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Catfish and Loaches - New Books

N-866 Candiru   Life and Legend of the Bloodsucking Catfishes by Stephen Spotte 2002, paperback, 324 pages $24.50
N-785 Corydoras Catfish An Aquarist’s Handbook By Derek Lambourne 1995, paperback, 128 pages, many color photos $12.95
wpe18.jpg (1602 bytes) N-463 Loricariidae All L-Numbers (Aqualog 1) By Glasers and Glaser 1995, paperback, 111 pages, 500 color photos (Aqualog) $34.40   
N-957 Loricariidae all L-Numbers (Revised Edition) by Erwin Schraml and Frank Scgafer hardback, 2004, 272 pages $94.95

Catfish and Loaches - Books written in Japanese

JAPAN-1 Corydoras Collecting Corydoras in Brazil, with many new species. 1994, hardback, 132 pages, 250 color pictures. $44.95

AQUALOG Catfish Photo Collection --  New Books

N-673 Photo Collection # 1 - African Catfishes   This book contains 338 photos of African catfishes, together with their international code number, scientific and hobby names, characteristics and maintenance requirements. All the photos are available on the accompanying CD-ROM, paperback, plus CD (Aqualog) $33.60

Description: 338 excellent photos of African catfishes - all photos are separately available on the accompanying CD-ROM! Photo Collection is a unique pictorial volume which portrays the entire spectrum of the groups of fishes it covers. It makes it easy and unproblemmatical to identify your fishes by their external characteristics, their form and coloration. The groupings used in this series correspond to those normally used in the international trade as categories in stock lists. They are not of taxonomic significance. Some fishes belong to a particular taxonomic group, but are more like members of another group in appearance. For this reason we have generally based our groupings on the appearance of the fishes, so that the reader can easily locate them in the books. In the text beneath each photo you will find the individual code number, the currently valid scientific name, the common name most frequently used internationally, the range/origin of the species in question, as well as all of its characteristics and maintenance requirements. All the fish photos are stored in JPEG format on the CD accompanying the book, and can thus be viewed using practically any off-the-shelf PC program designed to permit viewing of graphics files. No previously existing aquaristic literature offers you these fantastic possibilities. Photo Collection is the ideal handbook for everyone, from the collector in the jungle to the hobbyist. It is planned to expand the series on a regular basis.