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Aquarium and Ichthyology (Fish) New Books

N-654 1000 Photos of Aquarium Fish (1000 Photos Series) By Marie Paule and Christian Piednoir
Page after page of full-color photos identify many species of fish for aquarium hobbyists—and anybody who wants to learn about fish. Cichlids, angel fish, guppies, clownfish, and dozens of other varieties are Shown. Individual chapters show labyrinth fish, ornamental fish, cold water fish, brackish water fish, Coastal dwellers, reef dwellers, and various other varieties. hardback with jacket, 2000, 128 pages $24.95
N-839 A Practical Guide to Keeping Healthy Fish in a Stable Environment (Tankmasters Series) by L. Jepson hardback, 77 pages, 10 1/8" x 7 1/8", 2001 $9.95

Detailed instruction advises on water temperature and chemistry, gravels, and the best equipment to help maintain a healthful environment for aquarium fish. Aquarium hobbyists improve their skills by studying the clearly captioned, step-by-step, full-color photos on every page of Tankmaster Books. These books show—rather than merely tell—how to maintain colorful and interesting fish tanks, with every page literally filled with photos and other illustrations. All have detailed and instructive captions. Each book focuses on a different aspect of either freshwater or marine aquarium maintenance, and explains everything from fish and plant varieties to bubblers, filters, and other aquarium accessories. More than 200 illustrations in each book.

Table of contents: The Key to Health; Introduction; How Fish Work; Five Basic Questions; Temperature; Ammonia; Nitrite; Nitrate; The Nitrogen Cycle; The pH Scale; Hardness; Oxygen; Chlorine; Stocking Levels; Routine Maintenance; Providing a Healthy Diet; Immunity; Infectious Diseases; Protozoa, Worms, and Crustaceans; Zoonoses and Noninfectious Diseases; Medications and Treatments; Diagnosis and Treatment; Introduction; Specific Problems—Tropical Freshwater Fish; Specific Problems—Cold Water and Pond Fish; Keeping Tropical Marine Fish and Invertebrates; Tropical Marine Fish—Behavioral Abnormalities; Tropical Marine Invertebrates—Diseases and Disorders; Tropical Marine Fish—Physical Abnormalities; Index and Credits 

N-838 A Practical Guide to Breeding Your Freshwater Fish (Tankmasters Series) by Derek Lambert hardback, 77 pages, 10 1/8" x 7 1/8", 2001 $9.95

Here is detailed advice on selecting species, pairing fishes, protecting both fish eggs and the young from predators and disease, and much more. Aquarium hobbyists improve their skills by studying the clearly captioned, step-by-step, full-color photos on every page of Tankmaster Books. These books show—rather than merely tell—how to maintain colorful and interesting fish tanks, with every page literally filled with photos and other illustrations. All have detailed and instructive captions. Each book focuses on a different aspect of either freshwater or marine aquarium maintenance, and explains everything from fish and plant varieties to bubblers, filters, and other aquarium accessories. More than 200 illustrations in each book. Table of Contents: Introduction; Cyprinids; Characins; Livebearers; Labyrinthfish; Catfish; Killifish; Rainbowfish; Cichlids; Miscellaneous Species; Index and Credits 

N-919 Adaptations in Fishes by Rajiv Tyagi and Arvind N. Shukla 2002, vii+218 pages $34.95
N-920 Advances in Fish Research Volume 3: Fisheries and Fish Biology Research by Munshi, J S Datta et al eds -- 2003, xiv+306 pages $55.95
N-737 Adventure Aquarium by Peter Stadelmann 1998, paperback, 64 pages, 7-1/2 x 7-7/8 $6.95   Keeping a home aquarium is a fine hobby for people of all ages--but it's especially fascinating as an activity for children. Here's an idea-and-advice manual written especially for children and their parents who are planning an aquarium or already maintaining one. It describes different varieties of fish and plant life, and advises on how to keep them in a home tank. The author also offers many ideas for activities that will help children understand the many things they are observing in their aquarium. Labeled diagrams explain fish anatomy and illustrate how to keep a tank filtered and maintaining correct water chemistry and temperature. There are 40 brilliant full-color photos, 32 line drawings, and a glossary of terms.
wpe84.jpg (1646 bytes) N-603 Air Breathing Fishes By A. C. Pandey 1990, hardback, 57 pages An introduction to the description of the airbreathing fishes. $14.95
N-726 All About Tropical Fishkeeping By Steve Windsor 2000, paperback, 32 pages, 5 5/8 x 8 3/16, Full-color photos throughout (Barons) Price: $3.50
Books in this instructive series are brief, good looking, inexpensively priced manuals that teach inexperienced adults and older children to be responsible for the ownership and care of animals. "Did You Know?" sidebar features present sometimes surprising, always amusing little-known facts about each book's subject animal. The main focus is advice on tending the animals—feeding them correct foods in proper amounts, and keeping them in a healthful environment.
N-921 Anatomy of Fishes by Tyagi, Rajiv & Arvind N Shukla 2002, vii+311 pages $39.95
N-922 Applied Fisheries by Q. J. Shammi and S. Bhatnagar 2002, xxiv+328 pages $24.95
N-952 Applied Fishery Science (2 Volumes) by S. M. Shafi hardback Volume 1 hardback, pages 1 through 306, 2003, Volume 2 hardback, 2003, pages 307 through 601 $58.95
N-857 Aquaculture Desk Reference by Leroy Crestwell $40.95

 A long overdue book. How often have you searched for conversion tables and equivalents lists? This book is a compilation of graphs, tables and charts. Provides information on water chemistry such a vapor pressure solubility of nitrogen etc. densities and salinities, density in freshwater at different temperatures etc. Converts units of power, geometric formulas, decimal equivalents, units of length, centigrade to Fahrenheit, feet head and water pressure (PSI) etc. Contains enrichment formulations such as "F" enriched seawater, Provasoli's formula, light saturation for macroalgae, using a hemacytometer etc. Hatchery information such as; number of eggs per fluid ounce, oxygen consumption, nitrification rates, UV potency, toxicity levels etc. Plumbing specifications, drill and tap sizes, heat transfer, mechanical properties of various building materials etc. Nutrition composition of feeds, etc. Classification of soil particles, chemicals for disinfect ponds, rotenone required to kill, Secchi readings, flow for given time etc. Chemicals and treatments etc.

N-872 Aquariology: Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition by Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Howard E. Evans, Dr. Robert E. Reinert, and Dr. Robert A. Winfree    Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition is one of four volumes comprising the Tetra Press Aquariology series. The Aquariology series is dedicated to providing the most in-depth and current information on the fascinating scientific and technical aspects of fishkeeping. Fish Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition is co-authored by some of the most respected names in the field, including Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Howard E. Evans, Dr. Robert E. Reinert, and Dr. Robert A. Winfree. hardback, over 100 pages, color illustrations and photography $14.95
N-873 Aquariology: Fish Breeding and Genetics by Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Paul V. Loiselle, and Dr. Joanne Norton   Fish Breeding and Genetics is one of four volumes comprising the Tetra Press Aquariology series. The Aquariology series is dedicated to providing the most in-depth and current information on the fascinating scientific and technical aspects of fishkeeping. Fish Breeding and Genetics is co-authored by some of the most respected names in the field, including Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Paul V. Loiselle, and Dr. Joanne Norton. hardback, over 95 pages, color photos $14.95
Aquarium Atlas, Baensch Volume I, A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Freshwater Hobbyists By Dr. Rudiger Riehl and Hans A. Baensch Covers the planning and keeping of a fresh-water aquarium and provides a fully illustrated guide to the most popular fishes and plants available to the hobbyist. Includes: 600 aquarium fish species Shown in full-color, with hard-won advice on care, feeding, breeding, and natural history, 100 aquatic plant species for the home aquarium, Candid advice and expert techniques for beginning and intermediate aquarists, 992 pages, 1997, Full-color photographs throughout
N-500HB hardback $52.95
Aquarium Atlas, Baensch Volume 2, A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Freshwater Hobbyists By Dr. Rudiger Riehl and Hans A. Baensch    A reference guide for the freshwater aquarium keeper, this volume offers exceptional coverage of some the most desirable and rare species of fishes and plants currently known and collected. Outstanding suggestions for creating natural biotopes that combine native plants, fishes, and other appropriate aquascaping materials. Includes: 850 aquarium fish species Shown in full-color, with hard-won advice on care, feeding, breeding, and natural history, 150 aquatic plant species for the home aquarium, 50 flowering plants for exceptional aquarium biotopes, 1,216 pages, 1997, Full-color photographs throughout
N-499PB paperback $26.96
N-499HB hardback $52.95
Aquarium Atlas, Baensch Volume 3, A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Freshwater Hobbyists By Dr. Rudiger Riehl and Hans A. Baensch This Eagerly awaited third volume of the Baensch Freshwater Atlas series presents more than 1,000 new color photographs of aquatic species not included in the previous two works. This volume is being hailed in Europe as "a truly remarkable work that no dedicated aquarist will want to be without." Includes: 900 aquarium fish species Shown in full-color, with hard-won advice on care, feeding, breeding, and natural history, 80 aquatic plant species for the home aquarium, New and exotic discoveries with photographs of their natural habitats, 1,104 pages, Full-color photographs throughout, 1997
N-498PB paperback $26.96
N-498HB hardback $52.95
Aquarium Atlas, Baensch Photo Index  1 - 5  By Dr. Gero Fischer and Hans A. Baensch 1998, 4,600 color photographs

N-617HB hardback $49.95

The Photo Index 1-5 is a compact reference. It contains concise information on the approximately 4000 fish species presented in the 5 volumes of the Aquarium Atlas.

This comprehensive index includes common names, synonyms, and scientific names — alphabetized by genus/species and species/genus. A glossary defines some of the most important terms used in the Atlas series. Nearly 4600 color photographs complete the book. The Photo Index will prove to be an asset for those who do not have all 5 volumes of the Aquarium Atlas.

N-911  Aquarium Designs Inspired by Nature  by Peter Hiscock 2003, hardback, 205 pages, 275 color pages, 24 illustrations, 23 maps $27.95

How to recreate a wide range of real world environments in your home aquarium.

N-318 Aquarium Fish by Ulrich Schliewen 1992, 160 pages, paperback, 300 photos and line drawings $14.95
Here's information and advice on selecting fish for a freshwater aquarium tank, maintaining variety, keeping a chemically-balanced aquarium, purchasing necessary equipment, feeding the fish, and cleaning the tank. This book will help readers keep an aquarium that is enjoyable for both children and adults to observe.
All books in the Family Pet Series offer sound basic information to individuals and families for whom pet ownership is a new experience. Each book presents information on selecting, purchasing, and caring for an animal. Special Children's Corner sidebars feature graphics and information especially written with children's pet interests in mind. All Family Pet books are profusely illustrated with full-color photos and artwork, and all are written in clear, non-technical language. Praised by life scientists for its accuracy, this valuable text is fascinating and very useful to new or experienced hobbyists. Practical advice is coupled with detailed profiles of virtually every freshwater fish. 300 outstanding, high-quality photos and informative, accurate line drawings complete this indispensable guide.
N-140 Aquarium Fish Breeding by Ines Scheurmann 1990, over 30 color photos, paperback, 144 pages $9.95
Dozens of fish species are described and their mating habits outlined. Tables and charts reveal ideal tank breeding conditions. More than 30 striking, full-color photos and dozens of precise line drawings!
N-764 Aquarium Fish Handbook, The By Mary Bailey and Nick Dakin Uniquely detailed plans for eight biotope aquaria, including Rainforest, Rocky Lake Shore, and Mangrove Swamp. An identification guide to the main fish groups discusses size, habits, diet, physical requirements, and compatibility. Set up the aquarium specifically for your chosen species, from maintaining proper water chemistry to heating, lighting, and decorating. With facts on equipment, breeding, and illness, you'll have a thriving, beautiful aquarium! 160 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 11. paperback $17.95
N-66PB Aquarium Fish Survival Manual by Ward How to set up and maintain aquariums, and meet the needs of the fish. Has color photographs of over 300 freshwater and marine fish plus aquatic plants. 1985, 176 pages, paperback $18.95
N-714 Aquarium Fishes (A colourful profile) By Harishanker J. Alappat and A. Biju Kumar 1977, hardback, 106 pages (Kaveri) $36.95
N-110 Aquarium Life by Dal Vesco, Klausewitz, Peyronel 1975, hardback, 248 pages, 354 color photos, 33 drawings $19.98
N-923 Aquarium Management by Saxena, Amita editors 2003, vii+230 pages, figures, tables, bib., ind., $23.95

Ornamental fish keeping is not only a hobby it involves a series of activities such as construction and designing of aquarium, ponds breeding and study of diversity among aquarium fishes, temperature control, maintenance of dissolved oxygen, importance of filters which have been discussed. This book also points out feed formulation schedule and culture of live food microorganism. Aquarium/Ornamental fisheries is a convenient tool of environmental and aquatic biology, education and self-employment. During last four decades there has been considerable growth and diversitification in international trade in ornamental fishes. After knowing the details of Aquarium Management/Ornamental fisheries, one can fetch the world market of ornamental fisheries through their (fishes) cultivation and breeding. This trade can be publicised through aquarium shows. This book will be beneficial for fish hobbyists, naturalists, scientist and unemployed youth.
N-739 Aquarium Style by Matthew Christian 2000, hardback w/jacket, 144 pages, 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 $24.95
Imaginative Ideas for Creating Dream Homes for Fish.
Here are innovative ways to bring out an aquarium's natural beauty and make it the centerpiece of the home. At the heart of this volume are detailed instructions for creating thirty different stunning aquarium design themes. For instance, the "Transparent" theme uses glass beads instead of gravel, incorporates bottles of different shapes as fish shelters, and suggests stocking the tank with semi-transparent glassfish and glow light tetras. Other decorative schemes include a "Zen Garden," a "Rocky Mountain" look, a tropical jungle-like "Color Frenzy" theme, and others. More than 200 full-color illustrations include photos of finished aquariums, detail photos of fish and plants, and diagrams of the aquarium plans. General advice includes basic instructions on correct heating, lighting, filtration, and airflow features. Live plants are also discussed, both as ornamental features and retreats for the fish.
N-854 Aquariumguide,  Back to Nature by Kjell Fohrman hardback, 2000, 192 pages, over 600 color photos, more than 550 fishes and plants are also described with a short informative text and photo $23.95

There are few pieces of furniture that can compete in beauty with an aquarium. A beautiful aquarium decorated with plants and cardinal tetras, an aquarium with rocks and Fancy-colored Malawi cichlids, an aquarium with magnificent discus and shy catfish - well, there is something for every taste. An aquarium is not only a piece of furniture but also a piece of nature moved into the living room.

 N-623 Asian Freshwater Fishes. Volume Two. An illustrated identification guide to more than 500 of the rarest and most endangered species By Gerald Jennings 1997/8 2nd edition, 220 pages, Line drawings accompany most species descriptions, Plastic cover $29.90
N-643 Asian Freshwater Fishes      The 1997 Classified Taxonomic Checklist By G. H. Jennings paperback, 1997, 142 pages, A Taxonomic list of all species recorded on the Calypso Ichthyological Database Asian Freshwater Fishes, including Addendum No. 1  $40.00
N-823 The Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life of California 2002 by J. Duane Sept 2002, paperback, 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 300 pages, 350 color photos $20.00

A color field guide is filled with new information on California’s tide pool plants and animals. Each species is illustrated with a color photo. The narrative for each species includes distinguishing characteristics, size, habit and geographic range. The book also includes lists of the best beachcombing sites in California, and tips on protecting tide pool life.

N-824 The Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest - 1999 by J. Duane Sept 1999, paperback, 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 235 pages, over 200 color photos  $20.00

A color field guide is filled with new information on the Pacific Northwest’s tide pool plants and animals. Each species is illustrated with a color photo. The narrative for each species includes distinguishing characteristics, size, habit and geographic range. The book also includes lists of the best beachcombing sites in the Pacific Northwest, and tips on protecting tide pool life.

N-354 Brackish Water Fish By Ed Stansbury 1993, paperback, 15 pages $1.98
N-128 Bouillabaisse Aquatic Oddballs by Braz Walker 1971, 202 pages, paperback, line drawings, A collection of 53 short articles $14.95
N-644 The Calypso Ichthyological Photographic Reference Library Part One : - An Introduction to the System   By Terry Hall and Gerald Jennings paperback, 19 pages   $5.00
N-285 Careers in Fisheries Employment opportunities, career choices, education requirements and other background information for those considering a career in fisheries. 4 pages $.50
N-407 Carolina Arthropods Manual paperback, 35 pages $6.49
N-409 Carolina Drosophila Manual "Fruit Fly Culture Manual" By Flagg 1988, 31 pages, paperback $6.49
N-410 Carolina Protozoa and Invertebrates Manual By Pendergrass 1980, 34 pages, paperback $6.49
N-508 Carolina's Freshwater Aquarium Handbook 1981, 24 pages, paperback, Information on setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium system. $6.49
N-649 Closfica 1999 A Classified Taxonomic Checklist of the Sea Fishes of the Caribbean Sea Central Western Atlantic Florida & Bermuda Gulf of Mexico & Northern Coast of South America By Gerald Jennings 1999, plastic cover, 148 pages $40.00
N-297 A Colored Atlas of Some Vertebrates From Ceylon Volume One Fishes by Deraniyagala 1990, 149 pages, paperback $39.95
wpe18.jpg (1610 bytes) N-576 Color Guide of Tropical Fish Diseases of Freshwater Fish by Bassleer, hardback, 1983, 272 pages, many color photos $41.95
Diseases of tropical aquarium fish have always been ‘a difficult matter’ for the fish hobbyist because of the lack of knowledge about the origins of those diseases. This color atlas of fish diseases is providing all the necessary help by supplying: a detailed description of several causes of the fish diseases so preventative measures could be taken instead of ‘wasting’ money on expensive medicines; a clearly understandable summary of the most important fish diseases on our tropical fish which makes it possible to make a quick diagnosis; an advice for the application of several drugs which enables the hobbyist to administer a perfect treatment.
N-899 The Complete Aquarium Logbook by Kevin W. Boyd  1993, paperback, 120 pages, The complete Guide for Organizing, tracking and Analyzing Freshwater and Marine Aquariums. (These are new books, long out of print and show signs of storage in a warehouse.) $10.00
N-792 Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium By John Dawes $40.00
288 pages, Publication Date November 2001, Size: 8 1/2" x 11" , 350 full color photographs, 20 artworks, diagrams and illustrations, index
This 288 page, illustration-packed encyclopedia covers a wide range of the fish species information and technical hints needed to easily and successfully maintain a freshwater aquarium at home. Several books in one, it features hundreds of species and offers advice on the latest equipment, foods, remedies, water treatments, test kits, and aquarium management techniques.
The Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium includes an A-Z listing of aquarium fish species, plus:
fish biology
fish in nature
fish conservation
commercial breeding
aquarium selection, set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting
fish nutrition and feeding
fish breeding in the aquarium
fish health and diseases
aquarium plant species
planting and maintenance of aquarium plants
species of aquarium animals, such as frogs, snails, crayfish, and more

The book includes the latest information on koi and other coldwater species, one of today's fastest-growing aquarium sectors. Rounded out with a glossary and further reading, The Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium is a beautiful, colorful and comprehensive guide suitable for both beginning as well as seasoned aquarium hobbyists.

About The Author:
John Dawes is an internationally renowned expert on fish, aquaria, and outdoor fishkeeping, and is currently Secretary-General for Ornamental Fish International. More than 3000 of his articles have been published in consumer, trade and scientific publications worldwide, including Pet Product News, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium and Aquarium Fish magazine. He wrote or contributed to, among others, John Dawes Book of Water Gardens, The Water Gardening Handbook, Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish, Tropical Aquarium Fish, The Tropical Freshwater Aquarium and The Book of the Marine Aquarium.

N-852 Conversion Tables Reference by Florida Aqua Farms $3.25

Florida Aqua Farms has put together a small 23 page reference booklet that is full of conversion multipliers. Includes items like calories to btu, bushels to liters, bars to pounds/sq foot, grams to dynes, grams-calories to foot-pounds etc. Over 800 conversion multipliers. They have added other conversion tables including salinities in ppt and density, temperature, calculating chemical amount needed, oxygen saturation etc. A large portion of this information came from a handout received 36 years ago when Frank attended college. Very handy item.

N-924 Development of Fishes by Tyagi, Rajiv & Arvind N Shukla 2002, vii+268 pages          $37.95

N-741 Dictionary Of Aquarium Terms By John Tullock 2000, paperback, 176 pages, 6 x 9, $12.95

This book deserves a place on the shelf of every serious aquarium hobbyist. It's a quick-reference source that provides information on all aspects of aquarium maintenance and water chemistry. You'll also find descriptions of the many varieties of fish and other aquatic animals and plants available to home aquarium owners. Approximately 1,000 terms cover everything from Amyloodinium (a fish parasite) to Zooxanthellae (a variety of algae). Entries are supplemented with black-and-white line art, plus a 32-page insert of full-color photos. Appendices feature a wealth of practical information in chart and table form.
N-91 Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms by Donald J. Borror Helpful for finding out what the fishes scientific names means, 1960, 134 pages, paperback $13.95
N-75 Drunken Goldfish and Other Irrelevant Scientific Research by Hartston 154 pages, hardback $19.95
wpe51.jpg (1992 bytes) N-139 Dynamic Aquaria Building Living Ecosystems By Adey and Loveland 1998 2nd edition, paperback, 498 pages Contents: Introduction. Physical Environment: The Envelope, Its Physical Parameters and Energy State. Substrate. Water Composition. Input of Solar Energy. Input of Organic Energy. Biochemical Environment: Metabolism. Organisms and Gas Exchange. The Primary Nutrients--Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Silica. Biomineralization & Calcification. Control of the Biochemical Environment. Biological Structure: Community Structure. Trophic Structure. Primary Producers. Herbivores. Carnivores. Plankton and Planktivores. Detritus and Detritivores. Symbionts and Other Feeders. Ecological Systems in Microcosms, Mesocosms, and Aquaria: Models of Coral Reef Ecosystems. A Subarctic Shore, Maine. Estuaries, Chesapeake, and Everglades. Freshwater. The Environment and Ecological Engineering: The Culturing of Ecosystems for the Aquarium Hobby. The Control of Human Wastewaters. Summary. $64.95
N-229 Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates 1991, 911 pages, hardback $79.95
N-389 Encyclopedia of Fishes by Paxton and Eschmeyer 1995, 240 pages, 200 color photos, 150 illustrations.Foreword. The World of Fishes: Introducing Fishes. Classifying Fishes. Fishes through the Ages. Habitats and Adaptations. Fish Behavior. Endangered Species. Kinds of Fishes: Jawless Fishes. Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras. Lungfishes and Coelacanth. Bichirs and their Allies. Bonytongues and their Allies. Eels and their Allies. Sardines and their Allies. Carps and their Allies. Characins and their Allies.Catfishes and Knifefishes. Salmons and their Allies. Dragonfishes and their Allies. Lizardfishes and their Allies. Lanternfishes. Troutperches and their Allies. Codfishes and their Allies. Cuskeels and their Allies. Toadfishes. Anglerfishes. Clingfishes. Flyingfishes and their Allies. Killifishes and Ricefishes. Silversides and their Allies. Oarfishes and their Allies. Squirrelfishes and their Allies. Dories and their Allies. Pipefishes and their Allies. Swampeels. Scorpionfishes and their Allies. Perches and their Allies. Groupers, Seabasses, and their Allies. Cichlids. Damselfishes. Wrasses and Parrotfishes. Blennies. Gobies. Flatfishes.Triggerfishes and their Allies. Index. Acknowledgments $39.95
N-926 Encyclopaedia of Fishes in 3 Volumes by Rajiv Tyagi and Arvind N. Shukla
Vol 1: Anatomy of Fishes, vii+311 pages,
Vol 2: Adaptations in Fishes, vii+218 pages,
Vol 3: Development of Fishes, vii+268 pages
2001,(Set) $104.95
  N-853 Encyclopaedia of Fish Culture by S. M. Hassian 3 volumes -Volume I hardback, 2002, pages 1 through 528, Volume II hardback, 2002, 529 through 832,Volume III hardback, 2002, pages 833 through 1213 $119.95

Today, the importance of fish culture is being realized as never before, in the face of mounting pressure of population explosion. Fish culture is the rational cultivation of fish in a confined water mass, where rearing is not left to the mercy of nature. The aim of the fish culture is mainly the production of fish for human food, for example the trout farming in cold water and the carp farming in warm water. Besides, the fish culture is also practiced for restocking of the natural water bodies, or for the production of ornamental fish. The purpose of this Encyclopaedia is to provide the reader with the foundations of fishery science. It also offers diverse information on the subject of fishery culture to make the readers up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. All important biological aspects of the fishes are also described in the volumes. This work will be a highly useful reference tool for students, teachers, academicians, and all who are interested in pisciculture.

N-215 The Essential Aquarium - A Guide to Keeping 100 Exciting Freshwater Species by Edward Buaman 1991, hardback, 144 pages, over 100 color photos $14.99
  N-744 Essential Guide To Choosing Your Tropical Freshwater Fish, An (Tankmasters Series) by Gina Sandford 2000, hardback, 80 pages, 10 1/8 x 7 1/8 $9.95
Volumes in this brand new series present aquarium enthusiasts with virtually all the facts they need to create beautiful and healthful environments for fish and other aquatic life. Dazzling color photographs with detailed, informative captions and step-by-step instructions will quickly turn beginners into capable aquarium hobbyists, while providing advice and ideas that will inspire experienced fish keepers to add variety and interest to their tanks and ponds. Handsomely laid-out pages present essential information at a glance. This volume shows and describes more than 70 freshwater tropical fish suitable for indoor tanks. Tetras, cichlids, angelfish, and many other varieties are described with advice on care and information on compatibility with other fish. More than 200 stunning color photos
N-105 Evolution and Ecology of Unisexual Vertebrates Edited by Dawley and Bogart The New York State Museum Bulletin Number 446, paperback $30.95
N-898 Exotic Tropical Fishes By Axelrod, Emmens, Burgess and Pronek   Expanded Edition, 1,312 pages, 800 identified, 1,000 color photos, hardback $39.95
N-927 Experimental Ichthyology by Garg, S K et al 2002, xii+172 pages, figures., tables, paperback $11.95
N-880 A Fascination for Fish    Adventures of an Underwater Pioneer by David C. Powell 2001, hardback,  354 pages, 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches, 51 b/w photographs, 1 line illustration, 1 map  $29.95 

"[Powell is] an engaging writer, sweeping us up in his enthusiasm for his subject, showing us the alien undersea world in a way we've never seen it before. We learn plenty from him, and yet it never feels as if he's trying to teach us anything. An excellent autobiography and an impassioned plea for the preservation of marine life."--Booklist

"Powell's breezy, anecdotal writing style is easy to read and informative without being ponderous, and readers will appreciate his giving the scientific names of all the animals mentioned. This book does for aquariums what John Sedgwick's 'Peaceable Kingdom' did for zoos."--Library Journal 

"This book makes excellent reading for anybody interested in fish and people."--New Scientist

"An engaging memoir by marine biologist Powell recounts how he went from a college student keeping an octopus in his living room to become a designer of great modern aquariums, including California's Monterey Bay Aquarium."--Discover magazine

"[A Fascination for Fish] is an engaging look at a half-century of giving land-dwellers a glimpse of the mysterious underwater world."--San Jose Mercury News 

"This autobiography is a charming and accurate telling by a modest man whose brilliant career has allowed millions to venture into the sea and feel what Dave feels when he's underwater--without getting wet!"--John E. McCosker, Director Emeritus, Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco

"Dave Powell is one of the giants in the development of the modern public aquarium. His great talents and skill have come from years of working with the technology of public aquariums, and also from a great love of the sea. This book is a wonderful tale of his adventures (and misadventures) as he worked to capture the essence of the ocean and bring it to public view."--Bruce Carlson, Director, Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu 

"Gobies, jellyfish, coelacanth, white sharks--it's all here. A delightfully written book detailing the experiences of the most innovative aquarist of our time. This book is a must read for anyone fascinated by looking through an aquarium viewing window."--Jerry Goldsmith, Vice President, SeaWorld of California 


This engaging memoir presents one man's lifelong love of the ocean and gives a highly personal, behind-the-scenes look at California's magnificent and innovative aquariums. David Powell, for many years curator of the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, tells the story of his life as a pioneering aquarist. From handling great white sharks to transporting delicate fish on bumpy airplanes to night diving for fish in the Indian Ocean, A Fascination for Fish describes many of the mind-boggling challenges that make modern aquariums possible and offers an intriguing glimpse beneath the ocean's surface.  

Powell's career in diving and aquarium development goes back to the beginning of modern methods in both areas. From the early techniques he devised to get fish into aquariums alive and healthy to his later exploratory dive to a depth of eleven hundred feet in a two-person submarine, Powell's action-packed narrative inspires laughter, wonder, and philosophical reflection. A Fascination for Fish also includes many stories about Powell's diving adventures on the California coast, in the Sea of Cortez, and in many remote and exotic locations around the world.


Foreword, by Sylvia A. Earle
1. Underwater Thoughts
2. Marineland of the Pacific
3. A First Look at Realism
4. The Road to Gonzaga Bay
5. The Steinhart Aquarium
6. Adventure in the Sea of Cortez
7. Sea World
8. Carnival in Mazatlan
9. The Lure of Sharks
10. Tanner Bank and Mexico Expo
11. The Revillagigedo Islands
12. Roundabout to Steinhart Aquarium
13. Search for a Living Fossil
14. To Chile, Easter Island, and Rarotonga
15. Monterey Bay Aquarium
16. Creating the Exhibits
17. Aquarists at Work
18.Collecting the Fish
19. Always Something New
20. The Open Ocean
21. Pelagic Fishes
22. A Million-Gallon Fishbowl
23. A New Direction
Selected Reading
David C. Powell consults on aquarium design around the world. He was director of live exhibit development at the Monterey Bay Aquarium until his retirement in 1997. He was also curator of the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco and curator of fishes at Sea World in San Diego.

Book cover pic N-781HB Fish Behavior in The Aquarium and in the Wild by Stˇphan Reebs hardback, 272 pages, 5 1/2 x 7 ½, 29 halftones $39.95 

 A home aquarium seems a peaceful place. Gazing at its inhabitants as they swim slowly through their small universe is a soothing, even hypnotic, experience. But this seeming tranquillity is only surface deep. Like their wild counterparts, these tiny, glittering beings exhibit a wide array of fascinating behaviors. Stˇphan Reebs provides a delightfully entertaining, yet scientifically grounded, look at what fishes do and how they do it. From defending their young, to seeking out the perfect sexual partner, to telling time, fishes display a variety of behaviors that may not be readily apparent to the casual observer. Reebs not only describes the behaviors, but also outlines simple experiments that can be performed by observers wishing to learn for themselves just how resourceful--and bizarre--these creatures can be. How Fish Behave introduces us to damselfishes that sing like birds, elephantfishes that communicate electrically, and sticklebacks that deceive other fish into believing they have found food. Drawing on the experimental evidence behind such intrinsically interesting responses, Reebs demonstrates how science is conducted in the field of animal behavior. Stˇphan Reebs is Professor of Biology at the University of Moncton, Canada. He has published numerous articles on animal behavior. 

An Excerpt from FISH Behavior in the Aquarium and in the Wild ..

Cichlids are among the most popular of all pet fishes. . . .To the uninitiated, this may seem surprising because cichlids are pugnacious little beasts, and as such they are not very endearing. But they redeem themselves in the way they channel their aggression into a noble pursuit: the defense of their young. For cichlids are among a minority of fishes that provide extensive parental care to their offspring. A male and a female cichlid surrounded by a swarm of young fry, constantly ready to attack whatever creature is foolish enough to approach their brood (including the fingers of curious people), offer a scene that is, despite all of its implied ferocity, simply charming."--from How Fish Behave

N-447 Fish Base 96 Concepts, Design and Data Sources Edited by Froese and Pauley 1996, paperback, 179 pages, plus CD. $95.00
N-928 Fish Biotechnology by M. M. Ranga and Q. J. Shammi 2001, xix+259 pages $26.95
wpeB.jpg (1711 bytes) N-574 Fish Communities in Lake Tanganyika Edited by Kawanabe, Hori, Nagoshi, hardback, 1997, 298 pages $109.95
N-925 A Fish Culture (A Symposium on): A Practical and Comprehensive Guide on Inland Fish Farming by Vadapalli Satyanarayana, 2002, x+234 pages $16.95
N-929 Fish Culture in Ponds and Other Inland Waters by W. E. Meehan 2002, v+287pages $34.95
N-931 Fish: Life Environment and Diversity by N. B. Marshall 2002, x+402 pages $40.95
N-930 Fish: Processing and Preservation by Charls L. Cutting 2002, x+372 pages $35.95
N-672 Fish Watching An Outdoor Guide to Freshwater Fishes By C. Lavett Smith
Who hasn't stopped along the banks of a stream to look for fish? Anyone who wants to enjoy fish in their own world will want this lavishly illustrated guide to a new kind of nature study. An expert whose passionate interest in fish is contagious, C. Lavett Smith is promoting a whole new outdoor pastime--fish watching paperback, 1994, 256 pages, 36 color plates, 5 black and white photos, 150 drawings (Cornell University) $22.50
N-286 Fisheries Programs and Related Courses at North American Colleges and Universities Includes criteria for evaluating university fisheries programs as well as directory listings including address, degrees offered, and number of faculty with fisheries-related teaching/research interest. 1990, 12 pages $.75
wpe4D.jpg (1435 bytes) N-583 Fishes, Angling, and Finfish Fisheries On Stamps of the World by Springer and Raasch, 1995, paperback, 110 pages. $14.00
N-609 Fishes, Amphibia and Reptiles On Stamps of the World,  by Bearse, Stanley, Raasch, Stahl, Bookwalter, Gordon and Skaroff 1977, paperback, 118 pages $8.00
N-261 The Fishes and The Forest Explorations in Amazonian Natural History by Goulding 1980, 280 pages, hardback $42.95
N-755 Fishes: Their Ways of Life by Louis Roule   2001, viii +312 pages, 52 figs., index, 23 cm $31.95
Louis Roule: the author of the classical work, Fishes: Their Journeys and Migration, provides in this book an absorbing account of the amazing diversity of the actions and activities displayed by the fishes, constituting, what he calls, ‘the living world of the waters’. Based on his close observations, Roule points out that the life of the fishes preserves all the essential and original qualities of all life. In the form of an interesting narrative, he describes the whole range of mechanisms related to the swimming, feeding, breathing, etc., of the fishes; discovers how do they see, and by what means are they assured of vision?; and also explains their extraordinary sense of feeling the vibrations in water. Professor Roule also invites the attention of the readers to such fascinating subjects as shark’s teeth, poisonous fish, electric fish and describes the odd ingredients which go to make up the world-famous Bouillabaisse: in this book, which definitely makes an essential reading for all naturalists in general and those having a passion for fish and fishing, in particular.
N-264 Fishes of Kariba by Kenmuir 1989, 135 pages, paperback, 32 color photos, 69 line drawings $9.95
N-472 Fishes of the Continental Waters of Belize By Greenfiled and Thomerson 1997, hardback, 368 pages, 213 figures, 72 maps, on freshwater fishes, taxonomic keys and descriptions for 118 fish species $49.95
N-717 Fishes, Crayfishes, and Crabs: Louis Renard’s Natural History of the Rarest Curiosities of the Seas of Indies Edited By Theodore W. Pietsch. First published in 1719, Renard’s study of fish is presented in two volumes, the first consisting of commentary and English text, original drawings, and references, with the second volume consisting of color plates. 483 pages in two volumes, slip cased. Illustrated in color. (Johns Hopkins) $95.00
N-310 Fishwatching Your Complete Guide to The Underwater World by John R. Quinn 272 pages, paperback, 16 color photos 95 pen & ink line drawings. Available June/1994 $18.00
N-865 Forgotten Aquariums of Boston, The by Jerry Ryan 2002  2nd edition, paperback, 92 pages $20.00
N-934 Freshwater Fish Culture: Development and Management by G. N. Vankhede and  S. V. Deshmukh 2002, ix+250 pages $19.95
N-809 Freshwater Fish Distribution by Tim Berra hardback, 576 pages, 2001 $95.95  

This book clearly identifies nearly 170 families of fishes through the use of high-quality illustrations and includes an accurate account of selected members of that particular fish family, as well as a distribution map and accompanying commentary on classification, distribution, and diversity

N-965 Freshwater fishes in Britain - the species and their distribution by A joint project of the Environment Agency, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee; written by a team of 38 authors and compiled and edited by Cynthia Davies (CEH), Jonathan Shelley (EA), Paul Harding (Biological Records Centre, CEH), Ian McLean (JNCC), Ross Gardiner (Fisheries Research Services) and Graeme Peirson (EA). 244 x 172mm., 184 pages, including 54 black and white, plus 8 pages of 16 color plats $59.95

 Plate 15: River Test SSSI, Hampshire - classic English chalk stream

For most British natural historians, there is one vertebrate order that could well be said to be 'out of sight, out of mind'. This is our freshwater fishes, familiar principally only to anglers, those concerned with managing rivers and other water bodies, and a few research scientists. The results of this project, which ran from 1998-2002, are published here in the form of comprehensive 10km square dot-distribution maps for the 54 species inhabiting England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. These indicate the vulnerability of several of our native British species. Following a wide-ranging introductory chapter, and further chapters on distribution and the history of the project, Chapter 4 comprises the individual species accounts under the headings: Description; Biology and behavior; Habitat; Distribution in Britain; World distribution; Status; Hybrids and related species; and a final section of the relationship of each species with Man. In addition to a map, each species is illustrated by fine lithographs taken from Francis Day's famous 19th century work, skillfully supplemented by Michael J. Roberts for those species unknown to Day. Chapter 5 covers 'Conservation and Management of Freshwater Fishes' and is followed by four Appendices relating to (1) Publications; (2 & 3) Legislation; and (4) Selected websites relating to environmental protection, biodiversity information and fish conservation. The book concludes with a Glossary; a comprehensive Bibliography; and an Index.

In his Foreword, Sir John Burnett, Chairman of the National Biodiversity Network Trust, commends this books as 'a unique reliable source of clear and comprehensive information that is pleasing both to the mind and to the eyes' and expresses the hope that 'it will lead to ... the more effective conservation of this "alien race" in our midst'.
N-901 Freshwater Fish by  Malcolm Greenhalgh 1999, hardback, 192 pages  The Natural History of Over 160 Native European $34.95

Fly fisher Malcolm Greenhalgh reveals the appearance, range, habitat, life cycle, and feeding behavior of 160 European species, illustrated with 250 photographs and Stuart Carter's exemplary color drawings. This handsome book provides detailed coverage of major families of freshwater fish, arranged in scientific order and according to their importance for fishing within each family. Closely related species are grouped together to make it easy to spot minor differences. Introduced species and rarely found fish are linked to their more important cousins. Greenhalgh explores the conservation issues that threaten fish throughout Europe, including the effects of introducing fish to areas where they would not occur naturally, as well as pollution and over-fishing.
N-933 Freshwater Fish Culture Volume 1 by S. K. Sarkar 2002, xiii+563 pages, figures, tables, index $66.95

The book Freshwater Fish Culture will be indispensable source of information for all those actively engaged in the study of freshwater fish culture and other related topics. It also includes current information for students, research workers, fishery officers, entrepreneur, progressive fish culturists, and farm managers concerned with fish production from freshwater resources. The book shall be of great help to the undergraduate and post-graduate students of Fisheries Science. The main aim of this publication is to help pisciculturists to keep abreast of some informations in different aspects of freshwater fish culture. The book incorporates subject materials on the progress made so far in the field of fisheries research and development as well as fast growing science of freshwater fish culture. The different chapters of the book have been described in a lucid manner and as brief as possible to grasp the subject materials in perspective. This treatise is intended primarily for students and researchers in fish culture, and it gives widest perception. Each chapter has been so designed to be useful to readers in the field of Fisheries Science. This book will, perhaps be well received in the Fisheries, Universities, Private and Public Organisations where training, teaching, and extension of freshwater fish culture is undertaken.

N-682 The Freshwater Fishes of Java as observed by Kuhl and Van Hasselt in 1820-23 By T. R. Roberts 1993, 94 pages, paperback, 74 illustrations of which 54 are in color  $32.95
N-306 Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa, A Complete Guide to The by Pual Skelton Covers freshwater fishes in this user-friendly guide to southern Africa's 245 species. All indigenous and introduced species are included as well as 29 marine and estuarine species commonly found in freshwater habitats. For each species the following information is provided: a meticulously detailed painting; a distribution map; symbols indicating size, conservation status and uses; a description of the fish, its distribution, biology, ecology and uses. Keys to families, genera and species help the naturalist to identify species. 1993, paperback, 388 pages. $30.00
N-208 Freshwater Fishes of The Northern Territory by Larson and Martin 1989, 102 pages, paperback (Fish of Australia), 64 color photos. $19.95
N-378 Freshwater Fishes of The World by Gunther Sterba $198.95
Volume 1, 1989, hardback, page 1 thru 469, plates 1 thru 124.
Volume 2, 1989, hardback, page 470 thru 878, plates 125 thru 192.
N-936 Fundamentals of Fish Taxonomy by K. C. Jayaram 2002, x+174 pages, 42 figures, tables, index $21.95
N-217 The Genera of Fishes and A Classification of Fishes by David Starr Joroan This volume brings together "The Genera of Fishes" (1917-1920), "Classification of Fishes"(1923), and a previously unpublished index and foreword. 800pages, 1963 $89.50
N-321 Genetic Studies of Fish, Volume 1 1974, hardback, 172 pages $18.95
N-765 Guide to Freshwater Fish of Britain and Europe By Peter S. Maitland, illustrated by Keith Linsell Britain and Europe are home to hundreds of freshwater fish species, many found nowhere else, as well as those common to North America and other parts of the world. Over 250 species in 32 families appear in full-color, carefully detailed paintings, along with data about their anatomy, physiology, habitat, behavior, development, distribution, and conservation status. 2000, 256 pages (all in color), 5 3/4 x 10. paperback $24.95
N-377 Handbook of The Freshwater Fishes of India by Captain R. Beavan 1998, hardback, 247 pages  $19.95
N-248 Hatchery Manual For The White Sturgeon by Conte, Doroshou, Lutes and Kuroki The only comprehensive book on this subject! Basic biology of sturgeon species and hatchery technology applicable to white sturgeon and other North American sturgeon and paddlefish species. 103 figures and photos. 1988, 120 pages, 103 figures and photographs, paperback $15.00
N-416 History of The Aquarium Hobby in Calgary, Alberta by Dale Spers 1995, paperback, 24 pages. $5.95
N-333 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish by Frank 200 color illustrations, 352 pages, hardback $19.95
wpe13.jpg (2561 bytes) wpe14.jpg (2514 bytes) N-382 Inland Fishes of India and Adjacent Countries by Talwar and Jhingran $169.95
Volume 1, 1991, hardback, page 1 thru 542.
Volume 2, 1991, hardback, page 543 thru 1158.
N-939 An Introduction to Fishes 2nd Revised edition by H. S. Bhamrah and Kavita Juneja 2001, vii+278 page $19.95
Interrelationships of Fishes By Stiassny, Parenti and Johnson 1996, hardback, 496 pages Contents: An Annotated Bibliography of the Work of Colin Patterson. Morphology, Characters and the Interrelationships of Basal Sarcopterygians. Phylogenetic Interrelationships of the Living Euselachians (Chondrichthys). Higher-Level Elasmobranch Phylogeny, Basal Squaleans and Paraphyly. Interrelationships of the Batoid Fishes (Chondrichthyes: Batoidea).Interrelationships of Basal Neopterygians. Interrelationships of Acipenseriformes, With Comments on "Chondrostei". Teleostean Monophyly. Phylogeny of Osteoglossomorpha. Interrelationships of Elopomorph Fishes. Clupeomorpha, Sistergroup of Ostariophysi. Interrelationships of Ostariophysan Fishes (Teleostei). Relationships of Lower Euteleostean Fishes. Interrelationships of Stomiiform Fishes.Aulopiform Interrelationships. Basal Ctenosquamate Relationships and the Intrarelationships of the Myctophiform (Scopelomorph) Fishes.Phylogenetic Significance of he Pectoral/Pelvic Fin Association in Acanthomorph Fishes: A Reassessment Using Comparative Neuroanatomy. Summary. Subject Index.
N-477HB hardback $84.95
N-477PB paperback $59.95
N-941 Learning Fishes through Latest Portfolio of Theory and Practice by Brian Jenkins et al eds  2002, viii+288 pages $18.95
N-77 The Life Story of The Fish by Brian Curtis Fish as a form of life: evolution, classification, physiology, life cycle, courtship, morphology. paperback, 39 ill., 284 pages $8.95
N-211 Liminological Bibliography of Malawi paperback $15.95
N-427 Looking After Freshwater Aquarium Fish by Alderton 112 pages, 68 color illustrations., 38 black and white illustrations., paperback. $14.95
N-942 Management of Aquatic Habitats by Smriti Ratna Mishra  2002, xiii+218 pages, plates, figures, tables., index $21.95

The present volume is an attempt to present the work of eminent researchers related to the field of aquatic habitats pollution, its effect on their fauna, flora and management of these habitats. It comprises of 17 research papers and reviews on above aspects. This book will be very useful publication for Hydrobiologists, Fishery biologists, Aquculturists and Post-graduate students of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in various respects.
N-797 Manual of Ornamental Fish Edited by Ray L. Butcher 1996, 200 pages, paperback $64.99 

Presents the writings of eight experts, complemented by tables, drawings, photographs, and 48 color plates.

N-360 My First Aquarium an Introduction to Aquarium Science For All Aspiring Aquarists by Horst 1992, paperback, 130 pages, many color photos. $23.15
  N-729 Natural Aquarium Handbook, The by Ines Scheurman 2000, paperback, 160 pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 $11.95
Beginners and experienced aquarium hobbyists will find a wealth of advice on maintaining a balanced aquarium that supports a wide variety of freshwater fish, animals, and plant life. Advice covers everything from maintaining a clean aquatic environment to selecting compatible fish varieties for your tank. Titles in Barron's popular Pet Handbooks series instruct pet owners on health care, proper feeding and housing, and other facts important to owners and their pets. All books in this series have high quality, full-color photos, instructive line drawings.
N-236 Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900 by Knight 1989, 262 pages, hardback $32.50
N-756 New Zealand Freshwater Fishes (Reed Field Guide to) By R. M. McDowall 2000, hardback, 224 pages $29.95

Is a reference to the fishes throughout New Zealand and the outlying islands, such as the Chathams. Each entry contains color photographs, a line drawing and a distribution map and information on size, color, and features particular to the type of fish, distribution, habit and diet.

N-945 Nutrient Dynamics in Freshwater Fish Culture System by C. B. T. Rajagopalsamy and V. Ramadhas 2002, xii+130pages, 83 figures, 14 tables, bib., index $13.95

Quality seed, feed and fertilizer are known to decree target fish yield in any type of aquaculture system. Among these vital factors, the right type and input schedule of fertilizers have gathered much scientific concern. Obviously, phosphorus the major limiting nutrient of freshwater culture system has been studied in detail by various workers. However, there is brevity of information on the colossal loss of money encountered by the fisheries sector engrossed in freshwater culture due to the transformation of phosphatic fertilizers into non-recyclable apatite phosphorus. This book provides the first hand information on the utilization of sodium tripolyphosphate in hard water fish culture system for relegating the formation of apatite. The merit of such investigations lie in the fact that the development of a proper phosphatic fertilization schedule for hard water will hold good for brackishwater fish pond also. The results of the present investigation affirm the fact that apatite occurs as the second major constituent of total sedimentary phosphorus. Though the chemical reactions leading to the formation of apatite in aquatic ecosystems remain as a riddle, many of the field trials fortify the operation of the phenomenon of apatite formation in aquaculture system. The present study focuses its prime attention over this crucial reality and advocates the benefits of utilizing sodium tripolyphosphate as a phosphatic fertilizer in aquaculture system. The authors are convinced that intensive field trails in this regard would pave way for the most aspired blue revolution.
N-659 Ornamental Fishes of India By Kishori Lal Tekriwal and Andrew Arunava Rao 1999, hardback,144 pages, many color photo through the book $29.95
N-136 Plankton Culture Manual by Hoff and Snell 1997 5th edition, 142 pages, paperback $27.95 

Expanded version includes identification of microalgae used in aquaculture manual Manual now includes use of microscope, slide preparation, measuring cells, stains, key to genera, description of cells variations, contaminants in cultures and photos. Provides updated step by step instructions for culturing phytoplankton (microalgae) and zooplankton including rotifers, adult brine shrimp, ciliates, copepods, daphnia, Oyster and clams veligers, amphipods, mysid shrimp and microworms. Easy to read but very informative. They have provided technical data and illustrations to support our instructions in a clear understandable format. Sections include trouble shooting and reasons for failure. Includes simple culture methods and more intensive, large scale methods and designs. This manual serves as a companion to "Conditioning, Spawning Manual". Extensive references, 8.5" x 11" format, 160 pages, 47 illustrations, 21 tables.

N-618 A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes $20.70
N-851 The Pocket Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Aquarium Fish By Richard Crow and Dave Keeley 5 1/2 X 6 ½, in color, hardback with Jacket, 256 pages, 2002 $24.95

It's one of today's most popular hobbies--and here's everything the aquarium keeper needs to know to maintain a magnificent tank at home. This handy guide tells you just what to buy, how to take care of it, and how to troubleshoot. Over 200 species of tropical fish receive detailed attention in a directory, all with photographs and information about habits, requirements, mating, and at-a-glance facts. See how to set up different tanks for a variety of fish and effects (including those with no fish at all--only flora). Go through the range of available paraphernalia, and understand what each one's function is and how to use it, from the tank itself to filters and decorations. Follow simple tips on cleaning, maintaining a healthy environment in the water, nutrition and feeding, and common diseases. and, to beautify, there's advice on a selection of aquarium plants and what will suit your particular tank!

N-156 Pocket Guide to The Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa by Burton, Jackson and Skelton 99 pages $10.00
N-946 Pond and Fish Culture by C. B. Hall, 2002, xviii+226 pages $26.95
N-947 Pond Fish Ecology and Economics by D. R. Khanna and S. Singh, 2002, ix+86pages, 47 figs., tabls., bib., 25 cm  $13.95

This book on Ponds Fish Ecology and Economics is one of its kind and is aimed not only for the cause of research but also for the scientists and administrators involved in the planning and implementation of policies related to pond water fisheries/fish culture. The fish farmers and fish & fisheries students too can benefit from this book.
N-948 Postharvest Technology of Fish and Fish Products by K. K. Balachandran, 2001, xi+440 pages, bib., ind., 23 cm  $40.95

With the introduction of educational courses in fisheries by the Agricultural Universities and Departments of Higher Education in India books dealing with different disciplines in fisheries have become the most urgent need of the students and the teachers. Post-harvest Technology of Fish and Fish Products, it is hoped, will meet this need in the discipline of fish processing. This book contains 19 chapters dealing with different aspects of fish processing technology. Being basic to the understanding and teaching of processing technology, the initial two chapters highlight the biochemical and bacteriological aspects of fish and is followed by a chapter on onboard handling and preservation. Chapters on drying, smoking, marinades and fermentation follow this. Next two chapters detail canning and freezing, two important modern methods of fish processing. Newer trends in fish preservation employing modified atmosphere packaging, fish mince and mince based value added products, and technology of battering and breading form the subject matter of the next three chapters. Application of freeze-drying, use of irradiation, transportation of live fish, packaging needs for fishery products and, quality assurance with special emphasis on the latest concept of HACCP are discussed subsequently. The book concludes with a chapter on different byproducts and uses. All topics have been discussed in an easy to comprehend manner with sufficient emphasis on theoretical as well as applied aspects. The book will be useful not only for the students and teachers, but also for the technical personnel of the fast growing fish processing industry of India.
N-206 Quick Reference Fish Buying Guide 1991, 56 pages, paperback, freshwater $6.29
N-357 A Reference Guide to Marine Parks and Aquaria of The United States by Pacheco and Smith 1989, 164pages, hardback $16.95
N-949 Remote Sensing Applications in Brackish Water Fisheries: A Socio Economic Study by Binod C. Agrawal, Arbind Sinha and Sham Behari Sharmal 2002, 216 pages $18.95
N-118 School of Fish A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Freshwater Tropical Fish by Keppler 1990, 136 pages, paperback $12.95
N-485 The Science Times Book of Fish The best nature reporting from the acclaimed weekly section of The New York Times Edited by Nicholas Wade  This illustrated volume collects the 50 best articles on fish and other aquatic creatures from the weekly section of The New York Times. 1997, hardback, 231 pages (Lyons Press) $25.00  

N-625 The Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Arabia. The Pocketbook . Volume Two. Families covered include ; Groupers, Snappers, Grunts, Trevallies, Amberjacks, Pompanos, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Red & Grey Mullets, Anthias, Apogons, Herrings and Anchovies, Ponyfish, Sweetlips, Sea Breams, threadfins and many more. By Gerald Jennings 1998, 212 pages, plastic cover $34.90 

There are three Volumes in the series of pocketbooks entitled The Sea and Freshwater Fishes of Arabia, each dealing with a specific and different group of families The families covered in Volume One include: Rays, Flatfish, Deepwater species, Pipefish, Wrasses, Barracudas, Sawfishes, Puffers and many other unusual or 'odd' fishes. Each volume is illustrated with copious line drawings and several color plates. Each species is identifiable from specifically mentioned characteristics.

N-630 Sea & Freshwater Fishes of Arabia. The 1997 Classification Taxonomic Checklist (Including Addendum No. 1) By Gerald Jennings $29.90 
N-798 Seashore Life of Florida and the Cribbean By Gilbert L. Voss 400 black and white illustrations, 19 color illustrations on 8 plates, 224 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 ¼, 2002 (1980 reprint) $16.95

This authoritative identification guide by a noted expert illustrates and defines common marine invertebrates and plants of the Atlantic region from Bermuda and the Bahamas to the West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico.

N-135 Serendipity Accidental Discoveries in Science by Roberts 1989, 270 pages, hardback $22.95
N-734 Setting Up an Aquarium (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Peter Stadelmann 64 pages, 2000, paperback, $7.95
N-391 Sponges by Bergquist 1978, hardback, 268 pages $29.95
N-475 Simplified Reef Keeping By Metelsky 1996, paperback, sprial bound, 288 pages $39.95
wpe50.jpg (2088 bytes) N-585 Starting With Tropical Fish by Greger, 1997, paperback, 48 pages, many color photos and line drawings. $6.95
N-489 Sustainable Aquaculture Edited by J. E. Bardach. Nine-chapter review of commercial aquaculture to sustain human population. Chapter topics include fish as food, sustainable food security, offshore mariculture, pollution, and role of biotechnology, economic decision-making, role of modeling, Coastal management, and regulation and administration. Broad synopsis of where we are headed. 251pages, hardback, 1997 $76.95
N-776 Tropical Aquarium Fish: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Maintaining a Freshwater or Marine Aquarium By John Dawes Buy your first fish tank and this book to get started the right way! Written by an international authority on fish and aquaria, this colorful reference gives plenty of guidance on purchasing and setting up an aquarium and its related equipment. Learn the proper way to introduce fish to the tank, feed them, and identify and treat disease. A checklist of maintenance routines will help ensure the health of your aquarium. Brilliant color photographs highlight more than 65 species that are most suitable for the new aquarist, and the accompanying descriptions include information on the size, origin, breeding habits, and aquarium requirements of each fish. There are also listings of certain fish to avoid, as well as those that can be successfully kept by people with more experience. With this must-have guide in hand, the infinite rewards of aquarium keeping are well within your reach. 96 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 11, paperback (Sterling) $14.95
  N-68 Tropical Fish by Scheurmann and Braemer Provides Basic knowledge on keeping aquarium fish: choosing a tank, proper water conditions, equipment and accessories. 80 pages, paperback, 1983 $6.95
N-735 Tropical Fish (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Peter Stadelmann 1991, paperback, 64 pages, 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 $6.95
Concise and easily understandable, here is basic knowledge on keeping aquarium fish: choosing a tank, proper water conditions, equipment and accessories, and more. Includes advice on care of fish, plants and snails as well as on fish behavior. 42 color photos.
N-241 Water Proof Journal (Salmon/Trout Cover) Great for around the tanks and use on fish collecting trips, 48 pages, paperback $14.95
Words of The Lagoon by Johannes Fishing and marine lore in the Palau district of Micronesia.
N-386H 1981, 245 pages, hardback $44.95
N-397P 1992, 245 pages, paperback $15.95
N-201 World Fish Farming Cultivation and Economics by Brown second edition, 1983, 516p, hardback $65.95
N-287 Writing For Fishery Journals by John R. Hunter 1990, 100 pages, paperback $28.85

Aquarium and Ichthyology (Fish)  Used Magazines

Smithsonian Magazine
2000 February "You gotta remember, Eels are weird" by Bruce Watson $2.50

Books written in German

Mergus/Baensch Aquarium Atlas 4, Hans A. Baensch and Dr. Rüdiger Riehl (hardback) Written in German $69.95

The emphaisis of the approximately 700 fishes of the Aquarium Atlas Volume 4 lies in catfishes, killifishes, and cichlids.
Volume 4 introduces new species and varieties that before could only be found in widely scattered, hard to find literature.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Mergus/Baensch Aquarium Atlas 5, Hans A. Baensch and Dr. Rüdiger Riehl (hardback) Written in German $69.95

Aquarium Atlas volume 5, while emphaszing catfishes and cichlids, grants special attention to the many newly introduced and rediscovered fishes of the last couple of years. It is a complementary volume that contains approximately 850 additional species.

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

Mergus/Baensch Aquarium Atlas 6, Hans A. Baensch and Hans-Georg Evers (hardback) Written in German $69.95

 Aquarium Atlas Volume 6 contains about another 800 species and 20 plants not presented in the previous five volumes and the Photo Index 1 - 5. (1232 pages, more than 1300 color photos)

We do not carry this book in stock, but it can be ordered and be shipped to to you in about 2 weeks. (Requires prepayment.)

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