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Tropical Fish Hobbyist New Books

wpe1C.jpg (1474 bytes)  PS-706 Africa, Fishes of Lake Kariba 1974, hardback, 144 pages $19.95
wpe3A.jpg (1697 bytes) LR-100 Animals and Fishes in Aquaterrariums By Sprackland hardback, 160 pages It tells readers how to combine fish and herptiles in one dazzlingly colorful yet natural looking unit. It tells about which animals and plants to mix together and which ones not to mix, the equipment to use, how to set up and decorate the aquaterrarium, plus much more. $14.33
wpe10.jpg (2025 bytes) TS-260 Apple Sails in The Aquarium by Perera and Walls 1996, hardback, 124 pages, 100 Color photos. $18.66
wpe15.jpg (2904 bytes) WW-116 Aquarium Filtration By Richard F. Stratton There have been many advances made over the last few years in the technology applied to the field of aquarium filtration. Today's aquarists can't really make sensible choices between different types of filtration devices unless they can make truly informed choices, and this holds true for both freshwater and saltwater hobbyists. This book provides information that will benefit both experienced and beginning aquarists in making the proper choice of filtration equipment from among the many types offered. Practical recommendations are made about which types of equipment are best suited to particular aquarium situations and readers will learn exactly why certain filters perform specific filtration tasks more efficiently than others.  hardback $9.95
wpe1D.jpg (1905 bytes) WW-035 Aquarium, Setting Up The By Spencer Glass 1998, hardback, 64 pages, Having an aquarium in your home can be richly rewarding and enjoyable if the aquarium lives up to all of the expectations you had for it. But since it can do that only to the degree that both its actual setting up and the planning that goes into the selection of its inhabitants are done correctly, beginners really need the type of guidance that comes only from experience. Providing that experience-proved guidance is exactly the purpose of this book: to tell-and also to show in the many full-color photos that accompany and explain the text-how to choose which equipment is needed and how to go about the actual mechanics of taking the raw equipment and furnishings and turning them into your own personal aquatic wonderland. Success with your first aquarium also depends to a good degree on which fishes you start with, so that vital topic is covered also. $9.95
wpe11.jpg (1693 bytes) TS-292 Aquarium Fishes of the World By Axelrod, Burgess, Pronek, Axelrod and Boruchowitz 1019 pages, covers 870 fish species and varieties, also many plants covered, 1300 color photos $25.95
PR-001 Aquarium in Color paperback $1.45
PS-831 Aquarium Keeping, ABC'S of by Weiss softback, 124 pages, over 100 Color photo $9.36
wpe19.jpg (2040 bytes) F-52 Aquarium, Setting Up Your First paperback, 32 pages,  An introduction to setting up your first aquarium. It includes, sizes, decorations, filters, pumps, gravel, how to set up, water and properties, plants lights, and much more. $1.79
PB-101 Aquariums By Wolfgang Ostermuller $3.95
Easy to read text provide practical advice for beginners.  1984, 64 pages, paperback, 16 color photos
B-101 Aquariums for Those Who Care By Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod $3.59
This book contains enjoyable easy-to-read, step-by-step text that concentrates on the basics. 1994, 32 pages, paperback, over 100 color photos
TU-016 Aquariums for Your New Pet by Mary Sweeney $4.95
This was designed to provide the information new hobbyists need. MCMXCV, 64 pages, paperback, color photos throughout
PS-601 Aquariums, all About By Schneider hardback, 128 pages, over 130 photos $8.57
wpe20.jpg (2426 bytes) H-1077 Atlas of Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fishes by Axelrod This highly informative book is the biggest and most successful of all books designed to be identification guides to all of the tropical fish species available. This beautifully illustrated new edition (the ninth) provides basic maintenance information on each species Shown, is fully indexed and cross-referenced by both scientific and common names, and has been upgraded through the inclusion of even more full-color photos, so the book now contains more than 7,800 full-color photos.

5h edition $55.95
6th edition $69.95
9th edition, 1168 pages, 7800 Color photos, hardback $86.33
wpe21.jpg (1904 bytes) H-1090 Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes - Mini  by Axelrod 992 pages, over 2200 Color photos, hardback this masterful reference work and identification guide is not "mini" in any sense except in comparison to its much bigger brother, the full-size Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes. This mini-atlas contains a large section dealing with aquarium maintenance, plants and fish breeding in addition to almost 700 pages of photos identifying - and providing maintenance information about - aquarium fishes from all over the world. The fishes Shown are indexed by both scientific and popular names for ease of reference. $25.85
RD-122 The Balanced Aquarium by David E. Boruchowitz $8.95
This book explains both sides of the story - the natural biosystems as well as how to use the equipment. hardback, 64 pages, color photos throughout
wpe16.jpg (1660 bytes) TT-026 The Biotope Aquarium  An Authentic Imitation of Nature in your Home By Stawikowski 208 pages, 200 Color photos, hardback. $12.96
HL-907 Exotic Tropical Fishes (Loose leaf) $28.95
wpe1F.jpg (1763 bytes) H-1043 Fish Health, Textbook of by Post hardback, 288 pages, 188 Color photos,   Written to fill the great need for a fish disease textbook for college students, this new edition contains the latest information and important discoveries related to those fish diseases that affect man economically. The text is amplified with the latest treatments and management of these diseases, with new listings of pertinent references added. $25.85
wpe1A.jpg (1817 bytes) F-53 Fishes For Community Tank by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod Not every fish is suitable for a community of species (community tank.) This book lists some that will get along well together.  paperback, 32 pages, 40 color photos $1.79
wpe40.jpg (1797 bytes) PS-663 Hand Book Tropical Aquarium Fish by Axelrod and Schultz 718 pages, hardback, 626 black and white, and 30 Color photos $8.57
wpe17.jpg (2095 bytes) TS-225 How to Have a Successful Aquarium by Dreyer and Kepagesler 1996, hardback, 160 pages, over 350 Color photos,  This book simplifies the many relatively complicated topics involved in the aquarium hobby. Such things as water chemistry and the new equipment designed to work in tune with the nitrogen cycle are all de-mystified. $25.89  
wpe1A.jpg (1741 bytes) TS-177 Jumbo Fishes For The Large Aquarium by Axelrod 320 pages, over 350 Color photos and Drawings, hardback, Aquariums have become a worldwide hobby because they are decorative, instructive and life saving. Doctors have conclusively proven that people with aquariums live longer because they relax more. Consequently, more and more aquariums have appeared in doctors' offices and waiting rooms of one kind or another. Hotels and bars also maintain aquariums. In many of these locations, the size of the fish is important because the viewers could not get too close to the aquarium. Thus a demand for larger fishes for these display aquariums led collectors to supplying larger fishes. The author, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, is the world's leading, authority on aquarium fishes. Between 1950 and 1970 he collected and sold thousands of large fishes for public aquariums. During this period he learned to collect them, transport them and keep them alive. This book is that story. Which are the most interesting large fishes, how to keep and feed them and, in many cases, how to breed them.  $34.95
YB-024 Keeping Reef Aquarium, A Quarterly By Friese 1996, paperback, 64 pages, many Color photos $7.95
H-990 Living together in Sea hardback $23.63
RE-601 Setting Up Your First Aquarium By Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod This book provides recommendations about how to chose and use equipment and which fishes to start off with. paperback, 64 pages $7.95
TS-328 The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums by David E. Boruchowitz $12.95
This book provides a plan to choose and use the right for you aquarium equipment, fish and plants. paperback, 256 pages, color photos throughout
M-510 Starting Right With Tropical Fish 64 pages $2.81
wpe7.jpg (1655 bytes) SK-003 A Step-By-Step Book Our First Aquarium This practical, easy-to-read book about setting up your first aquarium is designed specifically for use by beginners, especially first-time keepers. It covers every significant topic of importance to novice and experienced aquarium owners and gives detailed but easy-to-follow answers to important questions.64 pages, 50 Color photos, paperback $4.39
wpe8.jpg (1724 bytes) SK-033 A Step-By-Step Book Setting Up an Aquarium By Dr. C. W. Emmens This book is the perfect point-by-point guide to selecting equipment for an aquarium and setting up the tank. Although this book is small, it thoroughly covers freshwater invertebrates as well as fish making itself an absolute necessity when learning about aquarium management.64 pages, 50 Color photos, paperback $4.39
wpeC.jpg (1684 bytes) SK-018 Step-by-step Book About Tropical Fish By Dr. C. W. Emmens This practical, easy-to-read book about tropical fish is designed specifically for use by beginners, especially first-time keepers. It covers every significant topic of importance to novice and experienced owners and gives detailed but easy-to-follow answers to important questions. This book provides plenty of sensible, practical advice about selection of the right pet as well as the right equipment for feeding, breeding, housing, and health care. 64 pages, paperback  $4.39
PS-848 Tropical Aquarium, How to Set Up a by Axelrod 128 pages, 154 Color photos $5.69
wpe46.jpg (1864 bytes) PS-840 Tropical Aquarium Starting Your by Axelrod 288 pages, 256 Color photos, hardback, Starting Your Tropical Aquarium (the new title for this new edition of Tropical Fish as a Hobby) covers every area of importance to beginners in the tropical fish hobby, so it's an excellent text for anyone getting involved with aquariums for the first time. Interesting and easy to read, the text leads readers by the hand and provides point-by-point treatment of the considerations necessary to success. In addition, the book is generously illustrated with an alluring array of full-color photos that capture the charm of tropical fish at their true-to-life best; these photos also serve as valuable identification guides.  $8.57
wpe58.jpg (2123 bytes) RE-618 Tropical Fish, The Guide to Owning  by Neil Pronek Every important group of freshwater fishes covered. 2000, paperback, 64 pages,  80 color photos Focuses on keeping and breeding them in captivity. There's information by experts on aquarium set-up, water quality, feeding, varieties within a species, and the intricacies of breeding adults and raising fry.  $5.79
wpe8.jpg (1627 bytes) T-108 Tropical Fish, Beginner's Guide By Axelrod Readers learn not only what they should do but also what they should avoid doing, and they learn it quickly from an easy-to-read presentation that makes understanding tropical fish easy and fun. Beautifully illustrated with many full-color photos this book is a visual treat as well as a very practical guide to beginners. 64 pages, hardback, 50 Color photos $3.95
wpeD.jpg (1690 bytes) WW-044 Tropical Fishes The Right Way, Feeding By Dreyer hardback, 64 pages, many Color photos $9.95
wpe27.jpg (1848 bytes) TT-029 Tropical Fish - The Rising Generation by Sommer Breeding tropical fish the Natural Way 224 pages, hardback, 260 Color photos $17.21
wpe28.jpg (1887 bytes) TT-017 Tropical Fish... As a Hobby by Sweeney 1993, paperback, 96 pages, 94 Color photos $6.49
wpe22.jpg (2121 bytes) PS-833 Tropical Fish For Community Tanks By Waltraud Weiss paperback, 128 pages,   This book tells readers how to set up and maintain tanks of tropical fishes in which the fishes live together in perfect harmony-and harmony here means much more than simply living together without killing one another. It means living together in such a way that all of the fishes (and plants and other living things in a tank as well) actually are complementary to one another, with each contributing to the over-all enjoyment of the aquarium as a beautiful vital, living, colorful slice of Nature. Topics covered include: Harmony in Three Stages ... Community Tanks ... Landscape Aquariums ... Systematic Tanks ... Bottom Fishes ... Schooling Fishes of the Lower Level ... Schooling Fishes of the Middle Level ... Schooling Fishes of the Upper Level $8.95
M-523 Tropicals, Beginning With by Schofield 1982, 64pages, paperback $2.81
H-1068 Venomous Animals, World of by Freiberg & Walls 1984 copyright, 191pages, hardback, many Color photos $21.59
wpe45.jpg (1556 bytes) PS-834 Vierke's Aquarium Guide by Jorg Vierke hardback, 354 pages, 200 Color photos, many line Drawings,  Written by Germany's leading aquarist/scientist, the man who has popularized the use of aquariums in schools because of their great educational value, this remarkably thorough book discusses every aspect of setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium. It covers equipment selection, plants and planting, feeding, breeding and raising fishes, fish diseases, and much more-accompanied by useful and fascinating accounts of hundreds of individual fish species. Illustrated with many line drawings in addition to over 200 full-color photos that enliven and expand the text, the book takes a different approach to aquarium keeping and imparts the secrets of European techniques, making it indeed Vierke's Aquarium Book ... the way the Germans do it. $21.53
wpe5.jpg (1786 bytes) YF-100 Your First Aquarium  by Cohen 1993, paperback, 34 pages $1.95
wpe3.jpg (1777 bytes) YF-116 Your First Tropical Fish By Axelrod paperback, 32 pages $1.95
wpe25.jpg (2218 bytes) TS-139 Your Home Aquarium by Vierke 1991, 144 pages, 240 Color photos and Drawings, hardback $25.85

Tropical Fish Hobbyist a Complete introduction to...

wpeF.jpg (1602 bytes) CO-003S Aquarium, Setting Up - A Complete Introduction paperback, 32 Color line Drawings, 52 Color photos, 128 pages, Fun to read and loaded with practical, easy to apply information and solidly sensible advice, this highly colorful book covers every topic of importance to anyone-especially a beginner-interested in setting up a freshwater aquarium. Vital information is provided about the different pieces of equipment available and how they are used, plus valuable data about water chemistry and tank maintenance-plus a review of the many fish species available. $5.95
wpe10.jpg (1705 bytes) CO-007S Breeding Aquarium Fishes - A Complete Introduction by Axelrod paperback, 96 pages, 180 Color photos, 6 Color line Drawings, 1987 Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod is the world's leading authority on aquarium fishes. In this treatise he discloses some of the secrets of how to differentiate between sexes and how to spawn many of the most popular aquarium fishes. The fishes Shown in the color photos on the cover are not discussed inside the book because they are too difficult for the beginner. The treatise is completely illustrated with color.  $5.95
wpe15.jpg (1878 bytes) CO-029S Tropical Fish - A Complete Introduction  by Emmens paperback, 128 pages, 124 Color photos, 102 Color line Drawings, Prof. Dr. C. W. Emmens is unquestionably one of the world's leading tropical fish writers. He is internationally well known for his theories and books on "getting started." This book, magnificently illustrated with color illustrations and covering identification, selection, care, feeding, breeding and more of the common aquarium fishes, is a good examples of his expertise.  $5.95

Tropical Fish Hobbyist "KW" Books

wpe31.jpg (1636 bytes) KW-026 Aquarium Fish by Friese This book, illustrated with many full-color photos and drawings, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for Aquarium Fish. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to read style. hardback, 96 pages, over 50 Color photos $9.36
wpe33.jpg (1606 bytes) KW-020 Tropical Fish By Dr. Axelrod 71 Color photos, hardback, 96 pages, This book, illustrated with many full-color photos and drawings, presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for Tropical Fish. It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want-all given in an interesting and easy-to read style.  $9.36
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