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Tetra - New Books

T-55 Aquariology: Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition by Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Howard E. Evans, Dr. Robert E. Reinert, and Dr. Robert A. Winfree    Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition is one of four volumes comprising the Tetra Press Aquariology series. The Aquariology series is dedicated to providing the most in-depth and current information on the fascinating scientific and technical aspects of fishkeeping. Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition is co-authored by some of the most respected names in the field, including Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Howard E. Evans, Dr. Robert E. Reinert, and Dr. Robert A. Winfree. hardback, over 100 pages, color illustrations and photography $9.43
T-58 Aquarium Atlas, Volume 2 by Hans A. Baensch and Dr. Rudiger Riehl     This valuable supplementary volume to the Aquarium Atlas is a delicacy for demanding, inquisitive and "advanced" aquarists. More than 850 rare fish species and 150 aquatic plants are presented; natural biotopes of our aquarium fish and 50 blooms are Shown in color photographs. Overall a fascinating display of shapes and colors. 1993, 1212 pages, hardback $35.98
T-51 The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver By Boyd    The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver is dedicated solely to solving the problems of fish hobbyists. This book takes you right to the heart of every aquarium problem - from diagnosing and treating any major marine and freshwater Fish Disease, to testing and maintaining proper Water Chemistry and repairing Equipment Problems Best of all is the book's unique, simple presentation of complex information. What has been confusing technical jargon, is now so understandable that even beginning fish hobbyists can use this book immediately. Nine, colorfully illustrated, fold-out flow charts quickly guide you to simple, accurate solutions. The supporting information completely and clearly explains the problem or disease, the symptoms, the repair or treatment and how the problem can be prevented in the future. 1991, 78 pages, paperback $12.58
wpe13.jpg (1594 bytes) T-2 Fish and Their Behavior by Gunther K. H. Zupanc 185 pages, hardback, 100 color photos $9.43
T-15 A Fishkeeper's Guide Community Fishes by Dick Mills To ensure a successful start in the fascinating hobby of fishkeeping, this superbly illustrated guide features a detailed survey of 60 freshwater tropical fish that will live in harmony with one another and can be selected with confidence for a community aquarium. Other sections offer advice on setting up the tank and breeding techniques. 120 pages, 20,000 words, 40 illustrations, 100 color photographs. hardback $6.91
T-19 A Fishkeeper's Guide to The Tropical Aquarium by Dick Mills Explore the creative and peaceful hobby of fishkeeping with this magnificent guide to setting up a basic freshwater tropical aquarium in the home. It is packed with practical advice, superb color photographs and artwork illustrations, and features a fish-by-fish introduction to over 50 species suitable for a first collection. 120 pages, 20,000 words, 60 illustrations, 120 color photographs, hardback $6.91
T-79 Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver by Gina Sandford 1998, hardback, 208 pages $16.65
wpe12.jpg (1889 bytes) T-61 Hobbyist Guide To The Natural Aquarium by Bruenner Most fishkeepers would, of course, like to have a beautifully planted aquarium, but experience difficulties in growing plants successfully. Based on information provided by a number of European aquarists and leading aquarium plant experts, the concept of the "natural aquarium" is introduced where fish and plants live in harmony in a very naturalistic setting. The environmental requirements of plants are emphasized especially with regard to lighting, pH, water hardness, the tank base medium, and so on. Some plants even require additional fertilizers from time to time. 64 pages, paperback $3.95
T-29 The Manual of Fish Health by Dr. Chris Andrews, Adrian Exell and Dr. Neville Carrington    Providing a healthy environment is a crucial responsibility for all fishkeepers. and yet, recognizing and coping with pests and diseases may become a regrettable necessity, even in the most well-maintained systems. This book explores both these vital aspects of health care for all types of fish - freshwater and marine, tropical and temperate, pond and aquarium. 208 pages, 50,000 words, 300 color photographs and illustrations. hardback $17.99
T-48 Popular Guide to Tropical Aquarium Fish by Dick Mills   Tetra's popular guide covers all aspects of practical fishkeeping, from tank selection, lighting, and filtration, to feeding, maintenance, health care and breeding. A photographic survey features a wide selection of fish, with advice on keeping such aquarium favorites as barbs, cichlids, catfish, Characins and livebearers. 320 pages, 100,00 words, 350 color photographs, 75 practical diagrams. hardback $12.56
T-36 Tropical Aquarium Fish Comprensive Edition by Dr. Chris Andrews and Dr. Ulrich Baensch The Tropical Aquarium provides a complete practical guide to the care of tropical aquarium fish. An essential owners handbook packed with full practical advice on setting up and maintaining an aquarium. Also there is an extensive color catalog section detailing the most popular aquaria fish and guidelines on their more specific needs. 240 pages of clearly referenced text and 200 full color photographs make this book an ideal reference book for both newcomers and experienced aquarists. Co-written by two of the most foremost authorities in fishkeeping, Dr. Ulrich Baensch and Dr. Christopher Andrews, this book is a must for anyone interested in this fascinating hobby. hardback $15.12
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