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Seahorse, Seadragons and Pipefishes  -- New Books

N-719 Seahorses, Pipefishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Syngnathiformes by Rudie H. Kuiter  240 pages, hardback, 2000 $44.96

"Seahorses are amongst the most unusual of all fishes and probably the most "unfish-like". They have an upright posture, a head bent at an angle, a tubed snout with a small mouth at the tip, and a strong prehensile tail to grab onto things. A look that is far from the familiar scaly creature caught on line and hook. It is not surprising that many people find it difficult to believe that they are actually a kind of fish, one that belongs to the same phylum as the Goldfish or Herring, that at some stage were thought to be insects.

However, Seahorses are only the better known members of a large diverse group, the Pipefish family. These fishes have adapted to specific niches in reef or algal habitats, and a long time of evolution has created this numerous and highly diverse family. Besides the Seahorses, this family encompasses Seadragons, Pipefishes and Pipehorses, amongst which are some of the most fascinating and interesting examples of adaptations to nature."

This 240 page book gives detailed information on over 350 different species and includes Seahorses, Pipefishes, Seadragons, Shrimpfishes, Trumpetfishes and Seamoths as well as a list of all known species of the World.

With more than 1000 spectacular photographs, most taken in the fishes’ natural habitats, the book contains a wealth of information about habitats and behaviour, including details of ideal aquarium set ups for each species.

Pictured contents pages and a comprehensive index means information can be found quickly and easily.

A really stunning and fascinating guide to some of the ocean's most beautiful species of fish.


N-685 Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess By F. Donald Bloss 1995, paperback, 192 pages $11.95 

You're looking at a chess book that:

Figure 3 from the book

 The Table of Contents for Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess:

Opening Remarks 5 Forking Attacks by Bishops 80
How Did it Happen? 7 Weakness of the Bishop 82
White, Black, and Placing the Board 11 Skewers and Forking Attacks by Rooks 82
Files, Ranks, and Naming the Squares 13 Attacks by the Queen 90
The Chessmen and Their Moves 16 More About Pawns 94
Assigning Values to the Chessmen 30 The Power of the Pin 109
Setting Up the Board 32 Discovered Attacks 112
Pawns, the Soul of Chess 34 Sammy Demonstrates Some Checkmates 119
Recording Chess Moves 39 Draws 126
Protection 45 The Three Parts of a Chess Game 133
Being En Prise 45 Some Principles of the Endgame 135
Queens' Side and Kings' Side 47 Standard Endings 145
Beginning a Game 48 Rambling Rooks 158
Castling 59 Other Cooperations 169
Sammy Defines Material 64 Touch-Move 173
Sammy Defines Position 64 The Devil and Capablanca 173
Forking Attacks by Knights 65 Commonly Used Openings 175
Weakness of the Knight 75 Appendix: The Laws of Chess 190
Skewering Attacks by Bishops 76

Seahorse and Pipefish  --  Books written German

N-723 Wer weiß was über Seepferdchen?
Seepferdchen sind schon eigentümliche, ganz anders als die übrigen Fische By Frank Schneidewind 2000, paperback, 75 color pictures, 64 pages (Written in German) $9.95

anmutende Wasserbewohner. Sie bewohnen ruhige Bereiche der Meere in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt. Ihre possierlichen Bewegungen, das aufrechte Schwimmen und die weithervorstehenden Augen haben sie zu den Lieblingen vieler Menschen gemacht. Doch wer weiß schon Näheres über die interessante Brutbiologie? Wie pflegt man diese Tiere eigentlich im Meeresaquarium? Was fressen Seepferdchen? Auf diese und viele andere Fragen gibt das Buch Von  

Children's New Seahorse  and Pipefish  --  Books

  C-48 Sea Horse by Elaine Landau 1999, 48 pages, paperback, 7 1/4 x 8 3/8, full-color photographs (For Grades 3-5) $6.95
C-72 Seahorses Down Under by Julia Elizabeth Lee 2002, paperback, 59 pages $9.99

Seahorses Down Under is the first book of its kind-written and illustrated by young people. Author Julia Elizabeth Lee is a 15-year-old from Sydney, Australia. Julia worked with Dawn of Day editors for 12 months to create a delightful, adventure-packed story that also contains important factual information on seahorses and their protection. The book is richly illustrated by Jessica Haring, an 11-year-old from West Virginia.

Written for young readers ages 7-10, the story follows a 10-year-old Australian girl and her 16-year-old English cousin on their adventure with seahorses in "Oz" (Australia). Readers learn not only about the life cycle of seahorses, but about the dangers these unusual, delicate creatures face-from both humans animal predators-and the efforts underway to preserve them. Readers also meet Maria and Michael, two charming young characters destined to have many more adventures in the natural world. The Aussie dialect and illustrations of Down Under locales will engage readers and have them looking forward to each new installment in the series.

Seahorses Down Under is the first book to be published by Dawn of Day, a unique company publishing the works of young authors and artists only. This book is not just a book, but a work of art. A perfect gift for a child or adult who loves to read and enjoys collecting art. This book is guaranteed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

C-76 Seahorses, Pipefishes and Their Kin by Sara Swan Miller 2002, paperback, 48 pages $6.95
C-37 Seahorses Sticker Activity Book By Steven James Petruccio (Scheduled to be published September 2001)17 full-color stickers on 4 plates, full-color scene on inside cover, 4 1/16  x 5 ¾, paperback $1.50 

Seahorses – small marine animals with horselike heads and curling tails – are the featured creatures in this little activity book. Included among 17 full-color sticker images of seahorses and other tropical marine life forms are 8 different varieties of pipefish (seahorses), as well as realistic, peel-and-apply illustrations of the clown anemone, decorator crab, blackcap basslet, cuttlefish, trumpetfish, puffer fish, striped catfish, wrasse, and flame angelfish. All stickers can be applied repeatedly to create different scenes on a blackdrop revealing deep-sea vegetation and coral formations.

C-66 Stevie B. Seahorse A Tale of a Proud Papa by Suzanne Tate 1993, paperback, 28 pages $4.95

(Sample page)

Sea horses are fascinating fish. For protection, they have a bony armor instead of scales. Because of their bony bodies, they have very few enemies. Their main enemies are crabs. Sea horses feed on small animals, sucking them into their long snouts with a snapping noise. Because sea horses require a lot of food, it is difficult to keep them in an aquarium. One of the most interesting things about sea horses is their ability to change color in order to hide from enemies. I watched with fascination a sea horse in the Seattle Aquarium as it changed color from gold to green, instantly, when it wrapped its tail around some green seaweed. In a few moments, it swam to the bottom and turned brown and white speckled, the color of the gravel! The strangest thing about sea horses is that the male carries the eggs in a pouch like a kangaroo! Mother Nature worked this out so that the female could continuously produce eggs. Sea horses come together at the time of a full moon to mate. The male fills his pouch with water to attract the attention of females that compete for the chance to deposit their eggs. The male fertilizes the eggs and nourishes them with a special fluid. In 24 weeks, the baby sea horses pop from their papa, each one a perfect miniature sea horse. --Suzanne Tate

Used Seahorse  and Pipefish  --  Books

A Step-By-Step Book About Seahorse by Peter Giwojna 1990, 64 pages
UB-544PB paperback $10.00
U-936 The Sea-Horse and Its Relatives by Whitley and Allan 1958, hardback, 84 pages $40.00


Seahorse, Seadragons and Pipefishes  Bibliography

Family; Syngnathidae (Seahorses, Seadragons and Pipefishes) Bibliography by Jim Forshey and Bruce Watts 2005 October - 2nd Edition

Starting with October 2004, each year in October we will be producing an updated version of the “Family; Syngnathidae (Seahorses, Seadragons and Pipefishes) Bibliography”. (Each of the editions will contain additional information we have found throughout the year.)
It is currently estimated that the 2005 October Edition will be over 80 pages in length.

The Contents are;

Spiral bound  version will be $10.00 each (Printed in Black and White), plus shipping

For a free copy click here Bibliography Seahorses 2005 Edition

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