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******* Imported New Books Not in English *******

Written in French

N-698 Atlas Des Poissions Et Des Crustaces D’Eau Douce De La Reunion (Atlas of Reunion Island freshwater fishes) By P. Keith, E. Vigneux and P. Bosc This is the first book on freshwater fish and crustacean species found on Reunion Island. Covers 25 fish species and 10 crustacean species. 1999, paperback, 138 pages, written in French $69.00

Written in German

G-80 Aquarien Atlas Ban (Volume 3) by Riehi and Baensch $59.95
G-27 Die Buntbarsche Der Alten Welt Tanganjikasee by Herrmann hardback, 1987, 240 pages $42.95
G-58 Erfolg Mit Malawi Und Tanganjika Buntbarschen by Sabine Meike hardback, 1991, 112pages $36.95
G-67 Handbunch Per Welskunde by H. J. Franke 335 pages, 1985, hardback, many color photos $78.39
G-70 Harnisch-Welse 9/1992, 74pages, paperback $19.95
G-59 Kaiser Bunbarsche Des Malawisees by Spreinat 1989, color photos, 106 pages, hardback $24.95
G-63 Welse by Hieronimus 1989, hardback, 256pages with many color photos $75.95

Written in Japanese

JAPAN-7 Ancient Fish (Poypterus, Arowana, Pantodon, Stingrays, Sturgeon) 1995, hardback, 168 pages, many color photos. $54.95
JAPAN-6 Characin Volume I 1995, hardback, 128 pages, many color photos. $38.95
JAPAN-4 Picture Book of Aquarium Fish and Water Plants 1993, paperback, 368 pages, magazine format. $46.95

Written in Russian

RUS-1 Freshwater Ichthyoplanton of Russia (Atlas) $49.95 By A. P. Makeyeva and D. S. Pavov 1998, paperback, 216 pages Depicts line drawings of various on togenetic stages of 192 fishes; six lampreys and 186 species and subspecies of teleosts (28 families in orders) inhabiting freshwater or slightly saline waters of Russia. The text is in Russian; 12 pages of references (all but 13 in Russian) follow 202 pages devoted to line drawings. Some species haves many life stages (i.e., carp, goldfish), whereas others may have only one or two drawing. Each species’ Russian name and other scientific names are given. The atlas servers as an excellent reference for biologists, hatchery operators, ecologists, and ichthyologists encountering early life stages of freshwater fishes in Russia. (only 300 copies published.)

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