, Sarotherodon caudomarginatus (Boulenger, 1916), with some thoughts on the genus (Melanie Stiassny); A collecting expedition to Honduras (Theraps wesseli; Ross Socolof & Rusty Wessel); Amphilophus nourissati, an interesting earth-eater from Central America (Michel Keijman); The forgotten Thorichthys maculipinnis (Juan Miguel Artigas); Variation in Crenicichla regani (Frank Warzel); A new checkerboard cichlid from the Rio Tapajós (Frank Warzel); Mazarunia mazarunii — a rare South American cichlid (Willem Heijns); A review of the current exporting operations from the African Rift Lakes (Stuart Grant); The age of cichlid fishes (Martin Geerts);

N-835 Cichlids (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by George Zurlo and David Schleser 2002, paperback, 96 pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 $7.95

These colorful fish are native to Central and South America, Africa, and Asia, and hobbyists will find them available in many colors and varieties. Titles in the extensive Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, contented, well-cared-for animals. Facts and advice cover all aspects of pet care, which include proper feeding, housing, health care and much more. The text in each manual is supplemented with many vivid, full-color photos, and with instructive, anatomically accurate line art. Each manual has been individually written by a Breeder or experienced animal specialist.

N-840 Complete Cichlid Bibliography by Steve Stewart's 6 pages (cover books only) $5.00
PS-751 Cichlids, all About by Walker 96 pages, hardback $9.52
wpe1B.jpg (1882 bytes) TS-157 Cichlids and all The Other Fishes of Lake Malawi, Ad Koning's Book of by Ad Konings Written by a leading expert who not only studies the Malawi cichlids but also imports, breeds and sells them, this book is the perfect identification guide for the hard-to-tell-apart Malawi species and morphs. It concentrates on the cichlids, of course, and it provides plenty of easy-to absorb text about caring for and breeding them. Among the over 1200 full-color photos, there are photos taken in the lake to show fishes in their true-to-life best. 448 pages, hardback $71.93
wpe1C.jpg (1947 bytes) TS-116 Cichlids and all The Other Fishes of Lake Tanganyika, Pierre Brichard's Book of by Pierre Brichard 544 pages, 1989, hardback, over 1000 Color photos  $99.98
wpe4D.jpg (2174 bytes) RE-607 Cichlids, Dwarf Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity By Brouchowitz 64 pages, paperback, many Color photos,  Focuses on keeping and breeding them in captivity. There's information by experts on aquarium set-up, water quality, feeding, varieties within a species, and the intricacies of breeding adults and raising fry.   $5.09

wpe8.jpg (1939 bytes) N-438 Cichlids of The Americas by Wayne Leibel 1995, 96 pages, paperback. $12.95

 Your guide to the world’s most fascinating freshwater fish.
Author: Dr. Wayne S. Leibel, Paperback, Pages: 96, Publisher: Bowtie Press,  Copyright: 1995,  Approximate Size: 8 ½ x 11'  Description; Contents; Forward; What is a Cichlid?; The Diversity Of Cichlids; A Short History; Why American Cichlids?; Getting Started with Cichlids; Selecting A Tank; Setting Up The Tank; Decorating the Tank; Water Management; Water Chemistry; Water Quality; Filtration: The Theory; Filtration – Practical Solutions; Water Changes; Selecting and Maintaining Cichlids; How To Buy Fish; Feeding; Cichlid Health; Cichlids in the Community Tank; The All-Cichlid Community Tank; Keeping Single Pet Cichlids; Captive Breeding; How Do They Breed?; Getting Started; The Cichlid Breeder’s Ten Commandments; Selecting Spawnable Fish; Getting Them Ready To Breed; Helping Things Along; When All Else Fails; There are eggs!; Community Tank Or Group Spawnings; Artificial Mouthbrooders; Handling Mouthbrooders; When the Eggs Hatch; Feeding And Rearing The Fry; When To Remove The Fry; What Do I Do With Them All?; Which Fish to Keep; What’s in a Name; Why Do Names Change?; An Overview Of Natural Groupings; Reviewing And Rating The Fish; Advance and Beyond; Top Ten Beginner Cichlids; Beginner’s Fish That Aren’t; Other Less Common Fish; When A Fish Isn’t Working Out; A Final Word About Hybrids and Hybridization; New World Cichlids Commonly Encountered; Less Common New World Cichlids You May Encountered; Appendices; Where Do I Go From Here?; Glossary; About the Author; Index

wpe1D.jpg (1829 bytes) TT-030 Cichlids From Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, Success with by Melke 1993, 192 pages, hardback, over 200 Color photos $21.53
wpe2C.jpg (1906 bytes) H-945 Cichlids of The World by Goldstein 382 pages, 104 black & white photos, 270 Color photos, hardback, Beautifully detailed and pertinently illustrated with full-color photos, the book is a masterfully woven fabric of information and illustrations that can be put to good use by hobbyists everywhere. Subjects covered include: What Cichlids Are; Cichlid Behavior; Modes of Reproduction in Cichlids; Breeding Cichlids; Cichlid Fry; Foods for Cichlids; Parasites of Cichlids; Cichlids of Asia; New World Cichlids; Cichlids of Africa; Nomenclature; Bibliography; Index. $28.73
Darwin's Dreampond, Drama in Lake Victoria By Tijs Goldschmidt 1996, 274 pages, Documents the unusually broad speciation of the cichlids of Lake Victoria, and how the introduction of the large, predatory Nile perch disrupted the lake's intricate ecosystem (MIT Press).
N-469HB hardback $30.00
N-469PB paperback $15.00
T-28 A Fishkeeper's Guide to African Cichlids by Dr. Paul V Loiselle African cichlids differ widely in their behavior and maintenance requirements and encompass every reproductive method known to occur in the Family Cichlidae. This guide examines a wide range of these fascinating fish, from the riverine species to the unique forms found in Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi. 120 pages, 30,000 words, 100 color photographs and illustrations. hardback $6.91
wpe1C.jpg (1541 bytes) N-437 Lake Malawi Cichlids from Tanzania by Spreinats 1995, hardback, 316 pages. $54.40
N-763 Lake Victoria Basin Cichlids (A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual) by Mark Smith 2001, paperback, 92 pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8, many color photos $7.95 

Several cichlid varieties constitute ninety percent of the fish in Lake Victoria and surrounding waters. All make colorful additions to the hobbyist’s fish tank. Here is a wealth of advice and information on keeping these fascinating fish. Barron's comprehensive Pet Owner's Manuals are heavily illustrated and filled with useful information. Books give advice on purchasing and acquiring, health care, feeding, and much more. Clear, straightforward texts are accompanied by high-quality full-color photos and anatomically accurate line art, as well as helpful tables and charts.

N-587 Malawi Cichlids , Back-to-Nature guide to by Ad Konings 128p, 300 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5" $24.00

Malawi Cichlids in Their Natural habitat by Ad Konings 

  N-173-1ST 1989, 303 pages, hardback $45.00

Information on the 2nd edition; In this classic treatment of the cichlids of Lake Malawi, more than 600 different species are characterized by their distribution, coloration, and habitat preferences. More than 1100 photographs (the majority never published before) illustrate the cichlids from the entire lake, including from newly-explored Coastlines of Tanzania and Mozambique. The book is a large edition (8" x 11") composing 352 pages plus a large, full-color foldout map of the lake.

N-954 The Midas Cichlid Species Complex in Two Nicaraguan Crater Lakes 2002, paperback, 47 pages $14.95

The Midas Cichlid species complex in two Nicaraguan crater lakes  in: Cuadernos de investigacion de la UCA, vol. 12

This volume, produced by Cichlid Press for the University of Central America in Managua, contains the description of three new Nicaraguan cichlids and is illustrated by 40 excellent color photos that show these and related species in their natural habitat. The two papers are:

Stauffer, Jr. J.R. and K. R. McKaye. 2002. Descriptions of Three New Species of Cichlid Fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Xiloá, Nicaragua. Cuadernos de la Investigación de la UCA. Vol. 12: pp 1-18.

McKaye, K.R., J. R. Stauffer Jr., E.P. Van Den Berghe, R. Vivas, L.J. Lopez Perez, J. K. McCrary, R. Waid, A. Konings, W.-J. Lee, T.D. Kocher. 2002. Behavioral, Morphological and Genetic Evidence of Divergence of the Midas Cichlid Species Complex in Two Nicaraguan Crater Lakes. Cuadernos de la Investigación de la UCA. Vol. 12: pp 19-47.

wpe14.jpg (1522 bytes) N-559 Offshore Cichlids of Lake Malawi By George Turner 1996,  hardback, 230 pages $38.00 

This book, the first ever guide to the cichlid fishes of the offshore waters of Lake Malawi, shows that this habitat harbors a great diversity of little-known cichlid species. Aquarists will be fascinated by the wealth of previously-unknown brilliantly-colored and bizarrely-shaped species. Information on distinguishing features, color, size, distribution and abundance, commercial importance, diet, reproduction, and taxonomy are given for 199 species, 79 of which are presently undescribed. 186 color and 44 black and white photographs illustrate all species.

wpe1E.jpg (1707 bytes) N-311 Tanganyika Cichlids by AD Konings 1988, 272 pages, hardback $50.00

The classic treatment on the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika! This book features more than 200 color photographs never published before and taken in Lake Tanganyika, the cichlids' natural habitat. Many of these excellent underwater pictures were taken by Horst Walter Dieckhoff. While reading this book you may easily imagine yourself scuba-diving in the wonderous world of Lake Tanganyika.

wpeA.jpg (1600 bytes) N-588 Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat by Ad Konings 272 pages, hardback $65.00

In this completely new treatment of the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, more than 200 different species are characterized by their distribution, coloration, and habitat preferences. More than 920 photographs (the majority never published before) illustrate the cichlids from the entire lake; 683 photos (75%!) were taken underwater and show the cichlids at their best: in their natural habitat. The book is a large edition (8" x 11").

wpe16.jpg (1865 bytes) N-457 Tanganyika Cichlids, Back to Nature Guide to By Ad Konings 128 pages, 320 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5", 1996 $18.00

There is no other group of aquarium fishes which has evoked such a passion among hobbyists as Tanganyikan cichlids have. For many an aquarist they represent a life-long addiction to keeping, breeding and, most of all, observing these interesting fishes. Why is this? The answer is easy: Tanganyika cichlids are the most interesting aquarium fishes known today. They provide hobbyists with a combination of attractive fishes, interesting behavior, and easy maintenance, with the added benefit that the sale of their offspring can sometimes cover most of the cost of keeping them. This guide provides an overview of the species currently available and some basic information on how to keep them in the most natural way.

Cichlids -- New Books Written German

G-23 Cichliden Tanganjikasee by Wolfgang Staeck paperback, 1985, 124 pages $19.95
G-33 Mbuna Cichliden by Neegarrd paperback $13.95